Thursday, 16 October 2014

New to the Empire - Part 1

OK. So I haven't posted any storied on here for a while so since I just finished a chapter of a new story I thought that I'd share it with you! So TADA! And hello to all the people that actually read this stuff! I thank you!
Now here's the story:

Slowly and quietly I prowled through the frosty woods. The wind was howling and nipping at my already cold body. I huffed and puffed as I picked up my pace, eager to get out of the wind. I tried to stay low and out of sight. I was getting close to my current home and I couldn’t afford to be spotted this close to it.
Snap, went a twig, I spun around to find the source of the sound. Standing in a small clearing was a girl around mid-teens. Her blond hair was in pigtails and her eyes were on me. Silently I swore, how could I have been so careless? Why was I not looking out for people. I growled and slowly stalked towards the girl, her eyes grew wide with fear and she started backing away. I leaped at her, aiming for the neck. She stepped back and suddenly disappeared. I landed in the snow and spun around to find the girl laying on her back. She had tripped over a log. I was about to attack again when I saw the bangle on her wrist. Just her luck, the bangle was dark blue and red. I snorted and sat down on the frosty ground. The girl was startled by my snort and scrambled over the log, as if that log would stop me from harming her. There was a number of long seconds where neither of us moved, we just sat on the frost ground staring at each other.
Finally she worked up the courage to ask “W-what the hell are you?”
I grunted and jerked my head up. I wanted to say ‘Well I’m not really human’ But I was afraid that if I spoke then she would turn tails and run. In all honesty she had a good reason for asking what I was, I didn’t look like any one animal that I had seen photos. I looked like a bear sized werewolf with horns sticking out of my fore head. My shaggy brown fur kept out most of the cold but it didn’t have a huge defence against the wind. My eyes where green, the only things apart from the colour of my fur that allowed me to resemble my human form.
When it was clear that the girl wasn’t going to get much more of an answer she asked a new question, “What, what do you want with me?”
That question I couldn’t really answer without speaking either but I tried to mime it to her. I lifted up my hands, which did actually look like a hands just with claw instead of nails. And I pointed to my right wrist. The girl frowned. I sighed and tilted my head to the side. Take two; I pointed to myself then to my right wrist, but this time I parted the fur to reveal a bangle like her own. Then I pointed to her and held up my wrist. This is the message that I was trying to give her, ‘My wrist, bangle. Your wrist, bangle?’
The message seemed to get through to her or at least the part where she was to checked her wist for a bangle. She looked at her bangle, then back at mine.
“Our bangles are the same” she said. Sweet relief! My crap miming was getting somewhere. The only problem was explaining where she was, how she got here and what having the same bangles means … crap in other words that meant that it just left everything to explain to her. And just to my luck, “What does it mean if we have the same bangles? Also do you know where I am or how I got here?” All I could do was face palm, which was a bit of difficult task when avoiding a snout and horns. The good thing was that the girl seemed less afraid of me so that meant that I could give talking a try. The bad thing was that she was not dressed for the snow and it was getting late. So I took the gamble and hoped that the girl wouldn’t run away and get herself killed.
“The bangles mean we’re on the same team” I said. The girl gasped and crawled backwards.
“Y-you can talk?” she asked while pointing a finger at me accusingly.
I rolled my eyes, “Yes, yes I can” I replied
“You can speak English?” asked the girl, dumbstruck by the fact that I could talk.
I sighed “Dose it sound like I’m speaking French?” I asked, “Actually don’t answer that because this place has an automatic translator, so any human language can be translated instantaneously.”
“What, so you’re not speaking dog or monster language?”
I stared at her and tried to portray an annoyed expression, “If I was speaking any other language other than a human language it would most likely be wolf, since I resemble that the most.” I said, “Ok, now let me make this very clear, I’m not a dog. So don’t go calling me a bitch ether”
“Uh …”
“I’m female” I said as I sat up to show my chest.
