Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Loki drawing

This is a drawing that I did of Loki.
This Loki is from the movie versions so yeah.
Sorry if the clothing is hard to tell apart I don't think I would be able to colour in Loki's face with pencils. ... though I should practice with that.

 I know he doesn't look a lot like Tom Hiddleston but considering this is the second time hat I've draw Loki (the first time that I have tried to draw him realistically)  I think that it's not bad.
And I couldn't be stuffed to shade the clothing.
Excuse the noses in the corner, I hate noses there SO difficult to draw if there not front on or on the side. So that was me practicing the nose.

I will practice over the holidays! I'm planning to do HEEPS of practice and with no computer, a blank canvases and a whole two months there is no excuse for me not to practice my drawing!

Um yes the fact that I have no computer means you might not see me to much for a couple of months but I will try and show you my work! Even if only a little.