Saturday, 19 October 2013

Book Recomendation

This is a book that I recommend, it's called 'The Demon Akahaziel: Spirit link'. It's the first book in a trilogy although it's the only book published.
This is the blurb

When his magic disturbs a slumbering demon, Dmitri the Exarch is sent to France to find the only person that can help him banish the demon that broke through. Upon his arrival, it is clear that the Demon Akahaziel has beaten him there. Dmitri must then use every last bit of his magic to find the demon and thwart his evil plans.

It's a great short novel it's only 216 pages. it's exciting, with bloody and explosive action, romance (As all good books must have) but the romance isn't to mushy. Mind you if your a younger reader (younger than 13) then I think you should wait a bit till you read it because there are actions that aren't seen but implied and there not the nicest. But it's magical adventure with a time warping experience for everyone.

 So 'The Demon Akahaziel; Spirit link' is a recommendation from me.

Friday, 11 October 2013

The Adventures of The Doctor, Dr John Watson, Sherlock Holmes, Skulduggery Pleasant and Valkyrie Cain - Group Investigation

A tall man with high cheek bones and waxy skin walked up to the house that was quarantined by police with a tall dark haired teenager behind him.
“Ah Skulduggery you’re here, I’m Chief Berton and I’m in charge of this investigation” said a man in a coat and with a badge that said ‘Chief’ written on it. The teenager cleared her throat, “Oh yes and I’m glad you’re here to Valkyrie” said the Chief
“You may have just offended my partner” said Skulduggery
“I’m sorry” said the Chief to Valkyrie, “I just have so many things on my mind that I didn’t notice you there” Valkyrie arched and eyebrow and opened her mouth to speak
“I’m sure you do Mr Berton” said Skulduggery before Valkyrie could speak, “And so do we. So if you don’t mind we would like to survey the scene”
“I’m sure you do. You’ll be working on this case with another detective and his assistant as well” said the Chief, Skulduggery nodded, “You must understand that we just wanted another detective on the scene to confirm what you say”
“Right, ok then” said Skulduggery
“Hey you can’t go in there!” said an officer from behind
“Oh I think I can” said a man in a brown jacket with a red bow tie, “Here’s my ID” said the man holding up something and showing the man.
“Oh, I’m sorry Mr Lemony Snicket for shouting at you like that” said the officer
“It’s quite alright” said the man with the bow tie walking down the path
“Wait but Mr Lemony Snicket-” began the officer
“Just call me the Doctor” interrupted the man
“Mr Doctor, what do you want to come to this crime scene for?” asked the officer
“Isn’t it obvious because of that fact that it is a crime scene” said the Doctor enthusiastically
“But-” started the officer
“I’ll take a look around now” said the Doctor walking over to the Chief, Skulduggery and Valkyrie, “Hi I’m the Doctor, can I take a look around?”
“Uh I don’t see why not” said the Chief
“Ok then! Let’s go” said the Doctor walking over to the door then he spun on his heels just before he reached it, “Um who are you?” he asked
“I’m Chief Berton, this is Skulduggery Pleasant and his partner Valkyrie Cain” said the Chief pointing to them as he said there names
“Pleasure to meet you” said Skulduggery
“It’s pleasant to meet you to” said the Doctor smiling Valkyrie and the Chief joined in smiling, “Did you see what I did there I said pleasant because your last name is pleasant”
“Yes very amusing” said Skulduggery dryly
“You’re not one for jokes are you?” asked the Doctor
“On the contrary I make jokes all the time” said Skulduggery
“He’s not one for jokes when they’re about him” said Valkyrie amused as Skulduggery’s displeasure
“Oh right well now I know not to make that joke around you. But you to” said the Doctor pointing to Valkyrie and Skulduggery with his fingers, “Have unusual names”
“Yes well we like to be different”
“Fair enough” said the Doctor
 “Shall we enter?” asked the Chief
“Yep” chirped the Doctor and everyone walked into the house. The living room was the first room in the house to the left and the kitchen was on the right. At the back of the kitchen was the dining area. The kitchen was like a ‘u’ shape with the base of the ‘u’ against the front wall. In the living room there where two men standing there they were standing in the canter of the living room between the two arm chairs and the sofa. A tall man with dark curly hair and a shorter man with brown hair and wisps of grey in it.
“This is Sherlock Holmes” said the Chief pointing to the tall man with the curly hair, “And this is Doctor John Watson” said the Chief pointing to the shorter man, “Sherlock, John this is Skulduggery, Valkyrie and the Doctor” said the Chief pointing to them as he said there names
