Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Loki drawing

This is a drawing that I did of Loki.
This Loki is from the movie versions so yeah.
Sorry if the clothing is hard to tell apart I don't think I would be able to colour in Loki's face with pencils. ... though I should practice with that.

 I know he doesn't look a lot like Tom Hiddleston but considering this is the second time hat I've draw Loki (the first time that I have tried to draw him realistically)  I think that it's not bad.
And I couldn't be stuffed to shade the clothing.
Excuse the noses in the corner, I hate noses there SO difficult to draw if there not front on or on the side. So that was me practicing the nose.

I will practice over the holidays! I'm planning to do HEEPS of practice and with no computer, a blank canvases and a whole two months there is no excuse for me not to practice my drawing!

Um yes the fact that I have no computer means you might not see me to much for a couple of months but I will try and show you my work! Even if only a little.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Marvel Drawing! XD

This is a drawing I did today for my friend. She ships Loki and Captain America. But she also Likes Tony and Cap together as well. And SO I drew this

Yeah I'm really happy with how Tony's armour turned out! XD
And yeah this is it.
I'm thinking of colouring it in on the computer if possible ... meaning if I have time.

But yeah

If you guys want me to draw a picture of someone from Marvel I'd be happy to do it!
Because I really want to practice drawing Marvel people!
Mind you, you might want to specify if you want them drawn from the movie or comic. And if comic which dimension/ name of the comic e.g. Amazing Spider-man, Ultimate Spider-man, Invincible Hulk, Incredible Hulk etc.
I just want you to specify the reality mainly because their costumes can vary depending on the reality and the time period. Oh you might want to give me a general idea of the time otherwise I'll most likely end up doing a picture of there most resent costume.

Hehehe I feel like Doctor Who with all the Time and Reality stuff.

Well I hope you liked the drawing!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Rajani guerrero - Part 2

I sighed as I lay down on the gest bed. It felt good to be warm and dry, yet at the same time I didn’t want to be. It didn’t make sense to me that I felt good on the outside but it felt like I was rotting on the inside. I rolled over thinking about the events of the day, thinking about my friends. How can they be dead? I never imagined that they’d die even thought I knew that is was a possibility with every mission that they went on. I stared at the wall for ages slowly feeling the sadness consume me and when I couldn’t hold it in any more I cried. I cried and sobbed my eyes out till I eventually fell asleep.


My dream was a nightmare. I was standing in the forest with Sue and Riko seven or so meters in front of me.  They had their backs facing me. The wind was making Sue’s blond hair dance and Riko’s spiky black hair sway from side to side.
“Hey Riko, Sue what’s up?” I called out, I waited for a few moments but they didn’t answer, they didn’t even turn around. “Hey Riko, Sue are you going to answer me?” but they said nothing, they didn’t even move. I walked towards them, then grabbed their shoulders and spun them around. I took a step back, their faces where lifeless and their eyes were white.
“W-what happened? How? What happened to you two? How did you get to be like this?” I stammered. I looked down, there were several knifes and daggers imbedded in their guts. “Oh my” I covered my mouth, “God” I said quietly
“You didn’t save us, you left us to die” said Sue
“You could have helped us; if you did we wouldn’t be like this. And our son would be happy” said Riko
“Why didn’t you save us?” asked Sue stepping forward
I took a step back, “I-I couldn’t save you! You know that! I was on a mission and I was out of town till this morning. And – and by then you two where already dead. I couldn’t have saved you even if I wanted to!”
“You could have helped us-” started Sue
“NO I COUND’T!” I shouted, “There was just no way, I wasn’t anywhere close to where you two where, and I couldn’t get out of the mission that I was on. I was requested for the mission along with the other four” I said softly, “And because of that I couldn’t have taken you guys on my mission ether”  Riko and Sue stared at me with their lifeless eyes. “You know that, so stop saying that I could have saved you, there was no possible way for me to save your lives no matter how much I wanted to” I said sadly. Sue opened her mouth to speak but at that moment a grass boom was thrown at us. I saw it and on instinct I jumped back; backflip out of its radius. I saw the small round ball made out of dry grass hit the ground in front of Riko and Sue. It exploded and I saw chunks of flesh spraying into the air. I could only watch in horror as I watched the smoke clear only to see the distorted corpses of my friends.
“NO, SUE, RIKO!!” I screamed


I jolted awake, and immediately bolted upright in my bed. It took me a couple of seconds to realise that it was a dream
“Shit, shit oh shit. God dam it” I said running my hand through my hair, “Stupid nightmares” I muttered. I turned and looked at the alarm, 5:43 it said. I groaned it was about an hour till I had to get up for work and I knew that I wasn’t going to get back to sleep in that time. I muttered something about hating nightmares again as I got out of bed. It took me a moment to realise that I wasn’t in my house,
“Oh right I’m in Riko and Sue’s house” I mumbled, “I’m gona have a shower” I said to no one as I collected the clothes that I brought over for today.


I was mindlessly eating my breakfast when the alarm on my phone went off. It was the alarm for me to get Kirrito up. I turned off my alarm and quickly finished my breakfast. Then I went upstairs to Kirrito’s room. When I opened the door I found him fast asleep hugging a teddy bear.
“God you look adorable” I whispered. For a second I the thought getting a bucket of water and tossing it on him. I Quickly batted the idea away, that would be cruel. I went over and shook him awake,
“Hey, Kirrito time to get up” I said, Kirrito moaned and rolled over. I raised an eyebrow and kept shaking him; “Come on buddy time to get up” Kirrito opened his eyes and looked at me then slowly sat up.
“Are mummy and daddy back?” he asked while rubbing his eyes.
“Uh no” I said, “Come on we have to get you ready for school, I’ve already packed your lunch”
“Ok” Kirrito mumbled getting out of bed.


I held Kirrito’s hand as we walked out of the house. We walked towards the grave yard
“Aunty Abby we’re going the wrong way” said Kirrito
“No, we’re just taking a detour” I said
“A de-to-wer? What’s that?” he asked striguling to repeat the word
“Uh a detour is when you go somewhere else on the way to where you want to go”
“Oh ok … Where are we going” he asked
“You’ll see” I said

When we got to Riko and Sue’s graves I turned to Kirrito
“To be honest I have no clue how to do this nicely” I said
“Do what?” asked Kirrito
“Show you your parents, show you them in their graves” I said sadly
“What?” asked Kirrito tilting his little head to the side so that his fluffy hair flopped to the side. He looked confused
“Read the gravestones” I said gently, I saw Kirrito’s eyes widen as he read them, “Kirrito you parents are here, there not coming back home to you. They died on their last mission, they died yesterday morning”
“No” said Kirrito in disbelief, “No mummy and daddy aren’t dead, they can’t be dead”
“I’m sorry but they are” I said crouching down to his level. His eyes where welling up with tears.
“No” he whispered, “There not dead, you would have saved them” I was shocked by his response, it was like my nightmare, “Daddy said that you were the strongest out of the three of them and that you’re the best guerrero in the village apart from the Agua Sombra”
I gave a small laugh and sad smile, “I think that your dad was fibbing a bit there” Guerrero is the word for warrior that we use and it’s what my profession is. The Agua Sombra is the title given to the strongest guerrero in our country and it means water shadow because the Agua Sombra is the leader of the military forces of the land of water and he shadows the Emperor of this land. “There are many other people that are much stronger than me, although I might have just been the strongest out of your parents and me, but only just” I said
“But you could have saved them”
“No Kirrito I couldn’t have saved them, I was on another mission”
“But why where you on another mission you, mummy and daddy are hardly ever on separate missions”
“I was requested by someone, and so where the other four” I said. Five people is the max amount of people that can be in one team otherwise it’s too large for stealth operations and three is the minimum amount to have in the team. Generally just Riko, Sue and I would be in a team and since we were the minimum and there was always the flexibility to have another two people on it. Although we didn’t really need it, we were and efficient small team and with all of us together we were equally as good as some of the best five maned teams in the Village.
“But why, why where you requested. What could be more important than being on mummy and daddy’s team” asked Kirrito
I sighed “It was a lord; they requested people from the five major clans in the village. They wanted people with strong abaramies” I said. Abaramies is the term for special abilities that are passed down from generation to generation in a clan and only people from that bloodline can perform it.  The five major clans all have strong abaramies that make them very hard to beat in battle. Most of them are sensing types so they can sense a person by their chi. Chi is a person’s spiritual essence and power. It is used for all types of abilities that guerrero can use. My clans abaramie is different it can’t sense chi but we are still formidable opponents. “Do you see Kirrito I couldn’t have said no to the mission nor could I bring your parents with me” I said
“But, but, Mummy, Daddy” started Kirrito, then he started full out crying, “S-so they’re r-really not coming back?” he asked between sobs
“No, no they’re not” I said as I pulled Kirrito into a hug.  