“Oh right” she said glancing at my chest then quickly looking away with her cheeks burning red.  I tilted my head, I hadn’t giver her much to look at. I was entirely covered in fur, it looked like I was just wearing a tight fur jacket. I huffed and stood up.
“Come on follow me, I know a place that’s out of the wind” We both walked towards my shelter. The girl was slow and her teeth where chattering but after a minute she began to talk.
“S-so how can you sp-peak English?” chattered the girl
“Well believe it or not I’m human” I said and turned around just in time to see the girl raise a sceptical eyebrow.
“You don’t look that human”
“Yeah well if I had some clothes now I would change and prove it to you” I said, “But I doubt that you’d want to see my naked butt”
“How do you know I don’t” whispered the girl. I stopped in my tracks and turned to look at her. The girl’s eyes widened, “… D-did I say that out loud?” asked the girl who was now turning a brilliant shade of scarlet. I gave a small chuckle then turned my head back to the front to continue walking. We had a few moments of silence which must have been awkward for the girl, so she spoke up,
“So if you are human then how did you become, this creature” half way through the question I picked up a sound and missed the other half of the question. I froze. The girl almost rammed into me because of my sudden stop.
“Um, what’s wrong, did I offend you?” she asked. I just shushed her and put my hand to my muzzle indicating for her to be quiet. I crouched down and slowly stalked towards the sound. The girl began to follow me but I signalled for her to stay. The sound of feet crunching through snow was getting louder. It was coming towards me, and I to it. A person quickly came into view, he was rugged up in warm clothes and he was carrying a crossbow. A soft growl began to rumble in my throat. Slowly I moved behind the man, keeping my steps quiet and in time to the man’s. I was getting ready to pounce when the man turned around and spotted me. He began to move he crossbow but I was faster. I leaped at him knocking the crossbow to the side with my hand and sunk my teeth into his neck. We hit the ground with a thud. I held my jaw in place for a moment longer then I released him.
The body dropped from my jaws and I turned around to see at the girl standing behind a bush. Her eyes where filled with fear and with sadness.
“You killed him. Why did you kill him?” she whispered
“He would have killed us” I said plainly while straitening up.
“No, you could have just knocked him out!” argued the girl as she moved towards me.
“He’s seen us, I couldn’t let him go” I said as I began to dig a hole in the snow.
“I still don’t see why you needed to kill him!”
“This place is a death trap”
“So?!” she said, “You don’t need to make it more deadly than it already is!”
I turned to look at her, “No you don’t understand, in this place its kill or be killed!” I said almost yelled at her.
“You could have let him go!”
“If I did then he would have just come back with his friends, then they would kill us!” I said as I pulled the thick coat off the man and dragging him into the shallow hole.
“Maybe if you weren’t such a monster then they wouldn’t be trying to kill us!!”
I let out a half-hearted laugh, “Yes, yes blame it on the monster! Blame it on me! Look! This monster is what I have become, this is what I have done to try and get out of this hell hole. I am nothing but a heartless monster now, a being of spite and anger.” I said looking at my claw tipped hands. The girl’s eyes softened and she reached out trying to comfort me. I spun on her and growled, I will never let anyone get close to me again. Never will I ever let anyone get close enough to fake a friendship, never ever again will I allow myself to be stabbed in the back by someone that I trust!
The girl stepped backwards and raised her hands, “Wow, hey I wasn’t going to hurt you” said the girl. I growled a second longer as a warning then I let the growl die down. The girl waited a moment to make sure that I had finished growling at her. “Well since you know more about this place than I do how about you tell me the ropes” the girls continued in a calm voice, “The sooner I know them the sooner I can get out of your hair, I mean fur” I stood up to full height on my hind legs, which was about six foot six. Upon seeing my full height the girl nervously swallowed but stood her ground. I studied her for a moment longer then I dropped to all fours.
“Have you read the Hunger Games?” I asked as I finished burring the man.
