Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Marvel Drawing! XD

This is a drawing I did today for my friend. She ships Loki and Captain America. But she also Likes Tony and Cap together as well. And SO I drew this

Yeah I'm really happy with how Tony's armour turned out! XD
And yeah this is it.
I'm thinking of colouring it in on the computer if possible ... meaning if I have time.

But yeah

If you guys want me to draw a picture of someone from Marvel I'd be happy to do it!
Because I really want to practice drawing Marvel people!
Mind you, you might want to specify if you want them drawn from the movie or comic. And if comic which dimension/ name of the comic e.g. Amazing Spider-man, Ultimate Spider-man, Invincible Hulk, Incredible Hulk etc.
I just want you to specify the reality mainly because their costumes can vary depending on the reality and the time period. Oh you might want to give me a general idea of the time otherwise I'll most likely end up doing a picture of there most resent costume.

Hehehe I feel like Doctor Who with all the Time and Reality stuff.

Well I hope you liked the drawing!

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