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Rajani guerrero - Part 1

It was raining. It hadn’t been raining earlier today but now, it was if even the world itself was weeping. It only started raining when they brought out the coffins. It made the ground wet and muddy. The muddy earth seemed to slowly suck up the coffins, welcoming them into the cold wet ground. The cold rain was eating away at us on the outside, while the raw lonely sadness was eating us away on the inside. Today was depressing to say the least. This was the worst part of the job, seeing your friends to the grave. Is this what we all will become? The earth? The dead? Do we all turn to dirt or dust only to walk the future generations to the grave? Why must us warriors see our friends and comrades die and for what? More grave stones, more names carved on the wall of ‘honour’. I stood there in the rain as the crowd of people slowly thinned. I was the last one there and I was drenched to the bone. I stood in front of the two new headstones. Two of my best friends were now underneath that fresh wet dirt.
“Well at least you died together. I mean it’s what you two would have wanted” tears once again swelled up in my eyes as the eking pain in my chest swelled, I choked, “You two love birds where barely ever apart, now what’s your kid going to say when I tell him that you’re not coming back from a mission” tears streamed down my face, “You selfish, selfish people, how come I’m the one who has to tell him? I don’t want to see the little guy sad” I took in a shaky breath, “But what can you do? You two can’t do much lying here. Whereas I can tell him of all the-the w-wonderful times that we had. A-and all of the adventures that we went on” it was getting hard to talk, my throat was choking me, “And I-I’ll even tell him of all of our cheeky adventures that we went on when we were kids. And how the three of us where always getting into trouble” I smiled and gave a small laugh, “And don’t’ worry I’ll wait till he’s a bit older to tell him the ones where you two snuck off to make out and worse” my smile dropped, “And don’t worry I’ll look after him, even if he goes to live with one of his aunts I’ll still keep an eye out for him. I know that you two would want me to” I hesitated for a moment, “I should get going now, cause I’m a tad wet and I need to tell Kirrito that you two aren’t coming back. So bye, I’ll visit you two tomorrow if I have time” I turned and walked away, “Bye Sue, bye Riko” I said as I waved to the new headstones over my shoulder. 


I rummaged around in my pocket for the keys to my friend’s house.
“Ah bugger as where is it” I said, “Aha! Found you!” I said as I pulled out the keys. Tonight I’d be staying at my friend’s house. I had to mind Kirrito, their six year old kid. I opened the door and stepped inside. I removed my shoes, placed down my bag and hung up my long black coat, it was dripping wet as I hung it up. I only realized how cold I was when I closed the door and felt the heat of the house. I heard a door open and the sound of small feet running around.
“MUMMY! DADDY! YOUR HOME!” said a small boy as he rushed down the stairs. He stopped at the bottom when he realized that I wasn’t his mother or his father. “Oh hi Aunty Abby” said the boy sounding disappointed. I wasn’t really his Aunty he just called me that because he knew me so well.
“Hi ya Kirrito, I’m sorry but your mummy and daddy aren’t coming home” I said walking over and bending down in front of him.
“But I want to sleep with mummy and daddy” said Kirrito
“Trust me kiddo you don’t’ want to sleep where your mummy and daddy are sleeping. Once you sleeping there you never get to see the sunlight again” I said
“Oh, really? Then why did mummy and daddy go and sleep there?” asked Kirrito
“They, they didn’t really have a choice. Look I’ll explain it to you tomorrow but I’m tired and wet so I’m going to have a shower and something small to eat then I’m going to bed” I said
“Oh, ok Aunty Abby”
“Hey isn’t it your bedtime to?” I asked playfully
“Yeah” said Kirrito looking guilty, “But when mummy and daddy come home from a mission I always come and greet them” said Kirrito looking at me with his lime green eyes. I smiled
“Well I guess that’s a good enough reason, but you have to go to bed now, your mummy and daddy aren’t coming home”
“But why?”
I put my hand on Kirrito’s head, flattening his fluffy back hair. “I’ll tell you tomorrow now go get some sleep ok”
“Ok” said Kirrito and walked back up the stairs, his fluffy black hair bobbing up and down.
I smiled, “So cute. It’s a shame that he had to lose them” I grabbed my bag of clothes and walked into the kitchen. The lights where already on.
“So Miss Rajani what happened” said a mocking voice coming from a woman with black hair and blue eyes.
“Hi Katherine” I said wearily while looking for something small in the fridge. I wasn’t feeling hungry but I knew that I should eat something small at least, “And it was a funeral what do you think happened”
“Not that I mean how did it happen to them?” asked Katherine, the mocking in her voice had faded.
“How should I know, I wasn’t on the mission with them” I said
Katherine grunted, “But they would have told you” said Katherine, the mocking had once again appeared in her voice
“They died in battle, that’s what they told me”
“Oh stop pulling my leg, you know more than that. Who killed them?”
“People from the land of earth” I responded and pulled out a yogurt. The yogurt was the smallest nutritious thing in the fridge.
“That rotten scum, how dare they kill my sister!” said Katherine a little too loudly
“Shhh” I said quickly in a harsh whisper, “Kirrito doesn’t know yet” Katherine is Kirrito’s Aunty and Sue’s sister. She was babysitting him since everyone thought that he was too young to attend the funeral.
“You haven’t told him?!” asked Katherine mimicking the hash whisper
“No! Not now, it would be horrid of me to tell him now. He wouldn’t be able to sleep. I’m going to tell him tomorrow and show him the graves; otherwise he might not believe me otherwise”
“He’s just going to hate you for not telling him sooner”
“I don’t care! I’m not telling him now”
“Fine whatever, you know how to deal with this stuff best after all you’ve already lost your brother to this kind of thing”
I didn’t comment on that I just found a spoon and ate my yogurt.
“Your dripping wet” said Katherine after a few moments of silence
“No shit Sherlock, did you just figure that out?” I asked
“No but shouldn’t you get dry?”
“As if you care” I scoffed, “And I’m going to have a shower after this” I said as I held up the yogurt.
“Whatever. Why are you so wet anyway?”
“Because it was raining at the funeral dimwit”
“Woh ok no need to get so up me”
“Well I’m sorry but I just went to my two best friend’s funerals, so I’m sorry if I’m in a negative mood” I said with and edge in my voice
“You know you’re not the only one who lost someone, that was my sister that was buried there too you know” said Katherine standing up with her hands flat on the table
“Yeah whatever, but you didn’t care much for Riko”
“Yes sure, I don’t care much for you or Riko but you two still took care of my sister so I couldn’t hate him. But I lost my sister!”
I glared at her, my eyes bored into hers, trying to show her all my pain and anger what was welled up inside me. “They were like siblings to me!” I growled standing up “You lost one person today I lost two!” Katherine backed away a bit
“You know I hope Kirrito is coming to live with me and my family because if he lives with you he’ll become a monster like you. And you’ll destroy his life; he’ll become a loner or die young. That’s what people with your profession become, monsters”
“Well if that’s the case then I’m sorry for protecting your family and keeping this town safe. After all that is part of my profession as well and it was also as Sue’s and Riko’s”
Katherine grunted, “You know what I mean”
“No, no I don’t, now bugger off I’m looking after Kirrito till it is stated otherwise. So get out of the house”
“You can’t make me leave!”
“Do you want to test that theory?” I said pulling out a knife from my belt
“This is my sister house you can’t kick me out!”
“No, now it’s Kirrito’s house and I’m looking after him, so sayonara” I said waving her out of the kitchen.
“What but-” started Katherine then red faced she gathered up her belongings and stormed into the hall, “You know I could get you arrested for pointing that knife at me”
“No you couldn’t, I’m legally allowed to carry around this weapon and point it at whomever I chose as long as I have a reason, which I do”
“What that’s not right!”
“Look it up, you’ll find that I’m right. Oh by the way when I was little my mother told me that sayonara mean bugger off” Katherine looked at me astonished
“No wonder you turned out as such a rotten child, you mother was a horrid teacher!”
“My mother is a fine teacher, go to the academy and see for yourself” I said, my mother worked at the academy for people that want to become part of the military, “Sayonara” I said as I pushed her out the door, it took her a few seconds to realise that by saying sayonara I meant bugger off. “Took you long enough” I said when I saw the expression that she made, and then I shut the door in her face and locked it. I sighed, “That woman is a nightmare” I said entering the kitchen then throwing out my empty yogurt cup, “Riko, I’ll never know how you ever managed to deal with her on a regular basis”

You understand the title in the second part. I hoped that you liked it, I based it on the anime Naruto. So if you kinda like it I recommend looking up Naruto.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Book Recomendation

This is a book that I recommend, it's called 'The Demon Akahaziel: Spirit link'. It's the first book in a trilogy although it's the only book published.
This is the blurb

When his magic disturbs a slumbering demon, Dmitri the Exarch is sent to France to find the only person that can help him banish the demon that broke through. Upon his arrival, it is clear that the Demon Akahaziel has beaten him there. Dmitri must then use every last bit of his magic to find the demon and thwart his evil plans.

It's a great short novel it's only 216 pages. it's exciting, with bloody and explosive action, romance (As all good books must have) but the romance isn't to mushy. Mind you if your a younger reader (younger than 13) then I think you should wait a bit till you read it because there are actions that aren't seen but implied and there not the nicest. But it's magical adventure with a time warping experience for everyone.

 So 'The Demon Akahaziel; Spirit link' is a recommendation from me.