“Nice to meet you” said John
“The body is over here” said the Chief walking over to the sofa, “This is Mr Pon, he was found dead this morning. And since this is an investigation I would like you to find out what happened to him”
“Right” said the Doctor glancing at the dead body lying on the sofa, “I’m going to check out the kitchen” said the Doctor walking behind the kitchen bench. Skulduggery stood next to Sherlock and they both looked at each other and inspected each other, it looked as though both of the men where competing in high.
“Chief” said an officer from the doorway “Can you come here for a bit?”
“Sure, I’m coming” said the Chief then went over to the officer and they both disappeared out of the house for a few minutes
“So do you know what happened to Mr Pon?” asked the Chief as he walked back inside
“He was murdered” said Skulduggery and Sherlock in union. The both glared at each other for a moment then looked away
“A banana!” cried the Doctor. Everyone turned and stared at the Doctor. After a few moment Valkyrie asked the question that had been hanging in the air
“A banana?” she asked
“Yes a banana” said the Doctor, “Did you know that if your rub the skin of a banana on a mosquito bite it will stop itching” everybody blinked and continued to stare. The Doctor looked back at everybody like he had forgotten something important. “Oh right! I’m sorry I get distracted easily. You know bits and bobs all fascinating stuff! … I’m sorry you were saying?”
“Well it is obvious that Mr Pon was murdered” said Sherlock
“How do you know that?” asked the chief
“He’s left handed as you can see by the mug in the kitchen, the pen next to the note book and the remote on the sofa. They are all on the left side, and this makes it difficult for him to shoot himself on the right side” said Sherlock as he looked to Skulduggery looked he was daring him to even try to prove the theory wrong.
“Skulduggery what do you say?” asked the chief
“I think he’s right but” as Skulduggery said the word Sherlock glared at him with spite but curiosity, “The murderer is likely to be Katherine Redpool”
“How do you know this?” asked Sherlock now interested in how Skulduggery found this out
“Because of the knot on his shirt’s wrist. This knot would be difficult for someone to accomplish on their own and this type of knot is Katherine’s trade mark. She’s a local killer who’s not very well known. A person whose not familiar with the local criminals wouldn’t know about her”
“Yes I assumed something like that was the case with the knot because I could see no other logical reason for it” said Sherlock, “there’s also a few signs of struggle-”
“That can be seen by the shoe scuff on the armchair. This is faint but is still visible, it appears to mud. This mud on the armchair looks the same as the mud on Mr Pon’s shoe. It also seems that the armchair was kicked out of its usual place. This can be seen but the indent in the carpet showing where the chair usually is” said Valkyrie pointing to the indentation in the carpet.
“Good job Valkyrie” said Skulduggery nodding
“Thanks” said Valkyrie
“Doctor” said John
“Yes” said the Doctor as his head popped up from behind the kitchen sink.
“I’m a doctor to and I was wondering if I could look at the body first?” asked John
“What? … oh righ, yes, yes go ahead you can have a look at it” said the Doctor standing up and waiving his hand at John dismissively.
“Thanks” said John as he put his gloves on and began inspecting the body
“And now I’m off to inspect the bathroom” said the Doctor walking out of the kitchen
“The bathroom?” asked Valkyrie
“Yes I’m looking for medical issues, and medicine that may have been prescribed to him and common places that they are kept are in the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedroom” said the Doctor
“Oh right” said Valkyrie, “That make sense”
The Doctor diapered down the hall and into he bathroom. 
“Well Mr Pon looks like a reasonably fit man, there is some bruising around the neck which is probably from the struggle but otherwise he seems fine.” said John
“Guy’s!” Yelled the Doctor, “Did Mr Pon have a wife?”
“Yes, she’s outside why?” Sherlock called back
“Oh good then this isn’t his wife!” the Doctor yelled, “Wait … that’s bad thing!” everyone moved to the hall to get to the bathroom when the Doctor and a woman holding gun to his head came out of it. Skulduggery wasted no time and pulled out his revolver and thumbed back the hammer.
“Let him go” said Skulduggery
“Or what? You’ll shoot me?” sniggered the woman
“No, I’ll shoot you” said John who now had his gun in his hand
“You wouldn’t shoot me you don’t have the guts” said the woman looking at John
“Ma’am I would have you know that I was a solder and it was my job to shoot people” said John
“And if he’s not quick enough then I will be” said Sherlock holding a gun in his hand