The girl seemed confused by the question but answered anyway, “Yeah, and I’ve seen all the movies to”
“Well to explain this hell hole simply it is like a giant Hunger Games tournament. Except you don’t fight to escape, or win anything. You fight to live” I explained
“That’s a little depressing. So what there is no way out of this ‘tournament’?” asked the girl
I hesitated, “Well there is two ways out; One is in a body bag and the other is if your broken enough to be bounty hunters or guards for this wretched empire”
“What do you mean broken?”
“I mean that you have to be mentally broken and you have to be insane enough to do anything to get out of this game or your will is to broken to resist the orders that the give you.” I said as I covered up the blood.
“Is that what happened to you? Did they order you to become this, monster?”
The question made me freeze. It, the question, it was a question that I wasn’t expecting so soon. All I could do was sigh, “No, I chose to become this monster. I thought it might help my chances of getting out of here. And my chances of protecting myself.”
“Ok that makes a bit of sense, but how would you improve your chance of getting out? I mean you said yourself that you have to be dead, insane or ‘broken’ to get out”
I gave her the man’s coat and she slipped it on without a word, “Yeah well there was a rumour going around about ten months ago, two months after I was brought here. The rumour was that some of the people watching this tournament liked some of the players and wanted them as their guards. It was said that if you were one of the stronger, faster and one of the more dangerous competitors in the tournament then you stood a chance of getting out of here without being broken or killed. Of course I know now that it was just a rumour” my voice had gone quiet
“I-I’m sorry” said the girl gently.
My anger flared “For what?!” I asked almost snarling at her, “You didn’t do anything” 
“Bu-” the girl began, then she gave a shaky sighed and continued, “No I guess I didn’t, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling sorry for you. You where tricked after all!”
“Stop making excuses for me” I said quietly, “I’ve stopped making excuses for myself. What I did was for selfish reasons only. No more, no less. And any punishment I get is what I deserve” I turned my head and started padding way on all fours.

Finally we reached a small cavern in the side of a cliff, currently known as my home. The girl hesitated at the entrance for a moment then slowly entered. The cave appeared to be empty with small clusters of rocks throughout the space. It was out of the wind and it was dry. I made my way over to a cluster of rocks at the back of the cavern. I then started moving some of them to reveal a mud brown backpack and a navy blue blanket. I tossed the blanket to the girl.
“Thanks” she mumbled. I pulled out the bag and started to rummage through it, I them made a satisfied noise when I found what I was looking for. I turned back to the girl who was now sitting against the cavern wall with the blanket wrapped around her. I strolled over to her, sat down then held out my hand to reveal two mushily bars. She looked at the food then back at me.
“Sorry it’s not a lot. I don’t usually have these. Uh you’re not allergic to anything are you?” I asked
“Only penicillin” she said softly as she accepted the food. “Are you going to have one?”
“No” I said, “I’ve already eaten … It was before you came” she nodded and began to eat.
“What’s your name?” she asked between mouthfuls
“My name?” I asked
“Yeah your name, don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten it that would be to cliché”
“Ha yeah that would, my name is Adeline. What’s yours?”
The girl smiled, “My name is Jane”
“Let me guess your last name is Eyre?” I asked smiling
“What? No!” said Jane giving me a small shove, “I’m not a book character!” Jane’s eyes widened when she realised that she had shoved me, although I paid no attention to her worry but continued to teas her.
“Ok what’s your last name then?” I asked with a grin, which in all honestly probably looked creepy with all of my teeth.
“Thomas, my last name is Thomas. What’s yours?” asked Jane when she realised that I didn’t care about her touching me. I had time to calm down after my outburst of anger and I realised that I needed to get use to her, Jane was probably going to be around for a while.
“My last name is Robertson” I said
“Wow, your name is so, normal
“What where you expecting something like Wizouskie?”
“Uh yes actually, or maybe Sullivan” said Jane ginning
“Oh yes I’m totally a giant pink poke-o-dotted monster with blue fur” I said lifting up my fur
“You know you do actually look like you could be something from Monsters Inc. you just need some green stripes”
“Uh no thanks! Green’s not my colour and besides no one will take me seriously if I have stripes!”
“Fine what about checks?”