Friday, 11 October 2013

The Adventures of The Doctor, Dr John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain - Group Investigation

A tall man with high cheek bones and waxy skin walked up to the house that was quarantined by police with a tall dark haired teenager behind him.
“Ah Skulduggery you’re here, I’m Chief Berton and I’m in charge of this investigation” said a man in a coat and with a badge that said ‘Chief’ written on it. The teenager cleared her throat, “Oh yes and I’m glad you’re here to Valkyrie” said the Chief
“You may have just offended my partner” said Skulduggery
“I’m sorry” said the Chief to Valkyrie, “I just have so many things on my mind that I didn’t notice you there” Valkyrie arched and eyebrow and opened her mouth to speak
“I’m sure you do Mr Berton” said Skulduggery before Valkyrie could speak, “And so do we. So if you don’t mind we would like to survey the scene”
“I’m sure you do. You’ll be working on this case with another detective and his assistant as well” said the Chief, Skulduggery nodded, “You must understand that we just wanted another detective on the scene to confirm what you say”
“Right, ok then” said Skulduggery
“Hey you can’t go in there!” said an officer from behind
“Oh I think I can” said a man in a brown jacket with a red bow tie, “Here’s my ID” said the man holding up something and showing the man.
“Oh, I’m sorry Mr Lemony Snicket for shouting at you like that” said the officer
“It’s quite alright” said the man with the bow tie walking down the path
“Wait but Mr Lemony Snicket-” began the officer
“Just call me the Doctor” interrupted the man
“Mr Doctor, what do you want to come to this crime scene for?” asked the officer
“Isn’t it obvious because of that fact that it is a crime scene” said the Doctor enthusiastically
“But-” started the officer
“I’ll take a look around now” said the Doctor walking over to the Chief, Skulduggery and Valkyrie, “Hi I’m the Doctor, can I take a look around?”
“Uh I don’t see why not” said the Chief
“Ok then! Let’s go” said the Doctor walking over to the door then he spun on his heels just before he reached it, “Um who are you?” he asked
“I’m Chief Berton, this is Skulduggery Pleasant and his partner Valkyrie Cain” said the Chief pointing to them as he said there names
“Pleasure to meet you” said Skulduggery
“It’s pleasant to meet you to” said the Doctor smiling Valkyrie and the Chief joined in smiling, “Did you see what I did there I said pleasant because your last name is pleasant”
“Yes very amusing” said Skulduggery dryly
“You’re not one for jokes are you?” asked the Doctor
“On the contrary I make jokes all the time” said Skulduggery
“He’s not one for jokes when they’re about him” said Valkyrie amused as Skulduggery’s displeasure
“Oh right well now I know not to make that joke around you. But you to” said the Doctor pointing to Valkyrie and Skulduggery with his fingers, “Have unusual names”
“Yes well we like to be different”
“Fair enough” said the Doctor
 “Shall we enter?” asked the Chief
“Yep” chirped the Doctor and everyone walked into the house. The living room was the first room in the house to the left and the kitchen was on the right. At the back of the kitchen was the dining area. The kitchen was like a ‘u’ shape with the base of the ‘u’ against the front wall. In the living room there where two men standing there they were standing in the canter of the living room between the two arm chairs and the sofa. A tall man with dark curly hair and a shorter man with brown hair and wisps of grey in it.
“This is Sherlock Holmes” said the Chief pointing to the tall man with the curly hair, “And this is Doctor John Watson” said the Chief pointing to the shorter man, “Sherlock, John this is Skulduggery, Valkyrie and the Doctor” said the Chief pointing to them as he said there names
“Nice to meet you” said John
“The body is over here” said the Chief walking over to the sofa, “This is Mr Pon, he was found dead this morning. And since this is an investigation I would like you to find out what happened to him”
“Right” said the Doctor glancing at the dead body lying on the sofa, “I’m going to check out the kitchen” said the Doctor walking behind the kitchen bench. Skulduggery stood next to Sherlock and they both looked at each other and inspected each other, it looked as though both of the men where competing in high.
“Chief” said an officer from the doorway “Can you come here for a bit?”
“Sure, I’m coming” said the Chief then went over to the officer and they both disappeared out of the house for a few minutes
“So do you know what happened to Mr Pon?” asked the Chief as he walked back inside
“He was murdered” said Skulduggery and Sherlock in union. The both glared at each other for a moment then looked away
“A banana!” cried the Doctor. Everyone turned and stared at the Doctor. After a few moment Valkyrie asked the question that had been hanging in the air
“A banana?” she asked
“Yes a banana” said the Doctor, “Did you know that if your rub the skin of a banana on a mosquito bite it will stop itching” everybody blinked and continued to stare. The Doctor looked back at everybody like he had forgotten something important. “Oh right! I’m sorry I get distracted easily. You know bits and bobs all fascinating stuff! … I’m sorry you were saying?”
“Well it is obvious that Mr Pon was murdered” said Sherlock
“How do you know that?” asked the chief
“He’s left handed as you can see by the mug in the kitchen, the pen next to the note book and the remote on the sofa. They are all on the left side, and this makes it difficult for him to shoot himself on the right side” said Sherlock as he looked to Skulduggery looked he was daring him to even try to prove the theory wrong.
“Skulduggery what do you say?” asked the chief
“I think he’s right but” as Skulduggery said the word Sherlock glared at him with spite but curiosity, “The murderer is likely to be Katherine Redpool”
“How do you know this?” asked Sherlock now interested in how Skulduggery found this out
“Because of the knot on his shirt’s wrist. This knot would be difficult for someone to accomplish on their own and this type of knot is Katherine’s trade mark. She’s a local killer who’s not very well known. A person whose not familiar with the local criminals wouldn’t know about her”
“Yes I assumed something like that was the case with the knot because I could see no other logical reason for it” said Sherlock, “there’s also a few signs of struggle-”
“That can be seen by the shoe scuff on the armchair. This is faint but is still visible, it appears to mud. This mud on the armchair looks the same as the mud on Mr Pon’s shoe. It also seems that the armchair was kicked out of its usual place. This can be seen but the indent in the carpet showing where the chair usually is” said Valkyrie pointing to the indentation in the carpet.
“Good job Valkyrie” said Skulduggery nodding
“Thanks” said Valkyrie
“Doctor” said John
“Yes” said the Doctor as his head popped up from behind the kitchen sink.
“I’m a doctor to and I was wondering if I could look at the body first?” asked John
“What? … oh righ, yes, yes go ahead you can have a look at it” said the Doctor standing up and waiving his hand at John dismissively.
“Thanks” said John as he put his gloves on and began inspecting the body
“And now I’m off to inspect the bathroom” said the Doctor walking out of the kitchen
“The bathroom?” asked Valkyrie
“Yes I’m looking for medical issues, and medicine that may have been prescribed to him and common places that they are kept are in the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom” said the Doctor
“Oh right” said Valkyrie, “That make sense”
The Doctor diapered down the hall and into he bathroom. 
“Well Mr Pon looks like a reasonably fit man, there is some bruising around the neck which is probably from the struggle but otherwise he seems fine.” said John
“Guy’s!” Yelled the Doctor, “Did Mr Pon have a wife?”
“Yes, she’s outside why?” Sherlock called back
“Oh good then this isn’t his wife!” the Doctor yelled, “Wait … that’s bad thing!” everyone moved to the hall to get to the bathroom when the Doctor and a woman holding gun to his head came out of it. Skulduggery wasted no time and pulled out his revolver and thumbed back the hammer.
“Let him go” said Skulduggery
“Or what? You’ll shoot me?” sniggered the woman
“No, I’ll shoot you” said John who now had his gun in his hand
“You wouldn’t shoot me you don’t have the guts” said the woman looking at John
“Ma’am I would have you know that I was a solder and it was my job to shoot people” said John
“And if he’s not quick enough then I will be” said Sherlock holding a gun in his hand
“Skulduggery I’m feeling a little defenceless, I mean you all have guns but me!” said Valkyrie
“Nonsense Valkyrie, you’re not defenceless. You have had lots of martial arts training, your only weapon less” said Skulduggery
“Can everyone put down the guns?! I don’t like guns!” said the Doctor obviously a little worried because of the gun pointing to his head.
“Oh shut up! You’re in no position to make demands, you are completely defenceless” said the woman
“I am not completely defenceless!” said the Doctor as he pulled out his sonic screwdriver.
“What is that?” asked the woman
“A sonic screwdriver” replied the Doctor, then he pressed the button. The screwdriver lit up and made a high pitch buzzing noise. The light above the Doctor shattered and startled everyone but the Doctor. The Doctor leaped out of the woman’s grip and slipped into a bedroom closer to everyone. As soon as the Doctor slipped through the doorway John, Skulduggery and Valkyrie mover towards the woman. John knocked the gun out of the woman’s hand, Valkyrie quickly pinned her to the ground and Skulduggery pointed his gun at her head.
“I could burn this whole house down!” yelled the woman
“Shackles on” said Skulduggery as he gave Valkyrie the shackles.
“You know I could” yelled the woman as she struggled
“I know you could, but you won’t because I have a gun pointing to your head” said Skulduggery calmly. Valkyrie snapped the shackles on the woman. The woman gave a small gasp when the shackles closed around her wrists.
“I will escape I will-” started the woman
“Oh put a sock in it” said Sherlock shoving a sock in her mouth.
“Where did you get the sock?” asked John
“From the bathroom” said Sherlock smirking and pointing his thumb towards the bathroom. John and Sherlock put their guns away but Skulduggery kept his behind the woman’s head.
“Is it safe to come out?” asked the Doctor peering out from the bedroom.
“Yes” replied Valkyrie
“Oh good. I’m very glad that no one used the guns” said the Doctor, “I really don’t like guns”
“If you ask me Skulduggery doesn’t really need one” said Valkyrie
“Yes I do, I need it to protect my handsome features” said Skulduggery. Valkyrie rolled her eyes when Skulduggery said this
“Of course you do” said Valkyrie sarcastically
“Thank you for noticing Valkyrie” said Skulduggery, Valkyrie just rolled her eyes again as they led the woman out of the house.
“That was quick” said the Chief
“Well what do you expect, we do our job efficiently” said Skulduggery handing the woman to an officer.
Sherlock grunted from behind him, “I’m sorry but I worked on this case to” said Sherlock
“I’m sorry but I said we, and by we I meant everyone who worked on the case” said Skulduggery, Sherlock glared at Skulduggery and Skulduggery glared back. Valkyrie and John step between the two men trying to break up the tension, not wanting either of them to get angry in fear of what they would do.
“Good job everyone, we have just confirmed it. You have caught the suspected killer” said the Chief
“We have?” asked the Doctor
“Yes you have … didn’t you know that Skulduggery?” asked the Chief
“Well erh no, I’ve read the file and the description but there was no picture so I only had an idea of what she looked like” replied Skulduggery
“Mmm right, right” said the Chief, “We’re going to take her back to our station and interrogate her”
“Ok then” said John
“Thank you all for assisting us on this case” said the Chief just before he turned and left.
“Well I’m glad that’s all sorted” said the Doctor with his hands together, “It was a pleasure to meet you all, good bye now” the Doctor waved then walked down the street and into a blue police box. It started whining and started to fade then it despaired. 
“Well that’s something you don’t see everyday” said Valkyrie
“Indeed” said Skulduggery “Valkyrie we must be off we have other important business to take care of” Valkyrie nodded
“Bye Sherlock and John it was interesting working with you” said Valkyrie
“Yes it was interesting working with you too” said John, “I hope that we can work on something again with you”
“Yes it was and interesting race while it lasted” said Sherlock
“Yes it was” said Skulduggery then he and Valkyrie got into the Bentley and drove off.
“Well that was eventful” said John
“It was strange” replied Sherlock
“Yes it was”
“And why would they have so many people working on one case, who was the man. Was he that important to call in us plus another three people?”
“Sherlock can’t we leave this till another time?”
“No it has to be done now”
“How about in the taxi home? You’ve already gotten all the information that you could get here” said John, “Look we have to get all the way back to London so how about we start now it’ll give you plenty of time to think about it on the way back” Sherlock hesitated
“Fine I’ll do it on the way home”
“Good now let’s go find a taxi”



