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SP FanFic Other Dimention Part 08


Oh God, part 8 all ready! Wow! If I totaled up all of the words that I have written on this it is: 12,309 words! Lots of words! ... not nearly enough to fill one of Derek's books, but still! This is probably the most words that I have written on a story! Thanks to Death, the person that always reads this!

Oh and this one is shorter than average! I tend to try and have at least 1,200 word in each part, but I don't think I will be able to divide the next part up that well! ... although the next part may be a long one! So it could make up for it!


A few days had past, Adelle still cleaned Lord Vile’s room, but in her spare time instead of cooking she did training. She was seeing less and less of Sarah, and Sarah was keeping her distance. Adelle opened the doors to the training room, Death was there standing in fount of the boxing ring as per usual.
“Hi Death” said Adelle
“Hi Al!” replied Death
“… Add”
“… Just call me Adelle”
“Delaide, Delayed”
“… Ad-elle” Adelle said slowly
“Noooo, My name is Adelle”
“Dell” responder Death, as Adelle face palmed
“Fine whatever, you win!”
“YAY DELL” squealed Death “So Dell, how are you”
“Meh, I’m alright I guess. How are you?”
“I’m good, I’m great, I’m wonderful!”
“That’s wonderful”
“Oh yea I forgot to mention yesterday, but you’re going on your first official mission in two days!”
“What! Why? I’ve barely had any training!”
“Yes, but you’re doing really well, and I sort of told Mevolent that you were doing really well and that you should be good to go on your first mission really soon! So yeaaa”
“What! I’m not that good!”
“Well you are and you can use your abilities really quite well, especially since you haven’t had any training till recently!”
“Yea but that’s because I would practice it really often!”
“Well you’re going, and don’t worry I’m going with you so you should be fine! Oh and your friend Mr Grumpy is going to! So you should be perfectly fine!”
“Hu, who’s Mr Grumpy?”
“Mr Grumpy is Mr Grumpy”
“No what’s his name?
“I call him Mr Grumpy”
“I know that but what’s his actual name?”
“Um … I don’t know his true name I’m sorry! … although I don’t think anyone dose … so that’s not that bad!” as Death replied, Adelle sighed
“Ok then what’s his taken name?”
“Oh his taken name! It’s Lord Vile. He is your friend is he not?”
“Um … I don’t know about that”
“Why not?”
“Didn’t you hear,” Adelle swallowed “He killed my mother”
“Oh yea he did to! … sorry!” said Death looking guilty
“It’s ok, I think it was the worst for my dad, you know going home and telling him that his wife is dead, then telling him that I made a deal with the man that was responsible for bringing my mother into the situation. And also explaining that I’m a sorcerer” Adelle looked at her shoes, “And explaining that I’m responsible for my mother’s death” Adelle remember the look on her dad’s face, it was of pure shock, then despair overwhelmed it. She hated it; she hated hurting her dad that way! She hatted hurting him full stop.
Everything was quiet for a couple of moments.
“But you didn’t kill her”
“No, I didn’t but I feel responsible, because I-I was there and, she was the because of me.”
“I’m sorry about your mother” said Death
Again there was silence
“So what did you do to Lord Vile to get him under your thumb?” asked Death
“He’s not under my thumb” Adelle said sharply
“Right the whole mother incident … but I heard that he did something’s for you, and he’s fond of you isn’t he?”
“I-I don’t know” said Adelle as she though back he saved her mother, and she hugged him, he didn’t kill her, he hugged her back. God what had she gotten herself into, “I didn’t do anything to him”
“Riiiiight, so if you didn’t do anything to him then how come he likes you?”
Don’t mention the letters said the voice in Adelle’s head “Um … I talk to him, and I guess he liked it?”
“… Ok” said Death, there was silence for a few moments, “Today you’re going to try and take me on when you’re smaller”
“Why? I can become bigger than anyone else”
“True, but what if your magic is bound or someone has the same abilities as you and can be bigger than you? Your will need to know how to defend yourself”
“Ooook then” said Adelle as she walked on the mat
“You have muscles!” exclaimed Death and started rapidly poking Adelle’s thigh
“Ow, ow, ow” said Adelle as she tried to get away from Death “That Hurts!”
Death stopped poking Adelle, then looked at her with a pleading face
“No, you’re supposed to be training me not poking me!”
“Ohhhw, but it’s fun!”
Adelle sighed “Maybe we can use it in training?”
“Yes! We shall!” exclaimed Death obviously pleased that Adelle gave in, “But first, Shrink!”
Adelle shrunk so she was half a head shorter than Death “Shrink” said Death, Adelle crossed her arms
“You do realise that my strength will stay the same as what I would be at normal height”
“Ah, but this isn’t about strength, this is about height and weight, so shrink”
Adelle shrink till she was a head shorter than Death
“Is this good?”
“Yes” said Death “Ok since your shorter you should go for the areas that you can hit better, currently that would be the stomach, and if it was a man, the groin, but I’m not a man so let’s focus on trying to hit the stomach”


