Thursday, 25 July 2013

Brave Warrior and Fire - part 1

The armoured man walked down the street. Everyone let him through, they were scared of him. His helmet and height where the two most intimidating things about him. The man was about six foot three and his helmet was three main plates; the first was the top piece, it had an eye slit that flicked up above the ears; the second was the bottom of the eye slit and had eight sharp teeth where the mouth should be, the third plate was the jaw underneath the second plate, the second plate overlapped both the first plate and the third plate. There were smaller plates at the back that could be lifted up in order to get the head out of the helmet. The rest of his armour was simple and fitted his thin figure; on his right shoulder plate there was an image of a cross and two snakes twined around it. He strolled around the marketplace looking at shops and taking his time but didn’t buy anything. He walked out of the town and to the dirt road that travelled through the forest. Another man jumped out and grabbed him from behind, the armoured man flipped him. The man that had jumped on him was taller than him and border than him. The armoured man kicked the taller man in the head and he was out cold then a dagger flew at his head, he tried to avoid it but it hit his helmet and the helmet flew off.
“Dam” he muttered and looked in the direction that the dagger had come from. There was a woman standing there holding another dagger, she was wearing dark clothes and her face was covered by a wooden mask she was just about to throw it then she stopped
“Y-you head where’s your head?” she asked frightened, the armoured man had no head in fact he looked completely hollow.
“Oh right my head” said the armoured man sounding as though he’d lost something.
“Hey Lornard, do you need some help?” asked another woman on the road, she was in a green dress and had a cloak with a hood on it; the hood was covering her hair but her green eyes shone. The Armoured man turned to her
“No lady Ardere, I can handle myself” said the armoured man
“Sure you can Lornard, and how many times have I told you not to call me Lady Ardere” said Ardere
“Yes miss” said Lornard
“Oh and here’s your head” said Ardere and she tossed Lornard his helmet
“Thank you miss” he said as he fixed his helmet on.  
“What you’re a guardian? Y-you’re her guardian?” asked the masked woman in disbelief
“Yes I’m her guardian” said Lornard, “Do you have a problem with that?”
“Wh- Yes, yes I have a problem! She can’t be any older than eighteen-”
“I’m sixteen actually” interrupted Ardere
“And yet she had a guardian than mages can only get when there are at least twenty! Wh-what stage are you at?” asked the woman
“I don’t see how that’s your business, and since your business is with my guardian I don’t see why I should be involved unless he wants me to” said Ardere
“What but you have to be at the required stage!”
“Oh trust me I have past the minimum stage” said Ardere calmly
“What at your age!” said the woman shocked
“Ma’am your business is with me and since you have asked a lot of question and we have answered them you must now answer some of ours” said Lornard his voice was soothing and gentle, “Why did you attack me?”
“We have had reports of an armoured man disrupting the peace in this area and that is all I shall tell you” said the woman, “You should at least know your charges for what crimes that you face”
Lornard cocked his head to the side, “Crimes?”
“Lornard have you been sneaking off and causing trouble?” asked Ardere with a hint or teasing in her voice
“No Miss I have not!” Lornard instantly replied
“Good, it is unlike you to lie to me and you showed no hesitation, so you are telling the truth” said Ardere “I’m sorry but I think you have my guardian mistaken for someone else”
“I’ll have to take him in and see what my superiors have to say about him” said the woman
“I’m sorry ma’am but we don’t have time to mess around with you, we have places to go and important people to meet, so maybe another day” said Lornard
“No, you are coming today” said the woman
“Ma’am would you rather leave dead or alive?” said Lornard
“I would rather die that lose my honour, and if I let you go then I would lose my honour” said the woman then threw and dagger at Lornard and he dogged it.
“Dead it is then” muttered Lornard as he put both hands together; it looked like he was praying, until he started slowly pulling them apart. His fingers spread out and red lightning crackled between his palms, the woman stood there in awe as something metal was slowly constructed from between his palms. As his hands got further apart the object got longer. He’s hands stopped when the object was a meter in length then the lightning also stopped, it was a metal pole. Lornard moved his right hand as the pole levitated in front of him; he put his right hand in the middle of the pole and moved his left hand then the pole extended even more till it was the same height as Lornard. He pointed it at the woman, at each end of the pole there was a ball and coming out of one ball was a red ribbon that was a meter long. The woman threw another dagger but Lornard spun the pole and deflected it. He tried to hit her with the pole but she maintained a distance just out of the reach of the pole. Then Lornard threw the pole like a spear, the woman dogged it but Lornard grabbed he ribbon and yanked it to the side making the pole swing and hit the woman on the back of her head and she collapsed. Lornared yanked the pole back and caught it then walked over to the woman.
“Lornard no dead people” said Ardere who had been silently watching the fight
“I know, I wasn’t actually going to kill her” he said as he bent down next to the woman, he looked at her for a few moments, then checked her breathing. “She’s alive but knocked out”
“Good they can press charges against us another day but now we must leave” said Ardere as the looked at her pocket watch, “Crap we’re going to be late! Let’s go Lornard” said Ardere then started running down the road with Lornard on her tail.

This is the symbol on Lornard''s shoulder


  1. Hi Misti!
    Wow, that was really good! I loved reading your story! Especially the descriptions of the helmet and the pole were simply great! I could imagine everything! I hope you'll write more soon! I will read it in any case!

    1. Thanks so much!!! I'm super glad that you like it!!!
      (Sorry about the really late reply!)