Saturday, 29 June 2013


This is a drawing of Mistical I did on the computer.

Yeah the hair looks a little odd ... I might try to fix it up if I can ... and if I remember ...

Friday, 28 June 2013

The Haunted Warrior

1560 ACE

Ally appeared between two brick houses, she smelt a familiar stench. Ally peered out between the houses and looked around the wide medieval street. She looked at the castle wall and froze.
“Not here! Oh God please not here!” Ally whispered. She glanced around the street and spotted as stall that sold cloaks and bags. Ally quickly jogged over to the stall and bought a cloak and a bag. The stall owner gave her a weird look because she was wearing jeans and a red t-shirt, not something that medieval woman wore. She put the cloak on and shoved her orange back-pack in the bag she just bought. Ally was heading straight out of the city; she didn’t want to be here any longer.
“Excuse me” called out a guard behind. Ally just kept walking, “Excuse me, you, woman in the blue cloak!” Ally checked her cloak and cursed, it was blue. Ally turned around and put on her sweetest smile, which went well with her sapphire blue eyes.
“Yes sir” said Ally in the most innocent voice she could do
“I’m sorry ma’am but I must check your bag” said the guard
“What? Why?” she asked with and edge to her voice
“It’s the law every bag that passes in or out of the city must be checked” replied the guard
“Why?” Ally asked again, “I haven’t done anything wrong”
“No I don’t believe you have, but we are looking for the Haunted Warrior and it enables us to find people who have stolen items” replied the guard looking bored
“I thought the Haunted Warrior was a guy?” lied Ally
“Yes most people think so but some say that the Haunted Warrior is a she. And Queen Elian won’t take any chances in getting it wrong.” said the guard, Ally reluctantly handed over her bag because she knew there was little point in arguing. She looked around while the guard rummaged through her bag. ‘This is a whole new city, but there is that banner and they are looking for the Haunted Warrior’ thought Ally ‘this all prove that this is a Cuntan city’. Ally stared at the purple banner a little longer till the guard pulled out her skin tight body suit. ‘Not good’ she thought but it only got worse; some more guards came over and helped with the search. They pulled out her knee length dark grey coat, Ally was so tempted to grab her stuff and run. The guard where watching her closely and more guards came over; there were seven all together now. The first guard pulled out her black mask, the top of the mask was gone so her hair could come out the top and there were silver lenses where her eyes were supposed to go.
“This looks similar to the Haunted Warriors outfit” said a guard
“Yes but the sword’s missing” said another guard, a split second later he lunged for Ally’s belt. Ally dogged and smack him in the face. The guard jumped back looking astonished. 
“You just hit a guard!” he exclaimed
“And you just jumped at a woman” said Ally with an icy tone. Another guard tried to grab her belt but Ally spun and kicked him in the jaw, He howled in pain.
“Thank you gentle men for your time but now I must leave, so I bid you good bye!” said Ally as she snatched her belongings and ran.
“EVERONE AFTER HER SHE’S THE HAUNTED WARRIOR!” yelled one of the guards, all the guard the heard that came running to stop Ally. Ally had shoved all of her stuff in her bag and was making her way through a small crowd of people. Two guards jumped put in front of her, she jumped and kicked them both while she was in mid-air than landed and kept running. There was a large crowd of people ahead, ‘Excellent, time for me to disappear’ thought Ally.
“TWENTY GOLD COINS FOR EVERYONE THAT STOPS THE WOMAN!” shouted a guard ‘Crap’ though Ally as she tried to go around the crowd of people. People move in the way of her, she tried to shove through them but hands grabbed her and pushed her into the centre of a small circle made by the people. ‘The crowd is too thick I can’t jump over the people’ thought Ally. They were walking towards the castle gates but maintained the circle that Ally was trapped in. Ally was getting increasingly frustrated as she tried to find a way out. Then she ran at the people and started shoving her way through, but someone grabbed her wrist. Ally spun and was about to punch the person, ‘It’s a boy’ she thought as she saw the boy that couldn’t have been more than fifteen. He flinched but she didn’t punch him. She was pushed back into the centre of the circle. ‘I can’t hurt these people! They’re just trying to provide for the family’. The crowd kept moving Ally closer to the castle gate. ‘Once I go in there it’ll all be over. Dam it I need to find a way out now!’ but Ally saw no way out. Ally walked around in the circle like a caged lion. Every guard that entered got kicked of punched till they retreated behind the crowd of people. ‘DAM IT!’ thought Ally, ‘DAM IT! DAM IT! DAM IT!’. Ally pulled out her sword, the blade was retracted into the hilt and cross guard was folded inwards where the blade should have been. Ally willed the sword to unfold and in an instant the cross guard opened up and the blade extended out of the hilt. Everyone took a step back as soon as the realised that it was a sword.
“It’s too late now we’ll get you inside that gate now whether you want to or not. You will be that Haunted Warrior, you will save us all” said a guard. Ally turned to him, where eyes where hard, he looked scared now.
“I’d rather die than become the haunted Warrior again” said Ally her voice dead serious.
“You’re joking” said another guard. Ally turned to him.
“No, no I am not” she said, then Ally plunged her sword into her heart, she was dead in an instant.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Different Reality - Part 4