“No~” I said holding up my hands, “No, no, no. no! I’m not having my fur dyed”
“Aw” pouted Jane
“No Jane” I said losing my playfulness tone. She immediately stopped making faces. I stood up and wandered back over to the bag.
“What are you doing?” asked Jane
“You’ll see” I said pulling out some clothes and slipping on the sports bra, leggings and old ruined pants. The difficult part was getting my tail into the self-crafted hole in the back of both the pants and leggings. Once I got them on I carefully slipped on a singlet. The leggings and bra where uncomfortable, I hate having them on, they rub against my fur, tugging at it and scratching me. I stood up on two legs then took in a deep breath and let it out. Slowly I began to shrink, my fur and horns started to reseed. Bones cracked, popped and reshaped, slowly making me more and more human. When I was finally human I gave a shaky sigh. It was much easier to change into a beast than changing into a human, changing into a human was slightly painful and a little draining. I grabbed a parker, boot and socks from behind the rocks then relocated myself next to Jane. She stared at me as I pulled the parker over myself and put on my shoes and socks.
“H-how old are you?” she asked
I looked at her, “I’m eighteen”
“You, you’re so small!”
“The word is petite and I’m only slightly smaller than the average height thank you” It’s true I’m not what you would consider ‘large’ by any slandered. I’m rather thin and have what’s considered and ‘athletic build’ the only reason that I’m now actually living up to that build is because I’m actually ‘working out’. That’s if you consider working out to be running around the forest, killing people who see me and hunting for food. Chest wise I have nothing have impressive, in fact if you find one of the small size in your shop that would be about the size of mine.
“Hey your eyes, their green, like before when you were, you know a monster”
“Uh yeah, the colour of my eyes stays the same and the colour of my fur is the same colour as my hair” I said. We were quiet for a few moments. Now that I was sitting next to Jane I could get a better look at her. She was more on the taller side but she wasn’t ridiculously tall. Her soft blond hair was pulled into pigtails and was slightly over shoulder length. Jane had adorable brown eyes that looked like they would never be angry and her fair skin was turning pink from the cold.
“You’re barely wearing anything. Don’t you get cold? Or are you like Jacob in Twilight?” asked Jane
“Ha no! I’m freezing my ass off right now!” I said “I’m only warm in this kind of weather when I have fur”
“So, uh can you do wolf things like track people? You know by smell?”
“When I’m a beast yes. When I’m human, no. I bring none of my abilities from my beast form with me. When I’m human I have no super hearing, sense of smell or abnormal healing abilities. So when I’m human I’m just a regular human.”
“But when you’re a monster-”
“When I’m a monster” I said “I’m not someone you want to mess with” Jane looked almost scared at that remark but her fear quickly turned to curiosity. Eyes bored into me. It was as if she was trying to figure out if I was a monster at heart and soul as well as body. I let her look all she liked. I knew that the monster had clawed its way into every part of me. And it wasn’t coming out any time soon.
“So um … what’s your favourite colour?” asked Jane as she tried to keep the conversation going.
“My favourite colour is light blue or aqua” I replied, “What’s yours?” I asked
“Green, particularly emerald green”
“Ah nice, greens not my favourite colour but I love having trees and plants everywhere. I find that look at a places and say that it’s not green enough or it need more plants. Yeah so not my favourite colour but I love it being everywhere”
“Yeah, green being everywhere just looks right”
“Oh yeah!”
“Say does this place have any oddly coloured trees?”
“You know are there blue trees around here?”
“Uh no. As far as I know this place has a mixture of habitats from Earth. As well as climate, vegetation and wildlife. To the regular eye this place just seems like a collection of habitats and creatures but I’m telling you know it’s not. These habitats are too close together. Realistically biomes or habitats such as these would never be this close to each other.” I said
“What do you mean?” asked Jane
“Oh right I should have given some examples. Uh well about four day’s walk from here there is a Rainforest habitat. This is imposable for any naturally occurring event. This woody forest and the rainforest habitats are too different climate wise for the two to coexist almost side by side.”