The End?

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Skulduggery Drawing!

This is my drawing that I started today. It's of Skulduggery

Sorry that it's to the side! But you get the idea, and my lighting and camera aren't so good. Sorry!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Death's worker (?) - part 1

This is one of the worst situations that I could be in, running away. Running away from hell, heaven, the land of the dead, the underworld, whatever you want to call it. It makes no difference; I’m running away from death, the Grim Reaper or Shinigami. Basically I’m running away from the god of death. There are so many names for the god of death, way too many if you ask me. Why am I running away from death you ask, well because I was working for her. Yes the god of death is a she. I’m sick of working for her. She took away the one thing that I can’t get back no matter how hard I try, and that’s my life. It’s true I’m not technically dead I just look dead. No I don’t look like a zombie, I look like a skeleton … scratch that I am a skeleton, sometimes at least. Ah hell I have no idea what I have gotten myself into and I don’t even know how to hide from death! Oh god maybe this was a bad idea, maybe I should turn back now … who am I kidding I can’t turn back now I’m almost out of the underworld. I took in a deep breath. Sometimes it’s easier to apologise than to ask permission. And with that I burst into the light of the world of the living.
I squinted and shaded my eyes against the light but I jogged forward. I jogged out of an ally way and onto the street. I stopped there while I let my eyes adjust to the light. After a few seconds I looked around, I was in a city but that was all that I could make out. I took off my backpack and slung it over my right shoulder then adjusted my scythe so that it felt comfortable on my back. No one noticed my scythe, only souls, Valkyries, Soul Collectors and the occasional human with death magic. You generally have to be dead to have death magic but there are the odd humans that will have it. Some souls don’t have death magic but can see these things because there dead. I use to be a Soul Collector, and I would send souls to the world of the dead. Slowly I started to walk around trying to find my bearings and hoping that I knew the city. I kept checking street signs and looking for buildings or an easily identifiable object. I looked at the street sign, Victoria St.
“Haha!” I said as I put up my arms, “Now where is it, yes!” I looked to the Victoria street shops. “And my luck is with me!” I sighed and smiled. I knew this place it was Sydney, my home turf. I looked around. So where to now? I can’t seem my family, they think I’m dead, and it has been six months after all. I sighed, I miss them but I’ll just freak them out if I see them. I can’t see anyone that I previously knew. Dam that bitch stole my whole life from me. I walked through the streets wondering what to do. I felt the presence of a soul and avoided it. If I got to close to a soul then I wouldn’t be able to keep my human for and I’d turn into a skeleton. There were a number of souls in the city but I was avoiding them well. Then I sensed a soul coming towards me. So I changed direction but it was still coming towards me. It was becoming harder and harder to keep my human form. I looked at my hand, it flickered and for an instant it was just bone. I stopped and lent against a shop. It was easier to focuses on keeping myself human if I was standing still. I looked and saw the soul run past, it was a man. The guy looked reasonably fit and was tall. I watched him then I saw something black chasing him. Dam, it’s a ghoul I groaned and ran after them. I let myself become a skeleton, while I’m a skeleton no regular human can see me. Once I became a skeleton my speed instantly picked up because I was a skeleton and I had no muscles, I weighed less and I didn’t get tied. Although that’s only when I’m a skeleton. I drew my scythe and slipped the second strap of my backpack over my shoulder. I was catching up to the ghoul and fast, but something looked wrong. It looked like it was holding back, like it wasn’t going at full speed. If it can go faster than it must be one fast ghoul. Then it sped up, ether it noticed me or it was bored with its food. The soul ran onto the road, he was trying to make it difficult for the ghoul. In all honesty I was a good idea, but it didn’t work. The ghoul had the rear legs of a dog and the torso of a human. The ghoul was the size of a tiger. It easily jumped onto the cars and avoided them. A car came at me and I was forced to jump on top of it. I jumped from car to car then landed on the road just behind the ghoul, I was about to swing my scythe at it when another car came and I was forced to move. Dam, I was so close. The ghoul sped up even more. This ghoul was unusually small but it moved a lot faster than any ghoul I’d ever seen. Which compared to most Soul Collectors wasn’t much. The soul rounded a corner so the ghoul followed. I was just about to go around the corner when a car cut me off, I had to keep going straight to avoid being hit. Bugger, so much for my luck. I ran over to the path and ran into the shaded side of the building. I reappeared running out of the shadow of a different building and was behind the ghoul again. I used a technique called shadow jumping, basically you step into a shadow and reappear stepping out of the closest shadow to where you want to be. This is a technique from death magic and I’m actually very good at it for my age. I’m about average at most of the other death magic techniques though. The ghoul had noticed me and jumped and spun in mid-air, making large dints in the car that it land on. I could finally see its gold mask shining in the light. The mask had a short snout and was twisted into a wolfish grin. The mask is said to represent corruption because of the colour. That made sense because ghouls where ghost or souls (they’re basically the same thing) that in some way became corrupt and started to absorb other ghosts or souls. The souls that they absorbed don’t have to be corrupt, they could be happy souls living out there daily life when they are jumped by a ghoul and absorbed into it. The more souls or ghosts that are absorbed the more powerful the ghoul becomes. At some point after it has absorbed three souls it will begin devouring the souls that it doesn’t want to absorb. This also improves it abilities but for only a few days and to a smaller extent. The ghoul stared at me snapping its jaws. The people who were in the car where freaking out wondering what could have dinted the car that badly. The ghoul jumped down from the car. The people where completely oblivious to the fact that there was a skeleton in a black hoddie and a half human half dog thing in front of them but they stopped because the ghoul jumped on the car. Now there was a traffic jam and the ghoul started circling me. I started circle the ghoul as well. The ghoul leaped and I swung my scythe, the ghoul just managed to dodge and backed away. It was keeping an eye on my scythe, and it seemed very aware that the scythe could hurt it. We started circling eat other again. The ghoul lunged from the left, dodged under my scythe and came for a swipe from the right. I flicked the end of my scythe and cracked it against the ghoul’s mask. The as it backed away dazed I took its head off when I swung down with my scythe. The body dropped and the ghoul turned to dust. The dust then sunk into the ground. All the souls that the ghoul had absorbed and the ghoul itself had gone to the underworld. They would all be reformed to their original forms once they reached the entrance to the underworld.
“Ah that was a close one he all most got me with that right swipe” I said to myself and I held my scythe out next to me.
“Uh thanks” said someone, I turned and saw the soul that was being chased. When I faced him he gave a yelp and jumped back taking a defensive stance. I was assuming it was because I was a skeleton. I had gotten this reaction most of the time someone sees me.
“Hey calm down, you know you’re dead right?” I asked
“Uh y-yeah I know I’m dead” he said
“Ok well you’ve heard of the grim reaper right?” I asked
“Yes” he said
I pulled the hood up from the black hoodie that I was wearing, “I’m kind of like a modern grim reaper” I said, the man relaxed when he saw this, because I looked more like a grim reaper with me hood up.
“So you’ve changed from a cloak to a hoddie?” he asked
“Yea mostly, see there’s a number of us and the more modern people tend to wear hoodies. It helps us blend into the crown better.”
“Uh yeah that makes sense, wait there’s more than one grim reaper?” he asked
“Uh I’m not going to explain everything but yeah, there’s the original and the helpers. A lot of helpers are needed; after all we lose so many people I mean we are talking about death after all. And everyone has to die so need a lot of man power to collect or deliver everyone” I explained
“Yeah uh ok. What’s the pattern on the back of the hoodie?” he asked. He was referring to the image on the back of the hoodie that had two scythes crossed with a skull in front of them.
“That’s so other reapers can identify us, and so we’re not mixed up with regular people”
“Oh ok, cool”
“So you’re a lefty?” I asked
“What? Yeah I am but how did you know?” asked the man looking surprised.
“The chain on your left arm is broken, that’s the chain of life, and it keeps you chained to your body. I can tell because it had a pinkish shade. The chain of life is shackled to everyone’s dominate hand. On your right hand is the chain of regret, it keeps you chained to this world because of something you regret. This one is a greenish shade” I explained. The chain on his left hand was cut about thirty centimetres from the shackle. But the one on his right started to fade at mid-calf and only completely disappeared at his ankle. If a chain faded it meant that I was still connected, oppose to if it was a visible cut then they were no longer connected.
“Wow, that’s cool, I didn’t know that” said the man
“And now you do” I said, “I have to cut the chain of regret so you can got to the underworld” I said moving towards him.
He moved back, “Wait, the underworld? Am I going to hell?” he said sounding panicked
“Oh wait sorry I just call it the underworld because it’s underground. You won’t … actually I can’t say if you’re going to hell or not because I just sent you to where you’re judged. But don’t panic, you have to kill, torture or rape someone to get into hell” the guy relaxed again, “Or if you steal, but that’s to a certain degree as in if it was valuable and or did it greatly affect someone’s life in a negative way. And if you do go to hell you don’t go there forever” I shrugged “So are you ready to go now?” I asked
“Um yeah I guess so” he said.
“Ok after I cut this you’re going to sink into the ground, you’ll sink for about twenty seconds then you’ll arrive at the gate to the underworld. There they’ll judge you and send you to either heaven or hell depending on the actions that you did during when you were alive”
“Ok, let’s do this” he said, and then he held out his right arm. I grabbed part of the chain the swung my scythe, it cut through it like a hot knife through butter.
“Bye, have a good afterlife” I said and I gave a small wave as the man sank down into the ground.