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SP FanFic Other Dimention Part 07


Hi sorry it took to wright more but I have school and assingments sooo yea.
Um the offer is still up for all that want to be in this fanfic! If you do want to be in it please post a coment containing this infomation:
Their age, what they looks like and what they are
Their powers, or magical abilities
What they looks like, like what colour hair etc.
What they tends to where
And what side they are on, (Risistance or Mevolent's)

The next day Adelle went to the storage area, where the maids store their belongings. It’s a hall with pigeon holes all along it. Only the Pigeon holes hold an individual maid’s belongings in it. Adelle noticed that today everyone was keeping their distance a little more than usual. This was not a good sign. Adelle saw Sarah and walked over to her.
“Hi Sarah! How are you?” Adelle asked, Sarah spun around startled, “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to frighten you! … Do you know why everyone is keeping their distance?”
“I-I’m good Miss, and I don’t know about them keeping their distance.” replied Sarah
“Miss? What’s with the Miss?”
“W-well you are a s-sorcerer are you not?”
“Yes but” Then it occurred to Adelle why everyone was acting so different to her, she was a sorcerer the maids where mortals and mortals fear sorcerers. They were all scared of her! “Sarah please call me Adelle, I’m still your friend I all ways have been and whether I’m a sorcerer on not that’s not going to change!”
“I-I’m sorry but it’s going to have to, you can’t have me as a friend any more, people will think of me a suck up, and my family might get hurt a-and I can’t risk that, a-an-and I-I’m scared. I’m sorry but we can’t be friends anymore” said Sarah, she said it so softly, and she sounded so scared.
“Please Sarah, I lost my mum yesterday I-I don’t want to lose you to!” said my voice as soft as hers
“I-I’m so sorry” she said before she turned her back and hurried away.
“Miss … Miss Shifter … um … Miss Adelaide Shifter”
“Hu … Oh sorry” I said turning around to face the person that called my name, “Hea yea, um I’m not use to that name yet, Sorry!”
“It’s quite alright Miss” said the maid, she looked to be in her thirties with long black hair in a ponytail. “Lord Mevolent wants to see you, follow me”
“Um … ok” said Adelle as she followed the maid.
They walked to a room somewhere in the middle of the castle. It was a large room, bigger than Lord Vile’s room. In the middle a boxing ring. All around the edges of the room there was mates. In the right corner there was two rings suspended from the roof. To the left there was balancing beams and other equipment used in gymnastics. Majority on the right side there was equipment to do boxing with. The back there was some racks with wooden weapons on it. The front was also covered in mats. In front of the boxing ring was Mevolent and he was talking to a girl that looked to be about the age of 17. She was thin, with Golden brown hair with copper and blonde streaks with blue eyes. She was wearing white leather jacket with grey skinny jeans and combat boots. When Adelle got close enough she bowed and waited to be acknowledged.
“You don’t need to bow like a mortal anymore, you’re a sorcerer and sorcerers only bow a little.” said Mevolent,  Adelle stoped bowing, but didn’t make eye contact
“Yes My Lord” She replied, Mevolent grunted.
“This is Death Rose” Death rose Adelle thought, I’ve herd of her, “She is one on my deadliest assassin’s, but she is also the youngest, she will be training you, so that you are better at combat. I thought you might like someone more your age”
“Thank you My Lord” Adelle said inclining her head to Death
“You’re a sorcerer you can call me Lord Mevolent, not ‘my lord’ that is for mortals”
“Yes My- uh um I mean Lord Mevolent”
“That’s better don’t you think Death?”
“Yes it is” said Death
“I got someone to go to the tailor that made your undergarment, and got him to make you some pants and a coat that should a just to your size like your undergarment. I thought it would be better because I don’t want to see you in just that dress again!”
“Yes Lord Mevolent I will agree it is too short to wear on its own. But it was only meant for emergency, and having it is better than having nothing at all!” said Adelle grinning, as Death giggled.
“Yes I’m glad you had the sense to get something like that!” said Mevolent, “Anyway I shall be off, Death you know how to start, and Adelaide your clothes are over there” said Mevolent as he pointed to the corner of the boxing ring, “And the cloths will be your first day’s payment”
