Saturday, 3 August 2013

From Pleasant to Vile SP Fan Fiction - Part 1

Warning if you HAVEN'T read Death Bringer then I'm begging you do NOT read this!!!!

This is set before the SP series during the war.

Skulduggery quietly got up and left the sleeping dead men. Dexter Vex was on watch but he was at the top of the hill, he didn’t notice Skulduggery slip away. Skulduggery left a note on one of the horses, it said

Leave me be
- SP

Skulduggery untied a different horse, hoped on it and galloped away. He had had enough; all of his friends could see his dark aura that he had had since he came back. It had gotten worse as time had gone on, his wife and child where long dead. Skulduggery was alive but barely, if you can call being a skeleton alive. He was leaving so he wouldn’t be a burden to his friends anymore. He didn’t know where he was going he just let the horse take him somewhere. When it got dark he stopped to let the horse rest. When it was light again he got back on the horse and continued to ride. After a few days Skulduggery realised where he was going, it was a town closest to his parents’ house. He changed his direction, Skulduggery decided to go to his parents’ house; he hadn’t been there in years.  When Skulduggery stopped outside the large white two story house it was late afternoon. He tied the horse up on the fence and let it munch on the grass. Skulduggery was surprised, the house looked well kept, the white wood looked clean, the lawn had been kept short and the flower beds outside the front wall looked lively. Skulduggery walked up to the front door and looked around for the spare key; it was where it always was hidden in the right flower bed. Skulduggery brushed off the key and unlocked the door. Skulduggery walked inside, the house smelt musty and a thin layer of dust covered everything but aside from that everything was as Skulduggery remembered. Skulduggery walked down the hall of the abandoned house and stopped at the living room. The room was large to accommodate everyone in the family. The furniture was extravagant yet practical and there were grand book shelves on the wall to the left. Skulduggery looked at the portrait of his parents above the fire place. His dad had blond hair, blue eyes, a strong jaw line and was lightly tanned. His mother had brown hair, green eyes, high cheek bones and was pail. The fireplace was beautifully carved out of marble and in the centre was there family crest. It was black and yellow with a dragon in the centre. Skulduggery sighed and turned away. When he died and was burned, all the evidence of him being related to his parents was erased except for his mother’s high cheek bones and his father’s height. Skulduggery walked slowly around the house and memories of his dead family drifted back to him. His parents and siblings had ether died before he did or died just after. He was the only member of his family left, the only one that could carry on the crest, but he didn’t want to do that, he didn’t want to carry it on alone. Skulduggery found himself at his father’s office, the door was closed, Skulduggery put his hand on the doorknob and slowly opened it. In front of him was a window, and the warm twilight light come into the room. To the left there was a desk, a large comfy leather desk chair and bookshelves. Medieval weapons and shields lined the walls, including a shield with Skulduggery’s family crest on it. To the right there were two sets of armour. Skulduggery and his siblings had always wanted to try them on when they were younger but there father always said no. Skulduggery took of his hat and placed it on the desk then removed the helmet of the armour that he had always wanted to try on. Skulduggery and his brother agreed that if they were ever to try on the armour Skulduggery would get the one closest to the window. Skulduggery undid the clasps and put the helmet on then did the clasps up. It was strange to be wearing a helmet, Skulduggery’s vision was restricted by the eye hole. Skulduggery closed the door and looked at himself in the mirror. He’s dad said that he had a mirror there to reflect on what he had done and whether he had put enough effort into his work, but everyone figured that it was so he could fix himself up so he wouldn’t look so tired out by his work. Skulduggery thought that the helmet looked good, it looked a bit plain but it had something that stirred up a bit of fear. With the light behind him he couldn’t see into the eye hole from the mirror but he could see out. Skulduggery tilted his head, he liked this helmet, he was happy that he and his brother both liked different suits of armour, his brother never did have the same stile as him and for that Skulduggery was great full. Skulduggery took off the helmet and put it back. Then he got his hat and put it on then checked it in the mirror,
“Perfect” he said then left the room. Skulduggery wondered upstairs and looked in all the bedrooms. All the beds were made and everything was neat. Skulduggery walked into his room, it was exactly as he had left it, everything was in its place and the bed was nicely made. To the left was his bed and a bookshelf with all of the books that he read as a kid. To his right was a desk, chair and draws with his clothes in. Skulduggery walked over to his bookshelf and ran his hand along the spines of the books but stopped when he came to his favourite childhood book. He pulled it out and opened the book to the first page, then he read the first chapter, it was as good as he remembered. Skulduggery put the book back on the shelf and circled the room one last time then left the room.

Skulduggery walked outside to the backyard, there were white metal chairs and a table, and they were well kept. Must be the grounds keeper though Skulduggery as he stood on the paved veranda. Skulduggery walked towards the orchard with apple trees. He looked at the fifth tree down to the right then walked over to it. He looked at the initials on the tree, there were the initials of his sibling’s given names and the initials of their taken names that where just above their given names. He looked at his parents initials where next to each other and had a heart carved around them. Then Skulduggery looked to his own, next to his initials where and the initials of his wife, they also had a heart carved around them. He remembered when they came out here and she carved her initial into the tree then he carved the heart. God I miss her so much thought Skulduggery and put his hand onto the carving then lent his head onto the tree. If Skulduggery could cry then he would have. He stayed there for a few minutes not wanting to ever leave the memories of his family, but slowly he stood up and forced himself on, his hand was the last thing to leave the tree as he walked reluctantly away down the rest of the orchard.

 I'm anticipating for this FF to be short, really short like 5 chapters TOPS.