Um I'm not sure about the title for this one. If anyone has any suggestions for a better title I'm willing to listen.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Tanith Low

Um yes this is a picture that I did of Tanith. I entered it in the competition involving something Tanith inspired. As you may have guesses I didn't win. Although I don't care because I'm VERY happy with how well it turned out. ... although I based the face on a picture that I got of the internet, and the end result looks nothing like the image that I got off the internet. This shows that I can improve.

It was difficult to draw blond wavy hair so this is the best that I could do considering that every pencil mark makes the hair look darker.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Brave Warrior and Fire - part 2

Ardere and Lornard reached the tall wooden gates to the school for mages. The gates where open; the stone walls and the large gates that usually blocked the out the outside. They were open because it was the weekend and students where aloud to go to the nearby town. They walked through to the lush green grounds of the school. The school campus was massive and it was the largest mage school in the country and housed over ten-thousand students. It was a boarding school and most of the students where boarders and students where from ages thirteen to forty-three. There was such a large range in age because of the time it takes to achieve stage ten. There where ten stages which a mage had to reach before they are a fully-fledged mage. If you show a talent for magic of twelve then you are accepted into every mage school in the country. A stage is a level of magic that the mage is at and they have a tattoo somewhere on their body to show there stage in roman numerals. It takes three years to complete a stage so every other sixteen year old at this school was at stage two, But Ardere started at this school at the age of eleven because she was an extremely talented mage and excelled faster than most mages. Ardere is at stage five the recommended stage for making a guardian. The second year of stage three is the minimum stage that you can be to make a guardian because a guardian is made from the mage’s manner or magic but you must be in the second year of stage three because you learn how to make a guardian and healing spells. Ardere and Lornard hurried through the grounds, people gave them a glance and some gave them a strange disapproving look. Ardere flashed back to one month ago;