“Thank you Lord Mevolent” Adelle said as she inclined her head as he left, Death did the same.
“Hi, I’m Death Rose and I’m your trainer!” said Death
“Hi Death I’m … um Adelaide Shifter and I’ll be your student!”
“Why did you hesitate before your name?”
“Oh um … well I’m still not use to it! I only told some people my name yesterday”
“Did you make it up on the spot?”
“No but it did take me some time to pick a name that felt right. But I have only actually be called it today, so yea I’m not use to being called it yet, so if I don’t respond to Adelaide then call me Adelle”
“Ok then, an you put your clothes on then we’ll start, and you can get change in here, because there’s only me!”
“Ok” said Adelle as she picked up her clothes. She slipped her paints that she was wearing under her dress off, and then put the new paints on. She took of the maid’s dress and laid it over the rope around the ring. The she put on the coat. Her paints where light grey, skin tight and ended not too far below her knee. Her coat was the same colour grey and ended mid-thigh. They looked good with her short white dress.
“So what is your magical ability?” Asked Adelle
“I can Kill people with a glare and twist gravity. What can you do?” Death replied calmly
“Oh cool! Um … I can change my size and the further away from my regular size the tougher my skin is. So the best I could do is probably squishing you!”
“Cool! Can you show me? … But don’t squish me, Ok”
“Um Ok” Adelle said, then started to grow in size, at first the cloths don’t a just, but as she get bigger the clothes stop staying the same size. The dress that ended just above Adelle’s knees is at her mid-thigh. The paints that use to end below her knees cover only half of her knees and the coat that ended at mid-thigh has ended at her waist, but thankfully the sleeves stay at her wrists.
“Cool! Normally the first tip I would give would be to use your size and weight to your advantage but I think you already have that covered!” said Death with a grin on her face
“Ha yea that’s kind of under control! I can shrink to” said Adelle as she shrunk back to normal size
“so you can be smaller that you are now?” asked Death
“Cool, I take it you want to see my ability now?”
“Yes please … only not the one where you kill people but looking at them!”
“Fine” Death sighed in disappointment “I’ll just show you how I twist gravity, watch the waits” said Death, as Adelle looked over Death twisted her hands and the waits lifted off there racks and spun in mid-air.
“Oh cool! Can you change you gravity to make yourself float?”
“You know I haven’t tried that before! Let’s give it a go!” said Death enthusiastically, all of a sudden Adelle started slowly lifting up
“Waaaaaa” Adelle said as she starts slowly spinning as Death giggled, “Ahhhhh, put me down, put me down, put me down!” Adelle landed on the mat with a thud, death started laughing
“Ah-ah-h-ow” Adelle said, the n she sat up and started giggling, “What was kind of fun! You should try it!”
“Ok” said Death a moment later she was slowly drifting upwards, and slowly spinning, “Hey this is really fun! Why didn’t I try this earlier?”
“Sarah would love this!”
“Who’s Sarah?”
“She’s … was my friend”
“What do you mean was” said Death trying to sit up right why hovering, she was failing because while her position was correct her head would slowly spin downwards so that her legs where above her head, then it would keep spinning till her head was in the right position then it would spin downwards again.
“She said that we couldn’t be friends”
“Because I’m a sorcerer, and it would be dangerous to be my friend”
“Why would it be dangerous? Wouldn’t it be better?”
“No, you don’t understand, maybe I’ll explain it another day” Death seamed to understand that it was not a topic Adelle wanted to talk about.
“Ok, we might actually want to do some training, so let’s get to it!” said Death, and when her feet where underneath her she dropped to the ground. “Let get this party started”

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Take a Seat

This is a broch that i made at school the other day!

I think it's awesome!

Anyway here's a cupple of pictures!

The wrighting says "TAKE A SEAT".
Sorry that I have bad lighting!!!

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SP FanFic Other Dimention Part 06


Thank to all that read this!!!

And if any want to be in the story just tell me! Oh and say what side your on (the Resistance or Mevolent's) and give me a description of what  you look like and your powers!
Note you might not be in it a lot or for a bit, I've still got to wright a lot to get up to the seance.