“Skulduggery I’m feeling a little defenceless, I mean you all have guns but me!” said Valkyrie
“Nonsense Valkyrie, you’re not defenceless. You have had lots of martial arts training, your only weapon less” said Skulduggery
“Can everyone put down the guns?! I don’t like guns!” said the Doctor obviously a little worried because of the gun pointing to his head.
“Oh shut up! You’re in no position to make demands, you are completely defenceless” said the woman
“I am not completely defenceless!” said the Doctor as he pulled out his sonic screwdriver.
“What is that?” asked the woman
“A sonic screwdriver” replied the Doctor, then he pressed the button. The screwdriver lit up and made a high pitch buzzing noise. The light above the Doctor shattered and startled everyone but the Doctor. The Doctor leaped out of the woman’s grip and slipped into a bedroom closer to everyone. As soon as the Doctor slipped through the doorway John, Skulduggery and Valkyrie mover towards the woman. John knocked the gun out of the woman’s hand, Valkyrie quickly pinned her to the ground and Skulduggery pointed his gun at her head.
“I could burn this whole house down!” yelled the woman
“Shackles on” said Skulduggery as he gave Valkyrie the shackles.
“You know I could” yelled the woman as she struggled
“I know you could, but you won’t because I have a gun pointing to your head” said Skulduggery calmly. Valkyrie snapped the shackles on the woman. The woman gave a small gasp when the shackles closed around her wrists.
“I will escape I will-” started the woman
“Oh put a sock in it” said Sherlock shoving a sock in her mouth.
“Where did you get the sock?” asked John
“From the bathroom” said Sherlock smirking and pointing his thumb towards the bathroom. John and Sherlock put their guns away but Skulduggery kept his behind the woman’s head.
“Is it safe to come out?” asked the Doctor peering out from the bedroom.
“Yes” replied Valkyrie
“Oh good. I’m very glad that no one used the guns” said the Doctor, “I really don’t like guns”
“If you ask me Skulduggery doesn’t really need one” said Valkyrie
“Yes I do, I need it to protect my handsome features” said Skulduggery. Valkyrie rolled her eyes when Skulduggery said this
“Of course you do” said Valkyrie sarcastically
“Thank you for noticing Valkyrie” said Skulduggery, Valkyrie just rolled her eyes again as they led the woman out of the house.
“That was quick” said the Chief
“Well what do you expect, we do our job efficiently” said Skulduggery handing the woman to an officer.
Sherlock grunted from behind him, “I’m sorry but I worked on this case to” said Sherlock
“I’m sorry but I said we, and by we I meant everyone who worked on the case” said Skulduggery, Sherlock glared at Skulduggery and Skulduggery glared back. Valkyrie and John step between the two men trying to break up the tension, not wanting either of them to get angry in fear of what they would do.
“Good job everyone, we have just confirmed it. You have caught the suspected killer” said the Chief
“We have?” asked the Doctor
“Yes you have … didn’t you know that Skulduggery?” asked the Chief
“Well erh no, I’ve read the file and the description but there was no picture so I only had an idea of what she looked like” replied Skulduggery
“Mmm right, right” said the Chief, “We’re going to take her back to our station and interrogate her”
“Ok then” said John
“Thank you all for assisting us on this case” said the Chief just before he turned and left.
“Well I’m glad that’s all sorted” said the Doctor with his hands together, “It was a pleasure to meet you all, good bye now” the Doctor waved then walked down the street and into a blue police box. It started whining and started to fade then it despaired. 
“Well that’s something you don’t see everyday” said Valkyrie
“Indeed” said Skulduggery “Valkyrie we must be off we have other important business to take care of” Valkyrie nodded
“Bye Sherlock and John it was interesting working with you” said Valkyrie
“Yes it was interesting working with you too” said John, “I hope that we can work on something again with you”
“Yes it was and interesting race while it lasted” said Sherlock
“Yes it was” said Skulduggery then he and Valkyrie got into the Bentley and drove off.
“Well that was eventful” said John
“It was strange” replied Sherlock
“Yes it was”
“And why would they have so many people working on one case, who was the man. Was he that important to call in us plus another three people?”
“Sherlock can’t we leave this till another time?”
“No it has to be done now”
“How about in the taxi home? You’ve already gotten all the information that you could get here” said John, “Look we have to get all the way back to London so how about we start now it’ll give you plenty of time to think about it on the way back” Sherlock hesitated
“Fine I’ll do it on the way home”
“Good now let’s go find a taxi”



The End?