Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Rajani guerrero - Part 1

It was raining. It hadn’t been raining earlier today but now, it was if even the world itself was weeping. It only started raining when they brought out the coffins. It made the ground wet and muddy. The muddy earth seemed to slowly suck up the coffins, welcoming them into the cold wet ground. The cold rain was eating away at us on the outside, while the raw lonely sadness was eating us away on the inside. Today was depressing to say the least. This was the worst part of the job, seeing your friends to the grave. Is this what we all will become? The earth? The dead? Do we all turn to dirt or dust only to walk the future generations to the grave? Why must us warriors see our friends and comrades die and for what? More grave stones, more names carved on the wall of ‘honour’. I stood there in the rain as the crowd of people slowly thinned. I was the last one there and I was drenched to the bone. I stood in front of the two new headstones. Two of my best friends were now underneath that fresh wet dirt.
“Well at least you died together. I mean it’s what you two would have wanted” tears once again swelled up in my eyes as the eking pain in my chest swelled, I choked, “You two love birds where barely ever apart, now what’s your kid going to say when I tell him that you’re not coming back from a mission” tears streamed down my face, “You selfish, selfish people, how come I’m the one who has to tell him? I don’t want to see the little guy sad” I took in a shaky breath, “But what can you do? You two can’t do much lying here. Whereas I can tell him of all the-the w-wonderful times that we had. A-and all of the adventures that we went on” it was getting hard to talk, my throat was choking me, “And I-I’ll even tell him of all of our cheeky adventures that we went on when we were kids. And how the three of us where always getting into trouble” I smiled and gave a small laugh, “And don’t’ worry I’ll wait till he’s a bit older to tell him the ones where you two snuck off to make out and worse” my smile dropped, “And don’t worry I’ll look after him, even if he goes to live with one of his aunts I’ll still keep an eye out for him. I know that you two would want me to” I hesitated for a moment, “I should get going now, cause I’m a tad wet and I need to tell Kirrito that you two aren’t coming back. So bye, I’ll visit you two tomorrow if I have time” I turned and walked away, “Bye Sue, bye Riko” I said as I waved to the new headstones over my shoulder. 