“Wha- where did we … oh right my house” Adelle said as she looked around. Then she noticed her brothers on the carpet.
“Boys can you please go to you room I want a privet conversation with Lord Vile” Adelle’s brothers cocked their heads “Please go now!” Adelle said with more urgency. The boys picked up the almost completed puzzle and went to their room, “And close your door all the way!” Adelle shouted after them.
“Why are we in my house?”
“Go get changed” he whispered
“Why” she asked, Lord Vile just glared at her, “Fine” Adelle said as she stormed off to her room


A few minutes latter Adelle came out wearing another brown maids dress, because the other ripped when she grew. Lord Vile was still standing exactly where he was.
“Where is Mr Thomson’s house?” asked Lord Vile
“What our neighbour Mr Thomson lives to the left of us” Adelle said as she pointed to her left. Lord Vile grasped her shoulder and they shadow walked.


“Hey, wha- … are we at Mr Thomson’s?” asked Adelle as she looked around the two story house.
“Show Adelle her mother” said Lord Vile, Adelle spun around to see Mr Thomson staring at Lord Vile.
“Um …” said Mr Thomson, then he cleared his throat, “Lord Vile as much as I welcome one of Mevolent’s generals into my home, I ask that you use the front door! And as for Adelle’s mother I have not the slightest idea of what you’re talking about!”
“Lord Vile? What are yo- Adelle a-are you ok? Are you hurt?” said Adelle’s mother as she pocked her head out of one of the doors, then harried over to Adelle
“Mum, wha- but how?” Adelle hugged her mother, “ I-I saw you before a-and you were dead! How are you alive?”
“Lord Vile brought me home and told me to go hide! As for me being dead I can’t explain that part because I didn’t know about it!” Adelle’s mum turned her head to Lord Vile
“I saw some one that looked like you, so I made her be ‘you’”
“He know about this?” asked Mr Thomson
“Know about he saved me and made it look like he killed me, I think he knew exactly what he as doing” said Adelle’s mother. Just then Adelle detached herself from her mother and lunged into a hug around Lord Vile, he stiffened with his arms suspended in the air looking like he didn’t know what to do with them. Mr Thomason and Adelle’s mum stiffened, and held their breath
“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! OH MY GOD THANK YOU!” said Adelle from around Lord Vile’s waist. Slowly Lord Vile lowered his arms and hugged Adelle back
“Um … your welcome” Lord Vile said. Mr Thomson and Adelle’s mother let out a sigh, and breathed again.
“Now then, did you know that you were a sorcerer?” asked Adelle’s mother
“Yes, I did” replied Adelle as she let go of Lord Vile and straightened up.
“You’re a sorcerer?” asked Mr Thomson
“Yes sir”
“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”
“Um … well … because I wanted time to develop my ability to control it, and was worried that you would reject me because I was different” she said in soft voice
“Oh Adelle we would never reject you, your mu daughter and no matter what you are or what you do I’ll love you!” she said as she pulled Adelle into a hug.
“I’ll go get Will and Ben they’ve got to know that you’re still alive” said Adelle
“They already know, they were on the carpet when Lord Vile shadow walked in” replied Adelle’s mum, she sighed “You can’t tell anyone that I’m still alive, if the word gets out we’re all dead, … maybe not you Lord Vile, even if Lord Mevolent turns on you, you could do some major damage and get away. But the rest of us, including your Tony, Will and Ben will be dead”
“What about dad?” asked Adelle. Tony was Adelle’s dad’s given name, and Debbie was her mums.
“No y-you can’t tell your father, not yet, not till we can all get out of here!” said Debbie. Adelle’s eyes widened
“Oh no, oh no I-I’m so, so, so sorry, b-but Dad, Will. Ben and I can’t leave”
“Why?” said Debbie frowning
“Lord Mevolent was going to kill all of us if I didn’t agree to work for him, and because we work for him we can’t leave the City without telling a number of mages so they can Keep an eye on us, otherwise if we leave the City otherwise we will be considered as people from the Resistance and we will be all hunted down for the supposed information about the resistance we’ll have” said Adelle quietly without making any eye contact.
“Oh … that’s ok at least your all alive and intact! But what happened? The last I saw you were beating up some red hoods” Asked Debbie
“I got captured”
“How you attacked the red hoods and live?” asked Mr Thomson
“My skin is harder to pierce the further away from my regular size I am, so I have a massive bruise on my leg, but that’s all the injuries that I got! … And I had some help from you Mr Thomson” all at once everyone looked at Mr Thomson
“Wait what do you mean I helped?”
“You taught me how to defend myself, so I use some of the things I learnt, but my fighting was sloppy and not so good, but I guess it got the job done!”
“Oh yea I taught you how to defend yourself in case you get robed or some guy tries to do something to you in the street!” Adelle and Lord Vile exchanged a glance, “Not to go and beat up red hoods!” Mr Thomson continued.
“Yea Sorry about that Mr Thomson” said Adelle
“Well I at least I know that you learnt something from me!” said Mr Thomson, Adelle just nodded to this.
“You best get going, and explain this to your father, but not the part about me being alive, unfortunately too many people know already”
“I’ll try to get your mother out of the City as soon as possible” said Mr Thomson
“Thank you Mr Thomson, good bye Mum! I’ll seen you soon ok!”
“Yes but don’t come over to often and keep everyone safe!”
“Yes, I will” said Adelle; as if that was Lord Vile’s queue, he shadow walked them to Adelle’s house