We walked in the bar and everyone looked at us but Violet ether didn’t notice or didn’t care. She just walked up stairs and so I followed. She walked to the furthest corner of the bar that was lined with a red leather couch that was built into the wall. There was a person sitting there all alone, they had red and grey armour. Grey was the main colour, but the red striped down his helmet and down the bottom of his stomach, it also was on his shoulders and went down to his hands. The red coloured all of his fingers except his pinkie and his thumb. His armour unlike mine looked more high tech rather than medieval. His shoulders where broad and his armour plates where large, he looked like a heavy hitter type judging on my knowledge of games and movies. His helmet had two major pieces, one was the top of the helmet the other was the bottom. The bottom one jutted out starting where the nose was and went back and covered the jaw. The bottom of his eye slits where the top part of the bottom pieces of his helmet and the lenses over his eye holes was black.
“Hello eggplant” He said as we approached
“Eggplant?” I said and raised an eyebrow but then I realised that I was wearing a helmet so I tilted my head.
“Yes, eggplants are purple” he replied
“Right, ok then” I said then I realised that he was talking about Violet. “Oh right” I said after I figured it out.
“So who have you brought me eggplant”
Violet sighed, “Hi to you to Roger and I don’t think she knows her name from here”
Now it was his turn to sigh, “You brought me a newbie? God why can’t you take care of her?”
“Because I have something I need to do, and you know more about this place than I do”
He sighed again, “How did you find her?”
“Uh I am just here you know?” I said
“She must have seen the light on my motorbike then started waving a torch around like an idiot” Violet continued like a wasn’t even there
“Mmhum” he said nodding, “Typical newbie, anything else”
“No nothing other than trying to make bad jokes”
He tilted his head, “Ok not typical” he said.
I put my hands on my hips, “Are you two going to ignore me all night?” I asked, then they both turned and looked at me, I took a step back, “Wow creepy” I said
“Like I said I have business to attend to, so I must be off. Bye now!” said Violet then started to leave
“Bye eggplant!” said Roger and gave her a small wave. When she got to the stairs she turned and did the middle finger at Roger then walked down the stairs.
“Thanks for the gift eggplant!” yelled Roger then turned to me, “She really likes me” he said
“Yeah I totally see that” I said sarcastically
“See it’s really obvious! She just pretends that she doesn’t but she just can’t hide it!” he said then gestured for me to sit. I rolled my eyes and sat down. He’s such an idiot. “Ok let’s get the info into your tiny little mind” he said “We’re in a different reality to the one that you were in before you fell asleep. That world that you were in before you fell asleep is reality, this is an alternate reality that exist along next to the actually reality.” He said
“Kind of like a pocket detention?” I interrupted
“… Well yes that’s a way of putting it, but the fact is that every twenty-four hours this world resets to mimic the real world, with the exception of living organisms that can move. So plants and fungus still exist along with any other organism that can’t move.” He explained
“Oh so that’s why there’s no people or animals!” I said. This explains why there were no people or dogs in my street.
“Yes that is the exact reason” said Roger
“So how are we here then?” I asked