I rummaged around in my pocket for the keys to my friend’s house.
“Ah bugger as where is it” I said, “Aha! Found you!” I said as I pulled out the keys. Tonight I’d be staying at my friend’s house. I had to mind Kirrito, their six year old kid. I opened the door and stepped inside. I removed my shoes, placed down my bag and hung up my long black coat, it was dripping wet as I hung it up. I only realized how cold I was when I closed the door and felt the heat of the house. I heard a door open and the sound of small feet running around.
“MUMMY! DADDY! YOUR HOME!” said a small boy as he rushed down the stairs. He stopped at the bottom when he realized that I wasn’t his mother or his father. “Oh hi Aunty Abby” said the boy sounding disappointed. I wasn’t really his Aunty he just called me that because he knew me so well.
“Hi ya Kirrito, I’m sorry but your mummy and daddy aren’t coming home” I said walking over and bending down in front of him.
“But I want to sleep with mummy and daddy” said Kirrito
“Trust me kiddo you don’t’ want to sleep where your mummy and daddy are sleeping. Once you sleeping there you never get to see the sunlight again” I said
“Oh, really? Then why did mummy and daddy go and sleep there?” asked Kirrito
“They, they didn’t really have a choice. Look I’ll explain it to you tomorrow but I’m tired and wet so I’m going to have a shower and something small to eat then I’m going to bed” I said
“Oh, ok Aunty Abby”
“Hey isn’t it your bedtime to?” I asked playfully
“Yeah” said Kirrito looking guilty, “But when mummy and daddy come home from a mission I always come and greet them” said Kirrito looking at me with his lime green eyes. I smiled
“Well I guess that’s a good enough reason, but you have to go to bed now, your mummy and daddy aren’t coming home”
“But why?”
I put my hand on Kirrito’s head, flattening his fluffy back hair. “I’ll tell you tomorrow now go get some sleep ok”
“Ok” said Kirrito and walked back up the stairs, his fluffy black hair bobbing up and down.
I smiled, “So cute. It’s a shame that he had to lose them” I grabbed my bag of clothes and walked into the kitchen. The lights where already on.
“So Miss Rajani what happened” said a mocking voice coming from a woman with black hair and blue eyes.
“Hi Katherine” I said wearily while looking for something small in the fridge. I wasn’t feeling hungry but I knew that I should eat something small at least, “And it was a funeral what do you think happened”
“Not that I mean how did it happen to them?” asked Katherine, the mocking in her voice had faded.
“How should I know, I wasn’t on the mission with them” I said
Katherine grunted, “But they would have told you” said Katherine, the mocking had once again appeared in her voice
“They died in battle, that’s what they told me”
“Oh stop pulling my leg, you know more than that. Who killed them?”
“People from the land of earth” I responded and pulled out a yogurt. The yogurt was the smallest nutritious thing in the fridge.
“That rotten scum, how dare they kill my sister!” said Katherine a little too loudly
“Shhh” I said quickly in a harsh whisper, “Kirrito doesn’t know yet” Katherine is Kirrito’s Aunty and Sue’s sister. She was babysitting him since everyone thought that he was too young to attend the funeral.
“You haven’t told him?!” asked Katherine mimicking the hash whisper
“No! Not now, it would be horrid of me to tell him now. He wouldn’t be able to sleep. I’m going to tell him tomorrow and show him the graves; otherwise he might not believe me otherwise”
“He’s just going to hate you for not telling him sooner”
“I don’t care! I’m not telling him now”
“Fine whatever, you know how to deal with this stuff best after all you’ve already lost your brother to this kind of thing”
I didn’t comment on that I just found a spoon and ate my yogurt.
“Your dripping wet” said Katherine after a few moments of silence
“No shit Sherlock, did you just figure that out?” I asked
“No but shouldn’t you get dry?”
“As if you care” I scoffed, “And I’m going to have a shower after this” I said as I held up the yogurt.
“Whatever. Why are you so wet anyway?”
“Because it was raining at the funeral dimwit”
“Woh ok no need to get so up me”
“Well I’m sorry but I just went to my two best friend’s funerals, so I’m sorry if I’m in a negative mood” I said with and edge in my voice
“You know you’re not the only one who lost someone, that was my sister that was buried there too you know” said Katherine standing up with her hands flat on the table
“Yeah whatever, but you didn’t care much for Riko”
“Yes sure, I don’t care much for you or Riko but you two still took care of my sister so I couldn’t hate him. But I lost my sister!”
I glared at her, my eyes bored into hers, trying to show her all my pain and anger what was welled up inside me. “They were like siblings to me!” I growled standing up “You lost one person today I lost two!” Katherine backed away a bit
“You know I hope Kirrito is coming to live with me and my family because if he lives with you he’ll become a monster like you. And you’ll destroy his life; he’ll become a loner or die young. That’s what people with your profession become, monsters”
“Well if that’s the case then I’m sorry for protecting your family and keeping this town safe. After all that is part of my profession as well and it was also as Sue’s and Riko’s”
Katherine grunted, “You know what I mean”
“No, no I don’t, now bugger off I’m looking after Kirrito till it is stated otherwise. So get out of the house”
“You can’t make me leave!”
“Do you want to test that theory?” I said pulling out a knife from my belt
“This is my sister house you can’t kick me out!”
“No, now it’s Kirrito’s house and I’m looking after him, so sayonara” I said waving her out of the kitchen.
“What but-” started Katherine then red faced she gathered up her belongings and stormed into the hall, “You know I could get you arrested for pointing that knife at me”
“No you couldn’t, I’m legally allowed to carry around this weapon and point it at whomever I chose as long as I have a reason, which I do”
“What that’s not right!”
“Look it up, you’ll find that I’m right. Oh by the way when I was little my mother told me that sayonara mean bugger off” Katherine looked at me astonished
“No wonder you turned out as such a rotten child, you mother was a horrid teacher!”
“My mother is a fine teacher, go to the academy and see for yourself” I said, my mother worked at the academy for people that want to become part of the military, “Sayonara” I said as I pushed her out the door, it took her a few seconds to realise that by saying sayonara I meant bugger off. “Took you long enough” I said when I saw the expression that she made, and then I shut the door in her face and locked it. I sighed, “That woman is a nightmare” I said entering the kitchen then throwing out my empty yogurt cup, “Riko, I’ll never know how you ever managed to deal with her on a regular basis”

You understand the title in the second part. I hoped that you liked it, I based it on the anime Naruto. So if you kinda like it I recommend looking up Naruto.

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