It was one month after Ardere had gotten Lornard as her guardian and she hadn’t told anyone. You didn’t have to tell anyone if you had a guardian or not, not even the superiors. So Ardere hadn’t told anyone and when you have reached stage three you get your own small room with two beds, but the bath room is shared between two bed rooms. So Lornard could sleep in the room with her without others knowing and she brought him food, he didn’t eat much. It was after school had finished and Ardere was walking back to her room, a man that was in her class came up to her he had a devilish smirk on his face.
“So you think you’re so smart hey” he said, Ardere looked at him
“Oh are you talking to me?” asked Ardere
“Yes stupid I am” said the man
“Uh ok” said Ardere as she stopped walking “So what’s up?”
“You think that you can just stroll into class; do you know how hard that I’ve worked to get to where I am? Do you?” he asked
“Uh no, I don’t know you that well so I don’t know how hard you work” replied Ardere, “But I’m sure that you’ve worked very hard”
the man slapped her on the face, Ardere recalled and put her hand where she was slapped, “Don’t give that that crap” said the man
“What crap, why did you hit me?” asked Ardere, she was confused and she wasn’t sure why her class mate hit her
“You come into class with your ‘I’m so good’ attitude it pisses me off you know that” he said, “and the way you answer the questions in class, you just have this know-it-all voice. You have this ‘I’m so high and mighty’ look about you” he grabbed Ardere’s dress and held her to his face, “I have news for you, you’re not as great as you think you are, you’re a fake and if you had a guardian it wouldn’t me a powerful and mine” said the man
“Hey, let go of her” said Lornard
“Or what” said the man then turned and looked at Lornard, “Who the hell are you?”
“Let go of her now” said Lornard ignoring the man’s question
“Or what?” said the man
“I will not ask again” replied Lornard
“What are you going to do, beat me up?” said the man with venom in his voice
“Yes apparently I am” said Lornard just before he threw a left hook and hit the man in the jaw, the man let go of Ardere and stumbled back but Lornard wasn’t finished. Lornard kicked the man in the ribs then grabbed his hair and pulled the man’s head to his knee. The man crumpled to the ground moaning.
“Master!” shouted a tall man with long orange hair and short brown fur all over him. “You bastard” the man came over to the person that he called master, Lornard took a couple of steps back “You dare attack my master for no reason”
“Uh no, I actually did have a reason, he smacked and abuses this woman, I told him to let go of her but he wouldn’t do as I asked” said Lornard
“What is she your master” asked the furred man
“Yes, do you have a problem with that?” asked Lornard
The furred man started laughing and Lornard tilted his head, “Your-you’re her guardian” the man laughed some more, “Oh, look not to be offensive but I thought that her guardian would more resemble me, I mean she’s a powerful and talented mage, but well I can’t say that you’re a runt because of your height and your helmet looks scary but look at you, you don’t have a lot of meat on you” it was true the furred man had a lot of muscle but it wasn’t an overwhelming amount of muscle, whereas Lornard was thin, but not stick figure thin a healthy thin.
“You don’t always need brute strength to win a fight you know” replied Lornard
“Yes I know that’s why I’m relying on skill as well” said the furred man as he drew his sword from his scabbard on his back, the sword was long and it had a large grip for two hands “If you can I recommend that you arm yourself”
“Lady Ardere I ask that you stand back a fair bit” said Lornard calmly, “My name is Lornard guardian of Ardere Hutchinson, what’s yours?”
“I’m Hōzukimaru guardian of Riley Timworth” said the furred man, Lornard nodded then put his hands together. Red lightning crackled as he pulled them apart and the pole was constructed between his palms. Then the lightning stopped and Lornard put his right hand in the centre of the pole and the pole extended.
“Will this do?” asked Lornard
“Well it’s going to have to wont it” said Hōzukimaru then he moved towards Lornard and swung his sword. Lornard blocked the attack with his pole then swung an attack of his own. Hōzukimaru blocked the attack then Lornard jumped back and threw his pole like a spear. Hōzukimaru dogged it but Lornard caught the ribbon and swung it to the side, the pole hit Hōzukimaru in the side of the head. Hōzukimaru stumbled to the side and Lornard perused him by swinging the pole again but Hōzukimaru deflected it with his sword. Lornard kept advancing and trying to push Hōzukimaru back but Lornard switched to defence when Hōzukimaru took a swing of his own. Hōzukimaru kept attacking and gave Lornard no openings.
“Just because you did your little crafting trick doesn’t mean that I’m scared of you. Hell if you want to win this fight you’ve got to have a blade because a blunt weapon won’t do you any good” said Hōzukimaru, Lornard backed away and gained some distance between him and Hōzukimaru.
“Ok then” said Lornard as he held the pole in front of him, he put his left hand over one end of the pole then red lightning crackled. When the lightning stopped and the end of the pole became visible it was more like a clover leaf pike than a pole, from the ball on the end was three blades, the longest blade was one at the top then there was two shorter blades at the side. Lornard stood the pike up, it looked like a cross, there were now two ribbons on the opposite end of the pole to the blades. “This’ll let me win now wont it?” said Lornard and he threw the pike like a spear at Hōzukimaru,
“That won’t work twice!” shouted Hōzukimaru as he dogged the pike, Lornard swung it and Hōzukimaru blocked from hitting his head but then Lornard yanked the pike back and one of the shorter blades was behind Hōzukimaru’s shoulder and when Lornard yanked it back the blade cut right through Hōzukimaru’s shoulder. Hōzukimaru cried out, dropped his sword and clutched his shoulder that was bleeding profusely.
“Good thing that I wasn’t doing the same trick again” said Lornard as he stood the pike up next to him.  
“What is this?! What is going on?” said a man in his sixty’s that was wearing black robes. “And who’s guardian are you” he said to Lornard
“He is mine Mr Web” said Ardere, Mr Web was a teacher to a number of classes in the school and he was a previous teacher of Ardere. Riley was sitting up now and he was holding his ribs and nose
“This is your guardian Ardere” he said shaking his head, “I’d expect better from you, you know that guardian can only fight each other in practice.”
“I’m sorry I know that rule, but I also know that a guardian has the right to defend their master and that is what I was doing” said Lornard
“Was this guardian attacking Ardere?” asked Mr Web
“No sir, but his master was and so I came to her defence” explained Lornard
“And because this guardian saw you defending your Ardere and attacking Riley he came to Riley’s defence, right?” asked Mr Web
“Correct” answered Lornard
“Can any witnesses testify what this guardian has said?” asked Mr Web and a number of students  in the broken circle around them raised their hands.
“Yes, what he said is true” said a student and all of the others that had raised their hands nodded in agreement.
“Right then Mr Timworth tomorrow lunch in my office, till then heal yourself and your guardian” said Mr Web then he turned to Ardere, “I need proof that he’s your guardian”
“Uh sure, hold on a sec my tattoo isn’t in the easiest place to get to with a long sleave dress” said Ardere as she pulled up her right sleeve and showed Mr Web the tattoo on the top of her arm, there was the same symbol that Lornard had on his right shoulder plate, the one with the cross and two snakes twined around it, this symbol was unique to Ardere and Lornard. All mages and guardians have an unique tattoo; this tattoo appears on a mage when they get a guardian. Under that was the Roman numeral for five, that showed Ardere’s stage. When a mage enrols in a mage school there stage tattoo appears on them, the number changes when a mage’s stage changes, no one’s sure how it changes but the theory is that because of the level of magic or manna in a mage changes so does the stage and therefor the number. The tattoos can be in different places but it is common for it to be on a mages and guardian’s arm. Mr Web looked at Ardere’s symbol then at Lornard’s and nodded.
“Ok then” said Mr Web,
“Mr Web this is Lornard, Lornard this is Mr Web” said Ardere
“Say your weapon it looks like your symbol” said Mr Web
“Huh yeah it dose” said Lornard, “but I don’t think I’m going to need this now” said Lornard then the blade’s started slowly disintegrating and the pieces floated up into the sky, getting smaller as they did. One of the ribbons also disintegrated and the pike was back to being a pole. There was a second where nothing happened then the pole started slowly disintegrating like the blades did, it disintegrated from the top to the bottom and when it was too short for Lornard to hold he let it go, but it didn’t fall it stayed upright and kept disintegrating. “Huh” said Lornard as the last bits of the pole disappeared, “To be honest I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but that was pretty cool”
“Yes it was, and you can fight and well. You seemed like you had used that weapon before” said Ardere
“I felt like I had used it before” said Lornard
“Judging from what you two are saying I assume that Lornard hasn’t fought before” said Mr Web
“Yes that’s true” said Ardere
Mr Web smiled, “Don’t worry fighting is an instinct for guardians, they will know how to use their weapon or special ability from the moment that they are made although it might not be clear till the fight. It is like they have brought a lifetime of experiences with them when they are made. Now that spell that you performed earlier, the one where you made your weapon, what did you make it from?” asked Mr Web
“Uh … nothing I just made it” said Lornard
“That’s interesting” said Mr Web
“Oh yeah now that I think about it, you just made it from nothing, you used magic to make it but didn’t make it from magic” said Ardere
“Huh?” said Lornard and tilted his head at her,
“Lornard you pulled of a spell that only people on the in the last year of stage eight can pull off.” said Ardere
“No that’s wrong considering the size and the fact that he changed the look after means that only a stage nine can pull it off” Mr Web pointed out.  
“Yeah that’s true” said Ardere
“Wow what?” said Lornard
“Exactly” said Mr Web, “I know about guardian being able to do magic up to stage five but I have never met one that can do anything above that. This is quite interesting. Lornard is it?”
“Yes it is” said Lornard
“Do you recon that you could try and practise some lower stages of magic and see if you can do them? Ardere can you teach him?” asked Mr Web
“Yes I can sir” replied Ardere

So Ardere had taught Lornard some basic magic, he was a fast, even faster than Ardere but he was still learning the basics. Ardere and Lonrard slowed down as they approached a large old building, it had a church like look about it but it was the building for the Magnificent Five. The Magnificent where the five most powerful and wisest sorcerers in the country. They basically decide everything and anything to do with sorcerers; they are a vital part of the government that runs the country. Today Ardere and Lornard were going to see them.
“Are you ready?” asked Lornard
“Ready as I’ll ever be” replied Ardere. The guards opened the door for them and thy walked into the grand hallway.

Friday, 16 August 2013

To Many stories!!!!

Hi all! How are you?

Ok yes I am using this blog to do something that I rarely do and that is blog ...
Yes so life is good! I found out my OP prediction today ant it is what I wanted and need to get into the university course that I want. And that's good!

Any way I'm having trouble deciding which of my stories to write (Because I have 6 different stories)  ... and I was wondering which ones do you want to read?
Yeah so I want to write but I'm just not sure which one to write and I'm also thinking of writing some Bleach fan fiction *evil smile* I SO want to do Kenpachi Zaraki vs. Wolverine! OH GOD that would be so amusing!!! XD For all of you that don't know Kenny he is a mad man (At least that's my opinion) and also called a barbarian and I think a brute ... and when I say Wolverine I mean Logan Wolverine the Marvel one ... not that there is any other (?)

Speaking of Wolvi I saw the new movie IT WAS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!! There where some parts where I was just like "Your so dead!" XD to the people that Wolvi was mad at.

And speaking of Bleach and mad grins and 'Your so dead' stuff I Finished BLEACH!!!!!! ... or at least the Anime so far! SO COOL! ... no wait it was EPIC!!!!!!!! and I was grinning MADLY because Ichigo had his scary face on, and by scary face I don't mean when his angry or anything to do with hollows I mean his neutral face. To me that's his scary face because if he has a neutral face when your fighting him that to me means 'this is no challenge' And if it's no challenge the YOU ARE SO DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!! So I was grinning madly thinking "YOUR SO DEAD MATE!!!!!!!!!!" and being like this XD. and now I'm onto the manga of bleach from where I left off after the anime

so yeah that's been life for me recently

So can you guy's tell me what stories that you want to read? Then I'll try and work on the one that get's the most requests, but if there is an equal amount for a number then I shall try to do a number and if no one says anything then I'm just going to do the Kenny vs. Wolvi thing but that'll be FUN for Kenny, Wolvi (possibly till he get's pissed) and me!

Have a good day all!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

From Pleasant to Vile SP Fan Fiction - Part 1

Warning if you HAVEN'T read Death Bringer then I'm begging you do NOT read this!!!!

This is set before the SP series during the war.

Skulduggery quietly got up and left the sleeping dead men. Dexter Vex was on watch but he was at the top of the hill, he didn’t notice Skulduggery slip away. Skulduggery left a note on one of the horses, it said