“Because we were all infected with a virus gets onto out computer and transfers to out brain by something that we’ve downloaded or looked at then when we plug headphones in then it transfers to our brain using the headphones.”
“Yes I know that … wait something we’ve downloaded?”
“Yes why”
“What about the person that sent it to you?”
“Then there likely to have the virus in the electronic devise that the sent it to you with and there for have already been to this alternate world”
“Rose!” I exclaimed and stood up “Dam it!”
“What? What about a rose?” he asked as he stood up
“She’s my friend that sent me a picture of a rock climbing duck!”  
“What about a rock climbing duck?”
“That’s the only thing that I downloaded today!”
“Oh right so she must have sent you the virus” he said then sat down “Ok then”
“What why are you sitting down we need to find her!”
“She’s likely already been her before today”
“And if not!”
“Then she’ll be alright till you find her”
“What do you mean?”
“The body that you’re in is an Avatar. If you leave this world when your Avatar is injured then come back your Avatar will be perfectly fine, every injury will be healed” He sighed, “Look sit down and let me finish explaining then if your friend is new here then we’ll go find her, ok”
“Ok” I said then sat down
“If you get hurt in your Avatar then you’ll be perfectly fine in reality and vice versa … unless you’re dead in reality. But if you travel to this world from reality and you have injuries they won’t be healed. It only works with your Avatar. This world’s time is the same as time in reality, so two o’clock there two o’clock here. Got it?”
“Good, while you’re in this reality your body in the actual reality is asleep. So when you go back to reality you won’t necessarily feel physically tired but you are likely to feel mentally tired.”
“What but how does that work? I mean I’ve felt the opposite as in I’m physically tired but mentally hyper … it generally happens when my imagination gets too worked up.”
“Well I’m not sure how the mentally tired thing works, but trust me it just dose and you feel like crap!”
“Uh ok then, thanks for the heads up”
“Any time. Oh this world is a little like an online game because you’ll fight people and people will fight you. Pain in this world in exactly like in reality, it hurts just as much. So I recommend knowing some fighting skills or martial arts if you don’t. Do you know any?”
“Uh no … but my dad has taught me a bit of boxing”
“Ok well that’s a start. Do you know how to hold your hands?”
“Yes, that’s the first thing he taught me” I said and showed him how I held my fist.
“Ok well you do know something. Have you ever fought someone?”
“Uh I play fight with my siblings and my dad”
Roger hesitated “That’s not really going to help but it’s better than nothing I suppose. But I do recommend taking up something to do with defending yourself in reality, trust me it will really help! And that’s all I really have to say. Any questions?”
“Uh yeah how do I get back to the actual reality?”
“Oh right I forgot to tell you that. In a fight you can’t go back to reality because you’re fighting someone, but when you’re not you can go back any time you want. Travelling here is the same as travelling back. You need to concentrate and image your body and where you left it. But for this reality you just need to imagine your Avatar. You will always appear in your Avatar where you leave your body.”
“Uh ok I’ll try that”
“Wait but don’t you want to find your friend?”
“Oh right I’ll do that first” I said as I stood up and left, “Thanks for he help!”
“Hold on I’m coming with you, at least for a little” he said as he stood to follow me
“Ok then” I said