“Oh ok then how is it possible?”
“This entire area than we are in is a giant dome and it was crafted by aliens!” I said, finally glad that I could share my hypothesis with someone.
Jane looked at me with disbelief. “Aliens, really? Aliens? … Have you actually seen any of these aliens?” asked Jane sceptically
“Well no” I said sheepishly
“Than that is the lamest idea I have heard. Excluding the fact that you have no evidence to back it up with.”
“Seriously? I can change into a giant wolf with horns.” I said trying to imitate my horns with my fingures, “Are aliens really that farfetched?”
Jane hesitated, “Well ok you have a point there. But you still don’t have any hard evidence to back it up with”
I gave Jane a dull look. “Seriously I’ve seen people shoot lightning from their fingertips. Who has that ability? Really”
“Uh well there’s Electro, um there’s a lot of fire benders, um I don’t know other people”
“Electo’s fictional and so are the fire benders from Avatar.” I said, “Unless people have developed mutant abilities or are able to bend back at home than I doubt that people do that naturally”
“But your abilities-” started Jane
“I told you I chose to be like this, I was literally offered the choice to be a monster. Ok” I said, “Here people can get the opportunity to gain abnormal abilities like shooting electricity or changing shape”
“Ok so there are more people like you?”
“Well not exactly. You see only two people are able to have the same ability” I tried to explain, “You see there is only going to ever be two people who can control electricity and only two people who will be able to change into a werewolf with horns”
“Ok so there could be another person out there who can change into the giant wolf like you can?”
“Yes but they don’t have to exist at the same time. I’ve heard about two people who could shoot lazars from their eyes.  But you see the first one to get the lazars died a couple of years before the second person got lazars.”
“Ok so it’s possible but there might not be” said Jane who was catching on fast.
“Yeah” I said
“Is it possible or me to get and ability?” asked Jane causally
“Well, yes but I don’t know supposedly there is only one in every twenty or so are offered a chance to get an ability, so don’t get your hopes up” I said gently, “Ok?”
“Yeah ok” said Jane sounding a little disappointed.
“Hey don’t be sad. Sometimes getting an ability isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I mean people try to kill you more often because they don’t like people who aren’t on their team to have an advantage”
“Well if I get a super power then it’s too bad for them!” said Jane enthusiastically, “I’m not going to just let them kill me. They can try all they want but when I get a super power it’s going to be amazing!” Jane threw her hands up in the air, grinning wildly as she did so.
I couldn’t help but smile, Jane was to enthusiastic and happy it was hard not to feel her joy. “Yeah, yeah miss almighty, you might want to go to sleep we’re going to need to get some supplies tomorrow”
“Ok” said Jane, “Can I lie on your lap? You know if you don’t mind”
I hesitated, “Uh sure, if it helps you to sleep” I said as I stretched out my legs.
Jane shrugged then lay her head on my lap and curled up into a ball, “Thanks” she said then her breath slowly deepened and she fell asleep. I couldn’t sleep, my mind was whirling with the events of today. How did I end up getting a new team mate? Why me? Are they trying to give me a friend or are they trying to break my heart again? I let out a deep sigh. It seemed that I was already opening up to Jane. But I was still reluctant to trust her. After what happen to my team last time, I didn’t know if I could handle being betrayed again. Glancing down at Jane I could see how peaceful and comfortable she looked, despite lying on the floor of a cave. I let out a scoffed, she feels comfortable in the hands of a monster, how ironic.
                                                    (Drawing of Adeline in wolf form, by me)


Sorry it's a bit of a long one! I hope that you enjoyed it! I plan on writing more but of course I always plan on writing more and  how many of my stories are finished? One, just one and that story is only a one chapter thing that I had to finish for school. SO yeah I plan on writing more but I'm not sure how far planing will get me.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Skulduggery Pleasant Fire and Shadow

Note: this dose contain what could be called a spoilers from Death Bringer.

This is a Skulduggery drawing which I did on paper then coloured it on the computer.

I hope that you guys like it! He was tones of fun to draw!