Leave me be
- SP

Skulduggery untied a different horse, hoped on it and galloped away. He had had enough; all of his friends could see his dark aura that he had had since he came back. It had gotten worse as time had gone on, his wife and child where long dead. Skulduggery was alive but barely, if you can call being a skeleton alive. He was leaving so he wouldn’t be a burden to his friends anymore. He didn’t know where he was going he just let the horse take him somewhere. When it got dark he stopped to let the horse rest. When it was light again he got back on the horse and continued to ride. After a few days Skulduggery realised where he was going, it was a town closest to his parents’ house. He changed his direction, Skulduggery decided to go to his parents’ house; he hadn’t been there in years.  When Skulduggery stopped outside the large white two story house it was late afternoon. He tied the horse up on the fence and let it munch on the grass. Skulduggery was surprised, the house looked well kept, the white wood looked clean, the lawn had been kept short and the flower beds outside the front wall looked lively. Skulduggery walked up to the front door and looked around for the spare key; it was where it always was hidden in the right flower bed. Skulduggery brushed off the key and unlocked the door. Skulduggery walked inside, the house smelt musty and a thin layer of dust covered everything but aside from that everything was as Skulduggery remembered. Skulduggery walked down the hall of the abandoned house and stopped at the living room. The room was large to accommodate everyone in the family. The furniture was extravagant yet practical and there were grand book shelves on the wall to the left. Skulduggery looked at the portrait of his parents above the fire place. His dad had blond hair, blue eyes, a strong jaw line and was lightly tanned. His mother had brown hair, green eyes, high cheek bones and was pail. The fireplace was beautifully carved out of marble and in the centre was there family crest. It was black and yellow with a dragon in the centre. Skulduggery sighed and turned away. When he died and was burned, all the evidence of him being related to his parents was erased except for his mother’s high cheek bones and his father’s height. Skulduggery walked slowly around the house and memories of his dead family drifted back to him. His parents and siblings had ether died before he did or died just after. He was the only member of his family left, the only one that could carry on the crest, but he didn’t want to do that, he didn’t want to carry it on alone. Skulduggery found himself at his father’s office, the door was closed, Skulduggery put his hand on the doorknob and slowly opened it. In front of him was a window, and the warm twilight light come into the room. To the left there was a desk, a large comfy leather desk chair and bookshelves. Medieval weapons and shields lined the walls, including a shield with Skulduggery’s family crest on it. To the right there were two sets of armour. Skulduggery and his siblings had always wanted to try them on when they were younger but there father always said no. Skulduggery took of his hat and placed it on the desk then removed the helmet of the armour that he had always wanted to try on. Skulduggery and his brother agreed that if they were ever to try on the armour Skulduggery would get the one closest to the window. Skulduggery undid the clasps and put the helmet on then did the clasps up. It was strange to be wearing a helmet, Skulduggery’s vision was restricted by the eye hole. Skulduggery closed the door and looked at himself in the mirror. He’s dad said that he had a mirror there to reflect on what he had done and whether he had put enough effort into his work, but everyone figured that it was so he could fix himself up so he wouldn’t look so tired out by his work. Skulduggery thought that the helmet looked good, it looked a bit plain but it had something that stirred up a bit of fear. With the light behind him he couldn’t see into the eye hole from the mirror but he could see out. Skulduggery tilted his head, he liked this helmet, he was happy that he and his brother both liked different suits of armour, his brother never did have the same stile as him and for that Skulduggery was great full. Skulduggery took off the helmet and put it back. Then he got his hat and put it on then checked it in the mirror,
“Perfect” he said then left the room. Skulduggery wondered upstairs and looked in all the bedrooms. All the beds were made and everything was neat. Skulduggery walked into his room, it was exactly as he had left it, everything was in its place and the bed was nicely made. To the left was his bed and a bookshelf with all of the books that he read as a kid. To his right was a desk, chair and draws with his clothes in. Skulduggery walked over to his bookshelf and ran his hand along the spines of the books but stopped when he came to his favourite childhood book. He pulled it out and opened the book to the first page, then he read the first chapter, it was as good as he remembered. Skulduggery put the book back on the shelf and circled the room one last time then left the room.

Skulduggery walked outside to the backyard, there were white metal chairs and a table, and they were well kept. Must be the grounds keeper though Skulduggery as he stood on the paved veranda. Skulduggery walked towards the orchard with apple trees. He looked at the fifth tree down to the right then walked over to it. He looked at the initials on the tree, there were the initials of his sibling’s given names and the initials of their taken names that where just above their given names. He looked at his parents initials where next to each other and had a heart carved around them. Then Skulduggery looked to his own, next to his initials where and the initials of his wife, they also had a heart carved around them. He remembered when they came out here and she carved her initial into the tree then he carved the heart. God I miss her so much thought Skulduggery and put his hand onto the carving then lent his head onto the tree. If Skulduggery could cry then he would have. He stayed there for a few minutes not wanting to ever leave the memories of his family, but slowly he stood up and forced himself on, his hand was the last thing to leave the tree as he walked reluctantly away down the rest of the orchard.

 I'm anticipating for this FF to be short, really short like 5 chapters TOPS.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Brave Warrior and Fire - part 1

The armoured man walked down the street. Everyone let him through, they were scared of him. His helmet and height where the two most intimidating things about him. The man was about six foot three and his helmet was three main plates; the first was the top piece, it had an eye slit that flicked up above the ears; the second was the bottom of the eye slit and had eight sharp teeth where the mouth should be, the third plate was the jaw underneath the second plate, the second plate overlapped both the first plate and the third plate. There were smaller plates at the back that could be lifted up in order to get the head out of the helmet. The rest of his armour was simple and fitted his thin figure; on his right shoulder plate there was an image of a cross and two snakes twined around it. He strolled around the marketplace looking at shops and taking his time but didn’t buy anything. He walked out of the town and to the dirt road that travelled through the forest. Another man jumped out and grabbed him from behind, the armoured man flipped him. The man that had jumped on him was taller than him and border than him. The armoured man kicked the taller man in the head and he was out cold then a dagger flew at his head, he tried to avoid it but it hit his helmet and the helmet flew off.
“Dam” he muttered and looked in the direction that the dagger had come from. There was a woman standing there holding another dagger, she was wearing dark clothes and her face was covered by a wooden mask she was just about to throw it then she stopped
“Y-you head where’s your head?” she asked frightened, the armoured man had no head in fact he looked completely hollow.
“Oh right my head” said the armoured man sounding as though he’d lost something.
“Hey Lornard, do you need some help?” asked another woman on the road, she was in a green dress and had a cloak with a hood on it; the hood was covering her hair but her green eyes shone. The Armoured man turned to her
“No lady Ardere, I can handle myself” said the armoured man
“Sure you can Lornard, and how many times have I told you not to call me Lady Ardere” said Ardere
“Yes miss” said Lornard
“Oh and here’s your head” said Ardere and she tossed Lornard his helmet
“Thank you miss” he said as he fixed his helmet on.  
“What you’re a guardian? Y-you’re her guardian?” asked the masked woman in disbelief
“Yes I’m her guardian” said Lornard, “Do you have a problem with that?”
“Wh- Yes, yes I have a problem! She can’t be any older than eighteen-”
“I’m sixteen actually” interrupted Ardere
“And yet she had a guardian than mages can only get when there are at least twenty! Wh-what stage are you at?” asked the woman
“I don’t see how that’s your business, and since your business is with my guardian I don’t see why I should be involved unless he wants me to” said Ardere
“What but you have to be at the required stage!”
“Oh trust me I have past the minimum stage” said Ardere calmly
“What at your age!” said the woman shocked
“Ma’am your business is with me and since you have asked a lot of question and we have answered them you must now answer some of ours” said Lornard his voice was soothing and gentle, “Why did you attack me?”
“We have had reports of an armoured man disrupting the peace in this area and that is all I shall tell you” said the woman, “You should at least know your charges for what crimes that you face”
Lornard cocked his head to the side, “Crimes?”
“Lornard have you been sneaking off and causing trouble?” asked Ardere with a hint or teasing in her voice
“No Miss I have not!” Lornard instantly replied
“Good, it is unlike you to lie to me and you showed no hesitation, so you are telling the truth” said Ardere “I’m sorry but I think you have my guardian mistaken for someone else”
“I’ll have to take him in and see what my superiors have to say about him” said the woman
“I’m sorry ma’am but we don’t have time to mess around with you, we have places to go and important people to meet, so maybe another day” said Lornard
“No, you are coming today” said the woman
“Ma’am would you rather leave dead or alive?” said Lornard
“I would rather die that lose my honour, and if I let you go then I would lose my honour” said the woman then threw and dagger at Lornard and he dogged it.
“Dead it is then” muttered Lornard as he put both hands together; it looked like he was praying, until he started slowly pulling them apart. His fingers spread out and red lightning crackled between his palms, the woman stood there in awe as something metal was slowly constructed from between his palms. As his hands got further apart the object got longer. He’s hands stopped when the object was a meter in length then the lightning also stopped, it was a metal pole. Lornard moved his right hand as the pole levitated in front of him; he put his right hand in the middle of the pole and moved his left hand then the pole extended even more till it was the same height as Lornard. He pointed it at the woman, at each end of the pole there was a ball and coming out of one ball was a red ribbon that was a meter long. The woman threw another dagger but Lornard spun the pole and deflected it. He tried to hit her with the pole but she maintained a distance just out of the reach of the pole. Then Lornard threw the pole like a spear, the woman dogged it but Lornard grabbed he ribbon and yanked it to the side making the pole swing and hit the woman on the back of her head and she collapsed. Lornared yanked the pole back and caught it then walked over to the woman.
“Lornard no dead people” said Ardere who had been silently watching the fight
“I know, I wasn’t actually going to kill her” he said as he bent down next to the woman, he looked at her for a few moments, then checked her breathing. “She’s alive but knocked out”
“Good they can press charges against us another day but now we must leave” said Ardere as the looked at her pocket watch, “Crap we’re going to be late! Let’s go Lornard” said Ardere then started running down the road with Lornard on her tail.

