Sunday, 15 September 2013

Skulduggery Drawing!

This is my drawing that I started today. It's of Skulduggery

Sorry that it's to the side! But you get the idea, and my lighting and camera aren't so good. Sorry!

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Death's worker (?) - part 1

This is one of the worst situations that I could be in, running away. Running away from hell, heaven, the land of the dead, the underworld, whatever you want to call it. It makes no difference; I’m running away from death, the Grim Reaper or Shinigami. Basically I’m running away from the god of death. There are so many names for the god of death, way too many if you ask me. Why am I running away from death you ask, well because I was working for her. Yes the god of death is a she. I’m sick of working for her. She took away the one thing that I can’t get back no matter how hard I try, and that’s my life. It’s true I’m not technically dead I just look dead. No I don’t look like a zombie, I look like a skeleton … scratch that I am a skeleton, sometimes at least. Ah hell I have no idea what I have gotten myself into and I don’t even know how to hide from death! Oh god maybe this was a bad idea, maybe I should turn back now … who am I kidding I can’t turn back now I’m almost out of the underworld. I took in a deep breath. Sometimes it’s easier to apologise than to ask permission. And with that I burst into the light of the world of the living.
I squinted and shaded my eyes against the light but I jogged forward. I jogged out of an ally way and onto the street. I stopped there while I let my eyes adjust to the light. After a few seconds I looked around, I was in a city but that was all that I could make out. I took off my backpack and slung it over my right shoulder then adjusted my scythe so that it felt comfortable on my back. No one noticed my scythe, only souls, Valkyries, Soul Collectors and the occasional human with death magic. You generally have to be dead to have death magic but there are the odd humans that will have it. Some souls don’t have death magic but can see these things because there dead. I use to be a Soul Collector, and I would send souls to the world of the dead. Slowly I started to walk around trying to find my bearings and hoping that I knew the city. I kept checking street signs and looking for buildings or an easily identifiable object. I looked at the street sign, Victoria St.
“Haha!” I said as I put up my arms, “Now where is it, yes!” I looked to the Victoria street shops. “And my luck is with me!” I sighed and smiled. I knew this place it was Sydney, my home turf. I looked around. So where to now? I can’t seem my family, they think I’m dead, and it has been six months after all. I sighed, I miss them but I’ll just freak them out if I see them. I can’t see anyone that I previously knew. Dam that bitch stole my whole life from me. I walked through the streets wondering what to do. I felt the presence of a soul and avoided it. If I got to close to a soul then I wouldn’t be able to keep my human for and I’d turn into a skeleton. There were a number of souls in the city but I was avoiding them well. Then I sensed a soul coming towards me. So I changed direction but it was still coming towards me. It was becoming harder and harder to keep my human form. I looked at my hand, it flickered and for an instant it was just bone. I stopped and lent against a shop. It was easier to focuses on keeping myself human if I was standing still. I looked and saw the soul run past, it was a man. The guy looked reasonably fit and was tall. I watched him then I saw something black chasing him. Dam, it’s a ghoul I groaned and ran after them. I let myself become a skeleton, while I’m a skeleton no regular human can see me. Once I became a skeleton my speed instantly picked up because I was a skeleton and I had no muscles, I weighed less and I didn’t get tied. Although that’s only when I’m a skeleton. I drew my scythe and slipped the second strap of my backpack over my shoulder. I was catching up to the ghoul and fast, but something looked wrong. It looked like it was holding back, like it wasn’t going at full speed. If it can go faster than it must be one fast ghoul. Then it sped up, ether it noticed me or it was bored with its food. The soul ran onto the road, he was trying to make it difficult for the ghoul. In all honesty I was a good idea, but it didn’t work. The ghoul had the rear legs of a dog and the torso of a human. The ghoul was the size of a tiger. It easily jumped onto the cars and avoided them. A car came at me and I was forced to jump on top of it. I jumped from car to car then landed on the road just behind the ghoul, I was about to swing my scythe at it when another car came and I was forced to move. Dam, I was so close. The ghoul sped up even more. This ghoul was unusually small but it moved a lot faster than any ghoul I’d ever seen. Which compared to most Soul Collectors wasn’t much. The soul rounded a corner so the ghoul followed. I was just about to go around the corner when a car cut me off, I had to keep going straight to avoid being hit. Bugger, so much for my luck. I ran over to the path and ran into the shaded side of the building. I reappeared running out of the shadow of a different building and was behind the ghoul again. I used a technique called shadow jumping, basically you step into a shadow and reappear stepping out of the closest shadow to where you want to be. This is a technique from death magic and I’m actually very good at it for my age. I’m about average at most of the other death magic techniques though. The ghoul had noticed me and jumped and spun in mid-air, making large dints in the car that it land on. I could finally see its gold mask shining in the light. The mask had a short snout and was twisted into a wolfish grin. The mask is said to represent corruption because of the colour. That made sense because ghouls where ghost or souls (they’re basically the same thing) that in some way became corrupt and started to absorb other ghosts or