“So you killed someone else instead of my mother?” asked Adelle as they arrived in her house.
“Would you rather your mother?”
“No, but I’m sure the people she knew would” Lord Vile just looked at her, “Not that I’m not grateful or anything!” said Adelle quickly, Lord Vile nodded
“Good bye” he said
“Bye, see you tomorrow” after she finished her sentence Lord Vile shadow walked. She waited a couple of moments to make sure that he was really gone.
“Boys, you can come out of your room if you want, Lord Vile’s gone home!” Adelle shouted to her brothers.

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SP FanFic Other Dimention Part 05


Thanks to all for reading this!!!

Lord Vile walked in the room with flecks of blood on his armour.
“Ah Lord Vile, here you are! Did you kill her?” Mevolent asked
“Yes” He whispered
“Great where’s the body? I wish to make sure you did it” Mevolent said. Lord Vile cocked he’s head as if to ask ‘You doubted me?’ Lord Vile gestured with his hand and a couple of red hoods came forward dragging a body with them. The body was in a brown maid’s dress and had a hole through the stomach. The face was mangled beyond comprehension, so much that the face no longer looked like a face but an area covered in blood and with chunks of flesh hanging loosely in the wrong places.
“No … No, No, No, No!” Adelle sobbed “No t-this can’t be right! No! Mum! No, No wake up mum, wake up!” Adelle said as the knelt next to her “Please” she whispered as she touched the cold skin. She was sobbing loud hard sobs that made her whole body shake. Adelle’s face had red blotches from sobbing, but she didn’t care, her mum was dead and she wasn’t coming back.
“You killed her” she whispered to Lord Vile, “YOU KILLED HER!” Adelle roared as she leaped at him. The two red hoods caught her in mid-air and tried to drag her away from him.
“I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU” she struggled the red hoods made her face Mevolent, then made her kneel, “I hate you” she whispered
“Now you’re a sorcerer that’s a little unexpected. But I haven’t seen a person be able to change their size before! Tell me how long have you known that you were a sorcerer?” Asked Mevolent his voice soft
“A-about a y-year” said Adelle still sobbing
“Mmunm so not that long? You seem like you have a good amount of control over it.”
“N-no I don’t, b-but my emotions m-make it easier t-to do”
“Yes I would imagine so. How did you find out that you were a sorcerer and why didn’t you tell anyone beforehand?”  
“Well” Adelle said calming down a bit, “My Grandfather di-died about a year ago, a-and when I found out about his d-death I-I was devastated, h-he was the best gr-grandfather anyone could e-ever have! I-I went to my room and curled up on the floor, I-I felt so small, and I-I don’t know when I finally stopped crying, I-I found that I w-as s-so small.” Adelle took in a ragged breath, “It took me half an hour t-to g-get back to about regular size. A-and, and-” Adelle burst out crying; she brought her knees up to her chest and sobbed. She couldn’t take it anymore her mother was dead and she would never forgive herself, it was her fault, if she didn’t give Lord Vile the messages that maybe her mother would still be alive!
Mevolent sighed “Ok, why didn’t you tell any on earlier? You could of gotten respect and you could of gotten a better job than being a maid”
“W-with a-all due respect I-I didn’t want t-to get involved t-till I was eighteen, the I-I would have been a legal adult, a-and I though t-that I-I could keep my f-family o-out of it, b-because I though i-if I was an a-adult then n-no one from the r-resistance o-or your sorcerers w-would n-need to contact my f-family.”
Mevolent grunted
“Your under clothes, they still seem to fit you, why is that?” Asked Serpine
“W-well I told a-a tailor a-about my s-situation, h-he made m-me this d-dress, h-he made it f-for free b-because he wanted the c-challenge. He s-said that I-I could pay him back w-when I w-was older.”
“So he just wanted the challenge? Who is this tailor?”
“Mr Cotes, h-he’s a sorcerer, j-just an elemental. He w-works on Jamison street”
“Your leg is still in tacked even thought I saw a red hood’s scythe hit it, how is this?” Asked Serpine
“W-well the further a-away from my o-original size I get t-the harder my skin is t-to pierce”
“Mmmmm … well I have come up with a generous offer, that you can either accept or refuse, it’s you choice” said Mevolent with a wolfish grin, “The offer is that you could work for me and be one of my mages, you will be payed when you work of course, the right amount, and we can forget this thing ever happened”