I have to ask, Has anyone else ever been mentally hyper but physically tired? Please tell me that it's not just me ...
This thing's really fun to wright! I hope you still liked this one even though it was the all important explanation ... and I hope you actually understand what I'm going on about!

Friday, 7 June 2013

A Different Reality - Part 3

Soon we were on the highway to the city and I was pretty sure that she was speeding, but there were no other cars on the road and none of the traffic light where working.
“So what exactly is going on?!” I yelled struggling to make my voice heard over the wind.
“Your mind has travelled to a different reality where you have a new body to the one you have in the actually reality” Violet yelled back
“I understand what you’re saying but it doesn’t make sense, how can we be in a different reality, how can just our minds travel to this reality!” I asked
“Look not even I know the specifics! The guy that I’m taking you to knows way more than I do!” Violet shouted back
“So why am I in armour and why do people want to kill me?!” I yelled
“Most people want to kill others here and as for the armour that’s to protect you and lessen the damage. Mind you it doesn’t help because everyone wears armour here and there attacks are designed to hurt someone even with armour on!” She answered
“I still don’t get it!”
“Of course you don’t that’s why we’re going to Roger Valiant”
“Who’s he?”
“The guy I’m taking you to”
“… ok then” I said, “Why am I here … in this different reality?”
“You would of gotten a virus on an electronic device that transferred itself to you”
“What! Is that even possible?”
“Apparently it is”
“How could that happen?”
“You ether get sent a file with it on or you can get it off the internet. Ether you upload one off the internet, click on a picture on Facebook or something with it on and it’ll jump onto any electronic device with a place to plug headphones into”
“Why headphones?”
“Because it can then transfer itself to the wearers brain”
“You would have had and electronic devise with you before you came here. Before you blacked out the screen would have gone white and there would have been a high pitch sound in the headphones. Am I right?”
My thoughts went back to what my computer did before I remember waking up, “Wow uh yeah your right” I said
“Of course I am, it’s happened so to all of us here”
We were in the city now; we drove into Queen Street, the main street in the city. It was also a road that wasn’t for driving but for people to walk on. There where lights on in this street, only in the food shops and some others, but the shops that had lights on where busy. They were filled with people in armour or people that looked like robots, either way there was no visual skin. Everything was covered in metal plates, helmets or some sort of coloured material. The material looked a lot like mine, but mine just looked a little different, like the way the light shone on it, it looked a different texture or something.
“Ok off we get” said Violet, I hoped of the bike and so did she; she’s stopped in front of a bike rack.
“You’re just going to leave it here?” I asked
“Yep, but for safety” she said as she pulled out a bike lock and slipped it between the front wheel and through the bike rack.
“Uh is that really necessary?” I asked and raised an eyebrow, and then realised it was useless since I was wearing a helmet
“No but you never know someone could hot wire it” she replied then stood up
“Riiight” I said obviously not convinced
“Follow me” she said. I followed her and then I saw myself in one of the a shop window. My helmet which I hadn’t had a good look at had one large eye whole which started a few centimetres above my ears then went over my eyes. At the top of my ears the eye whole was the thinnest then it thickened the closer it got to my eyes. The eye whole was covered in blue tinted glass, I couldn’t see through it and I imagined no one else could. Other than the eye whole my helmet was really similar to the Berserker in the Fate/Zero Japanese anime. There was the main part which my eye whole was in then there was two other pieces of metal that layered under the main bit, this went two centimetres under my chin and went most of the way around my head. At the back there was two pieces of metal that looked like they could be moved up to allow the head to slip out these where attached to a flat circle where my ear was, this I assumed enabled it them to move. My helmet didn’t look fancy but it looked a little creepy maybe even a bit sinister.
“Hey keep up!” Violet called back, once I caught up to her she spoke again, “Stop looking at yourself, it says newbie all over. Act like you know what you’re doing”
“But I don’t know what I’m doing other than following you”
“Then act like you know the place”
“I do, maybe not that well but I know the city okish. Me and my dad often come for bike rides here”
Violet sighed, “You are a handful”
“No actually” I said smirking “You’re going to need two hands to pick me up”
Violet glared at me, “Shut up or don’t you want my help”
“Ok, ok” I  put my hands up in surrender, “I was just being a smart ass”
“Oh yes you were” said Violet, if she wasn’t wearing the helmet I swear she would of raised an eyebrow.
“I was just trying to be funny, unfortunately not all my jokes are good ones … for that matter most of them aren’t.”
“Well that one didn’t even come close to a joke”
“Ah je thanks for your support” I said sarcastically
“You’re welcome” she said happily “Were here” Violet said as she stopped in front of a bar “Let’s go find Roger” she said then walked in, and I followed.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Hair! ... no i'm not kidding this i a draawing of hair!

YAY I'm trying to learn how to draw well so I was drawing hair

and this is it

Hope you like it ... sorry if you can't see it that well!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Batman! XD

Look this is my batman so far, it took me about 1/2 an hour to draw this. So maybe another 1/2 hours and it'll be done? but I gota get back to study no so it's not going to be finished for a bit. I looked at a picture because I didn't know how to draw the mask. I hope I actually finish it because most of my drawings, no matter how awesome they look don't end up finished.

and this is him so far

TADA!!!! I think he's looking pretty good!

what do you guys think?