souls. The souls that they absorbed don’t have to be corrupt, they could be happy souls living out there daily life when they are jumped by a ghoul and absorbed into it. The more souls or ghosts that are absorbed the more powerful the ghoul becomes. At some point after it has absorbed three souls it will begin devouring the souls that it doesn’t want to absorb. This also improves it abilities but for only a few days and to a smaller extent. The ghoul stared at me snapping its jaws. The people who were in the car where freaking out wondering what could have dinted the car that badly. The ghoul jumped down from the car. The people where completely oblivious to the fact that there was a skeleton in a black hoddie and a half human half dog thing in front of them but they stopped because the ghoul jumped on the car. Now there was a traffic jam and the ghoul started circling me. I started circle the ghoul as well. The ghoul leaped and I swung my scythe, the ghoul just managed to dodge and backed away. It was keeping an eye on my scythe, and it seemed very aware that the scythe could hurt it. We started circling eat other again. The ghoul lunged from the left, dodged under my scythe and came for a swipe from the right. I flicked the end of my scythe and cracked it against the ghoul’s mask. The as it backed away dazed I took its head off when I swung down with my scythe. The body dropped and the ghoul turned to dust. The dust then sunk into the ground. All the souls that the ghoul had absorbed and the ghoul itself had gone to the underworld. They would all be reformed to their original forms once they reached the entrance to the underworld.
“Ah that was a close one he all most got me with that right swipe” I said to myself and I held my scythe out next to me.
“Uh thanks” said someone, I turned and saw the soul that was being chased. When I faced him he gave a yelp and jumped back taking a defensive stance. I was assuming it was because I was a skeleton. I had gotten this reaction most of the time someone sees me.
“Hey calm down, you know you’re dead right?” I asked
“Uh y-yeah I know I’m dead” he said
“Ok well you’ve heard of the grim reaper right?” I asked
“Yes” he said
I pulled the hood up from the black hoodie that I was wearing, “I’m kind of like a modern grim reaper” I said, the man relaxed when he saw this, because I looked more like a grim reaper with me hood up.
“So you’ve changed from a cloak to a hoddie?” he asked
“Yea mostly, see there’s a number of us and the more modern people tend to wear hoodies. It helps us blend into the crown better.”
“Uh yeah that makes sense, wait there’s more than one grim reaper?” he asked
“Uh I’m not going to explain everything but yeah, there’s the original and the helpers. A lot of helpers are needed; after all we lose so many people I mean we are talking about death after all. And everyone has to die so need a lot of man power to collect or deliver everyone” I explained
“Yeah uh ok. What’s the pattern on the back of the hoodie?” he asked. He was referring to the image on the back of the hoodie that had two scythes crossed with a skull in front of them.
“That’s so other reapers can identify us, and so we’re not mixed up with regular people”
“Oh ok, cool”
“So you’re a lefty?” I asked
“What? Yeah I am but how did you know?” asked the man looking surprised.
“The chain on your left arm is broken, that’s the chain of life, and it keeps you chained to your body. I can tell because it had a pinkish shade. The chain of life is shackled to everyone’s dominate hand. On your right hand is the chain of regret, it keeps you chained to this world because of something you regret. This one is a greenish shade” I explained. The chain on his left hand was cut about thirty centimetres from the shackle. But the one on his right started to fade at mid-calf and only completely disappeared at his ankle. If a chain faded it meant that I was still connected, oppose to if it was a visible cut then they were no longer connected.
“Wow, that’s cool, I didn’t know that” said the man
“And now you do” I said, “I have to cut the chain of regret so you can got to the underworld” I said moving towards him.
He moved back, “Wait, the underworld? Am I going to hell?” he said sounding panicked
“Oh wait sorry I just call it the underworld because it’s underground. You won’t … actually I can’t say if you’re going to hell or not because I just sent you to where you’re judged. But don’t panic, you have to kill, torture or rape someone to get into hell” the guy relaxed again, “Or if you steal, but that’s to a certain degree as in if it was valuable and or did it greatly affect someone’s life in a negative way. And if you do go to hell you don’t go there forever” I shrugged “So are you ready to go now?” I asked
“Um yeah I guess so” he said.
“Ok after I cut this you’re going to sink into the ground, you’ll sink for about twenty seconds then you’ll arrive at the gate to the underworld. There they’ll judge you and send you to either heaven or hell depending on the actions that you did during when you were alive”
“Ok, let’s do this” he said, and then he held out his right arm. I grabbed part of the chain the swung my scythe, it cut through it like a hot knife through butter.
“Bye, have a good afterlife” I said and I gave a small wave as the man sank down into the ground.

Um I'm not sure about the title for this one. If anyone has any suggestions for a better title I'm willing to listen.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Tanith Low

Um yes this is a picture that I did of Tanith. I entered it in the competition involving something Tanith inspired. As you may have guesses I didn't win. Although I don't care because I'm VERY happy with how well it turned out. ... although I based the face on a picture that I got of the internet, and the end result looks nothing like the image that I got off the internet. This shows that I can improve.

It was difficult to draw blond wavy hair so this is the best that I could do considering that every pencil mark makes the hair look darker.