Adelle opened her mouth to scream something like ‘You stupid bitch, my mother’s dead how can I forget this’ but she quickly realised who she was about to well it to, and she figure her family would have had enough deaths for one day, so she closed her mouth again, then opened it,
“And my Lord what if I don’t accept?”
“Well then it’s quite simple really, you and your family will be considered as resistance and be hunted down, captured for information, if you don’t tell information then we shall force out of all you, physically or mentally. So it’s your choice” said Mevolent still grinning. Adelle wanted to wipe the grin off his face so bad! But she knew that that had won, and so did he. Adelle sighed
“Ok I’ll agree but I only want to work part time, the rest I’ll work as a maid” she said. Mevolent considered this for a moment.
“I have no objection to that. But you and your family can’t leave the walls of this city or you shall be considered part of the resistance. Although you may leave when you are instructed by me.”
“My Lord I mean no disrespect, and I understand your decision but we have extended family outside the walls and we tend to visit them every few years for Christmas or New Year. And it would be nice to be able to visit them”
“You may leave the City for those occasions but a number of mages must be informed which town you are going to and when you are leaving, from there the mages will keep an eye on you and your family but they will stay a respectable distance away from your family meeting”
“Thank you My Lord you are too kind” Adelle said as she bowed her head.
“Lord Vile please assort this young lady home” said Mevolent as he gave Lord Vile he keys to the cuffs “Oh and I expect your full cooperation from now on, considering how generics I have been to you. You will start tomorrow”
Adelle nodded and stood up, her leg was sour from where the red hood’s scythe hit, the looked down, the was a massive ugly bruise forming. Lord Vile remover the cuffs, she felt her magic flood back into her, it made her feel good and strong, she barely managed to stop herself from punching Lord Vile and Mevolent. She tried not to look at her mother because every time she did tears threatened to spill everywhere.
“What is your name?” asked Mevolent
“Given on taken?” Adelle replied
“Both if you have both” he responded
“My Lord my given name is Adelle Gent and my taken name is Adelaide Shifter”
“Why did you chose that name?”
“Well my Lord I liked the name Adelle, and Adelle can be short for Adelaide, although it’s not for me. And I chose Shifter because I’m a size shifter.”
“Interesting, you may leave now!” said Mevolent, Adelle gave a bow, collected her dress and shoes, then followed Lord Vile out of the room.
When the doors had closed Adelle slipped on her shoes then started walking to the kitchen. Lord Vile stepped in her path and reached for her elbow. Adelle drew back.
“Leave me alone!” she said her voice harsh.
“Where are you going?” he asked.
“I’m going to the kitchen” she replied and tried to pass him, but he stepped in her way
“Well I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m in a short sleeved dress that ends just above my knees and it’s snowing outside!” she said with anger rising in her voice. Lord Vile just cocked his head, and then grabbed her shoulder but before she could pull out of his grip they shadow walked.

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SP FanFic Other Dimention Part 04


Thanks to all who read!!! And I welcome comments! ... My lab rats (Siblings) haven't read this part ... of for that matter about half of it, but yes i would like feed back please. Thanks to all that read! It is welcomed and it's great to know that my work is read and liked!!!
Now i should stop delaying and get to part 4! So here it is!

The three days after Lord Vile ‘accompanied’ her home, Adelle had finished cleaned Lord Vile’s room. When.
“Adelle wait up!”
Adelle turned to see Sarah
“Hi Sarah, how are you?”
“I’m good! But you might not be!”
“What do you mean?”
“Lord Mevolent wants to see you in the throne room at two-thirty exactly!”
“What! Why?” Adelle almost yelled
“I’m not sure, he didn’t say. But everyone has been keeping an eye out for you so they could tell you. Do you have any idea what it is about?”
“No, no I don’t! … Um what’s the time?
“Oh god! Then I’ve got to hurry! See you round … if I live”
“Um … ok bye and I hope I see you again when you’re alive and intact!”
“Me to!” Adelle yelled back as she hurried to the kitchen to put her stuff away.