This is the symbol on Lornard''s shoulder

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Kingdoms of Magic Part 02

The water was cold, but a nice cold, refreshing even. I start swimming towards the girl. The knife is heavy in my mouth and I try not to cut myself or swallow water. I swam to the surface and took a deep breath through my nose. Ether the dragon didn’t notice me or it didn’t want to bother with me but then it lashed out with its tail. I dived and just missed it but then it swept at me with its front leg. I dived out of the claws way but got hit by the wrist. It knocked the wind out of me but I managed to grabbed hold of it and climb up its front leg. It was thrashing when I got onto its back but there were thick spines running all down its back, they are good to hang onto. There’s a soft spot at the top of the neck, just under the head I would have tried to grasp the memory but the dragon was still thrashing wildly.
“SWIM” I shouted to the girl, god I hope she heard me over the water. It was a slow and painful climb, my muscles where burning and the thrashing dragon didn’t make it any easier. It would arch its spine one way, then the other, the dragon kept going like it had all the energy in the world. I leapt the last bit of the way and grabbed the knife, the dragon must have guessed what I was doing and let out a hell screeching call, I wavered a bit but not enough. I raised my arm ready to stab the dragon under the head,
“NO STOP” screamed the girl; I looked at the girl she was standing on the dock now, dripping wet. In that instant that I looked away the dragon threw back its head, I lost my grip and crashed into the water.  I managed to maintain grip on the knife and swam to the surface. The dragon pulled itself up onto the dock and curled protectively around the girl as she stroked its head.
“Hell” I muttered and swam to the dock. I climbed the ladder and looked at the girl; she wasn’t really a girl she looked about sixteen and there for was a teenager, she was a medium height and had long blond hair with brown eyes and she was attractive even for a dripping wet girl. My own brown hair was flopping in my face; I ran my fingers through my hair trying to push it out of my eyes. I took a step forward and the dragon growled, so I stepped back and it stopped. I was really tempted to keep stepping backwards and forwards just to annoy it, but my common sense advised agents it. I could now see that the dragon was only half water dragon and half land dragon. There are three main types of dragons; they are Sky dragons, Land dragons and Water dragons. Sky dragons have large wings and only two hind legs they are the second largest of the dragons; Water dragons have only two front legs and no wings, they are the largest dragon and they have long eel like tails; Land dragons have four muscular legs and have really small wings, they are the smallest of the dragons but the hunt in small packs. There are also cross breads of all of the main dragons. Cross breading is uncommon but not rare. The Water dragon that I fought was actually a cross bread between a Water dragon and a Land dragon. It had four legs but an eel like tail, the dragon in front of me must have been about five horses long. Land dragons on average where as long as three horses but average Water dragons could be as long as ten and Sky dragons on average can be as long as seven. I tried walking around the dragon but maintaining my distance, it growled and changed its position so that its head was facing towards me. When I got off the dock I backed away and when it stopped growling I turned my head to look for the guy that the knife belonged to. It wasn’t hard the towns folk where gathering around the dock.
“Here’s your knife” I said to the guy and held the knife out handle first.
“Uh I think you’ll make better use of it that I will” he said and backed away, everyone was looking frightened not just of the dragon but of me. Well you did almost kill it, and dragons are hard to kill! I sighed and walked towards my stuff.
“So what’s with the practical joke?” I asked the teenager
“It wasn’t a practical joke” she replied
“Right let me guess you’re a Guardian” I said. Guardians are partners with magical animals, Unicorns, Phoenixes, Dragons, Griffins and many more. They protect other magical creatures and non-magical creatures, they are also like ambassador for the magical creatures and can talk the language of the magical creature that they are partnered with but they have to learn it. Guardians are often from wealthy families.
“Yes I am. And let me guess you’re a farm boy”
“No, I’m a hunter” the response was automatic that I was surprised that I managed to find out something like that, but it did explain what I was doing in the forest and why I felt naked without a weapon.
“Oh really so you hunt dragons for a living? You do know that’s illegal”
“No, I don’t hunt dragons … at least I don’t think I do”
“What do you mean you don’t think, don’t you know what you hunt?”
“Never mind that, why the practical joke, why have a fake Water dragon attack?” I said as I started putting my clothes on
“We need more Guardians”
“Ha so you’ve run out of nobles? Oh I’d like to see that day!” I scoffed
“No, there are plenty of nobles but not enough are being chosen, some aren’t worthy or fit to be Guardians”
“Oh Finally, you Finally figured out that you nobles aren’t such little angles. Everybody give the woman a round of applause!” I said clapping my hands, “You people finally found the truth; well you took your time!” I don’t know why I was getting so worked up over it, it’s like I had no control over my own mouth, but I knew one thing I felt a great rage towards the nobles, not so much the King, just a lot of the nobles. The teenager was turning red and the dragon was growling again.
“I don’t know that you’re so worked up about but the fake attack would help us find new Guardians”
“Oh ok so now am I officially a Guardian?”
“No you are nowhere near it, if you want to be one than you need to travel with us to Kinofen City”
“Thanks but I’ll pass I’m trying to get home” I had all my clothes on ad was walking away, She jogged up next to me
“Aw is the poor little hunter lost?” she said in a teasing voice. I had her pined on the ground in an instant
“I’m sick of you, I’m tired, hungry and I have not a clue who I am. I woke up in the forest and hour ago and I have no memory of anything after that. You are wasting my time and patience!” I growled then stood up and started walking way.
“You’re kidding right?” said the teenager with a laugh in her voice, I didn’t look back. “Wait your serious?” she said now with disbelief, I kept walking “What happened?” she asked, I gave a small glance over my shoulder and a ‘are you serious’ look. “Oh right wrong question, sorry” she sounded sorry “I’m Salina, um I might know someone that can help!”
“Ha I’m not going with you, it might be another test” I said over my shoulder.
“No it’s not I swear” said Salina, I ignored her
“Hey Derek!” said a man in early twenties that just walked into the main street of the town. He was looking at me, I glanced over my shoulder to see who else he could be looking at, but there was no one there to look at.
“Uh” I said
“Oh Derek I’m glad I found you! Did you find your brother? Where’s your dad and uncle?”
“Uh” I said as I stood there
“Derek?” said the man, he was standing right in front of me so he was defiantly talking to me. “Derek are you ok?”
“Uh I guess” my mind was so blank that there was nothing I could think of saying.
“Sir, do you know this man?” asked Salina
“Yes ma’am I do-” his eyes widened as he saw the dragon “Uh Derek what have you gotten yourself into?”
“In all honesty I have not a clue” I responded
“Sir who is this man” asked Salina the man waited for me to respond but when I didn’t he answered
“This is Derek Argon he lives in Bevilstone village, it’s the neighbouring town to this one”
“Ok so you know where his home is, that’s good, you talked about finding his brother, what happened?”
“We’re not sure but we believe a Land dragon dragged him off into the forest”
“What? What did he do wrong?”
“Nothing, we no nothing that he did wrong, but judging from the trail that we found he was taken alive”
Salina turned her head towards me, “You said you were a hunter did you hunt in their territory?”
“Uh” I said, when it was clear that I wasn’t going to answer the man did
“No we don’t hunt in their territory unless they let us and if we do accidentally do we leave what we caught in their territory and a few other animals from out hunting area as an apology”
“Well he must of done something wrong, although why they took him alive is another question. I’m not sure what they would do with him if he was alive thought. What do you think Yunkun?” The dragon came forward and the man moved back a step, the dragon started to make rasping sounds then it sounded like it was talking in a different language, which made scene since t probably was.
“They are not known to do this, but there have been talked of them doing this before a long time ago, why they did it before and why they are doing it know I don’t know” said the Yunkun
“Yunkun said that she has heard of them doing it before but she doesn’t know why” Salina repeated
“Ok, well that doesn’t help at all” I said, Yunkun glared at me, there was an obvious hate hate relationship between us. “Uh and who are you?” I asked the man
“Me?” said the man
“Uh yeah … um how do I explain this, uh I don’t remember anything before an hour ago, as in I have complete memory loss”
“You’re kidding right?” asked the man
“Apparently he’s not” said Salina, the man stared in disbelief
“Um I’m Oliver Jones and I’m a friend of yours, I came on the trip and we were attacked by Land dragons, I was separated from you and your family-” Oliver trailed off “What happened to your arm? He said suddenly sounding worried. He grabbed my arm and pulled up the sleeve,
“What? You never had these before and they look like dragon scratches!”
“I-I don’t know when I woke up there was blood all over my sleeve but there was no open wound” I said, everyone looked at me then at Yunkun, Yunkun stepped forward and sniffed me.
“He has washed fresh blood off his shirt recently, the blood was a few hours old” said Yunkun
“You washed blood off your shirt right, was it your blood or something else’s?” Salina asked
“It wasn’t magical blood that’s for sure, who’s or what’s blood I’m not sure but it did look like the blood was where the scars where, which is really strange” I replied
“This is strange indeed, I have only heard a vague mention of something that could fit this situation but it is highly unlikely and I’m not even certain that it is what I think it is” said Yunkun
“What is it Yunkun?” asked Salina
“I will not say till there is more information on the situation”
Salina sighed “She won’t tell us what she thinks it is till there is more information”
“That’s fair enough, I don’t want false information” I said, Yunkun looked surprised, if that was even possible.
“Well we can at least go to your town and find out what the problem is, and see what the Land dragons are up to” said Salina
“Sure, follow me. It’s not that far to walk” said Oliver
“Hop on Yunkun, we’ll get there faster that way” said Salina
“You sure?” I asked
“Yes she won’t mind” said Salina
“Well ok then” I said as everyone climbed on Yunkun.