Adelle arrived at the doors to the throne room a couple of minutes early. But it was better than being late. Why dose Lord Mevolent want to see me? Of all people! I’m only a maid and I haven’t done anything wrong! … Have I?
The red hoods where stationed outside the door standing like statues. Adelle had already told them who she was, than Lord Mevolent was expecting her and when he was expecting her. The only thing that he did to indicate to her the he got the message was to nod. They were like Lord Vile, never speaking people, but Lord Vile had spoken to her, so they were different.
After she waited a bit the doors opened and she walked towards the end of the room. There was a tank with someone that opposed Lord Mevolent, but he was now one of Mevolent’s prizes. Adelle shivered the poor guy he didn’t get a nice grave, not that they were very nice bit it was better than floating in a tank.
Adelle saw Serpine standing next to a chair at the top of a small amount of stars. On the Chair was Lord Mevolent himself. Adelle only glanced at him, and then looked way. She didn’t want to be disrespectful to the most powerful person on the planet. Adelle kept walking till she reached the base of the stairs then she bowed, and held it until she was acknowledge.
“You may stand child” said Mevolent. Adelle stood up strait but kept her gaze to t ground.
“What did you do to him?” said Mevolent. The sudden chill in his voice sent a shiver down her spin.
“Do to whom, my lord?” said Adelle
“Don’t play games with me child” he snarled
“My lord I honestly have no idea who you are talking about!”
“Fine I shall play your game!  Lord Vile, what did you do to Lord Vile?”
Adelle looked at him in confusion without making eye contact “Um … my lord I might be speaking out of turn – but are we playing a game?”
“No child we are not playing a game unless you are!”
“If that’s the case then I have no idea what you are talking about, because I have done nothing to Lord Vile!”
“What did you do to him” Mevolent continued obviously ignoring her response “Did you use mind control, because none of our Physics can see inside his head!”
“I am sorry to disappoint you my lord but I am no physic and I cannot see inside his head let alone make him do what I want. I still do not see why you are asking these questions my lord!”
“Nefarian, please refresh this child’s memory” he said cruelly
“Gladly! One week and a half ago you came in and cleaned Lord Vile’s room, while you were cleaning the spear rack it fell and just before it hit you Vile jumped in its way and stopped you from getting hurt. And three nights ago someone tried to rob you then Lord Vile appeared next to you and killed the man than gave you back your basket that the man stole.” Said Nefarian Serpine
“You heard about that?” said Adelle. In surprise
“Yes, there was a witness that explained the body to the red hoods. So do you remember?” said Nefarian
“Yes Lord Serpine I remember them.”
“Good, now will you tell us what you did to make Lord Vile act that way?”
“Yes, I will but I don’t know what made him act that way, because I have done nothing to him! Honestly I don’t know why he did them! Lord Serpine I was just as surprised as you when he was protecting me from the spears!”
“That’s it I am done playing games with you girl! Bring her in” said Mevolent immediately after he said it the door opened and two red hoods dragged in a middle aged woman. Adelle spun around to see who was being dragged in.  
“Adelle” the woman said as she looked up, other than being dragged in she looked OK
“Mum w-what are you doing in hear?”
“Nothing much” she responded
“Now tell me -” Mevolent said as he held up a knife to her mother’s throat “What did you do to him”
“N-nothing my lord, I-I did nothing to him”
“Tell me or she dies” he snarled as he pulled back her mother’s hair “I will not ask again”
“NOOO!” she screamed “Not my mum! Please not my mother! Please don’t kill my mother! I didn’t do anything to him my lord I swear; please my mother has nothing to do with this! Please my lord I’m begging you, let her go!”
“That’s it beg, because it is no concern to me, whether or not your mother dies. I tire of this game” he said as he walked over to his throne “What did you do”
“I-I don’t know my Lord I-I don’t know” she sobbed
“That’s it; I gave you more than enough chases to tell me what you did! Kill her mother!”
“NOOOO!” Adelle screamed as she ran for the red hoods growing in height as she did “Stay away from her!” she shouted and smacked the red hood that was now only reached her waist, he went flying across the room. The other red hood backed away from her mother and joined the other red hood that where attacking her.
“RUN!” Adelle shouted to her mother “RUN, GET AWAY FROM HERE!” her mother turned out the door and ran, just as Lord Vile had come to see what all the commotion was about.
“Don’t just stand there get her mother” Mevolent shouted angrily. Then Lord Vile shadow walked after her.
She had grown in height, so the red hoods now only came up to her middle of her thigh. The red hoods attacked from all sides with their scythes out, she punched some and they went down. She shrunk really fast and all the scythes missed her by inches. She was so small that she could hide in the folds of her maid dress that was way too big to her, she as the size of a finger now. Luckily she has a dress that could fit her when she grew or shrunk and that’s what she was wearing. A red hood picked up her brown maid dress; she jumped for cover behind a foot, then stood up and kicked it hard. The owner shouted and started hoping on one leg, she ran over to the other one and kicked it, he jumped and lander on another red hood. She used the confusion to grow back to a large size again. The red hood reached mid-thigh again. She swung her hand and knocked a number of red hoods off their feet. A red hoods scythe struck her calf.
Adelle screamed and as she did she swung her hand around and smacked the red hood down. She kicked the remaining red hood and he slid across the room.
“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH” Adelle’s mother screamed from somewhere in the distance then was suddenly cut off.
“MUM” Adelle screamed back sprinting for the door, then a mist of purple tentacles wrapped around her arms and pulled her back
“NO, LET ME GO! LET ME GO!” She screamed as she struggled, trying to break free of the mist. An invisible wall slammed into her from above pining her to the floor. She tried to shrinking to wriggle out but the wall continued to press her to the floor. Mevolent sighed
“If you want something done right you’ve got to do it yourself! Isn’t that right Nefarain.”
“Apparently so Mevolent” said Nefarain as he cuffed Adelle’s wrists using binding hand cuffs. Adelle gasped as she felt her magic being bound and she instantly shrunk to regular size.


Lord Vile shadow walked after Adelle’s mum, she wasn’t that difficult to find considering she was using the most direct way out of the castle. When he found her he shadow walked in front of her.
“AH” she yelped as she jumped way. Her eyes widened when she realised who it was. He often enjoyed that he liked the looks of fear that people gave him, it amused him.  
“Please help my daughter” she whispered “They’re going to hurt her, please. They’re convinced that she did something to you, but she didn’t I know she didn’t! And … and I know you care. I’ve seen you watching her from across the road.”
Lord Vile cocked his head, and then took a step forward, she stepped back. There where red hoods coming he could feel their presence, they were coming steadily closer. He stepped closer and grabbed her shoulder gently. She tried to pull away but his grip was strong but not painful. Lord Vile lent his head closer
“Scream” he whispered. She looked at him surprised and confused. He felt the Red hoods getting closer.
He turned a shadow sharp and stuck it in her stomach. Her scream was cut off. The red hoods saw this. Then before they could get closer he shadow walked.


They arrive at Adelle’s house. It wasn’t hurting, was she in heaven? Adelle’s mum looked down at the shadow pressing agents her stomach, it wasn’t cutting into her, she looked as saw a thin stream of shadows around her side, she looked at her back where they extended out and resumed the look of a spike. An illusion! The red hoods only saw the two parts that looked like a spike they didn’t see the thin stream around her side. They must have thought Lord Vile killed her! She looked around her house; they were in the living/dining/kitchen, the main room of the house. The room was large but that was because it was three in one. To the left is the kitchen, the green paint is peeling off the wooden cupboard, and of the wood on the island bench. In the center of the room there is a green sofa and matching arm chairs surrounding a carpet that is in front of a fire place. On either side of the fire place there are halls that lead to the bed rooms. The one of the left side leads to the parent’s bedrooms, the one on the right leads to the kid’s bedrooms. On the right side of the room there is a dining table with six chairs.
On the carpet in fount of the fire place where Adelle’s ten year old twin brothers Will and Ben, they were staring at Lord Vile and her. Why not? It’s not every day that one if the three Generals … now only two, is in your house looking like he is trying to kill your mother. Lord Vile must have seen them to because the shadows retracted.
“Hide or they will find you” Lord Vile whispered. Adelle’s mum nodded.
“Boy’s you’re going to pretend that you didn’t see us, OK! You mustn’t tell anyone not even dad or Adelle, OK. Do you understand?” Adelle’s mother said. The Twins nodded, there blond hair flopping around. Then they turned and continued putting the puzzle together, like Lord Vile and Adelle’s mother where never there.
“I’ll go to Mr Thomson’s place I’ll be able to hide there, but before I go I’ll get some clothes then leave” Said Adelle’s mum as she went into the hall that led to her bed room. Lord Vile nodded and shadow walked a few blocks away.
It could have been pure luck but walking along the street was a woman in a brown maid’s dress that looked very similar to Adelle’s mother. Lord Vile went to get a closer look. The woman was the right height and build. Even her hair looked the same, just a darker shade of blond. The face however was quite different, but that could be dealt with.