Saturday, 19 October 2013

Book Recomendation

This is a book that I recommend, it's called 'The Demon Akahaziel: Spirit link'. It's the first book in a trilogy although it's the only book published.
This is the blurb

When his magic disturbs a slumbering demon, Dmitri the Exarch is sent to France to find the only person that can help him banish the demon that broke through. Upon his arrival, it is clear that the Demon Akahaziel has beaten him there. Dmitri must then use every last bit of his magic to find the demon and thwart his evil plans.

It's a great short novel it's only 216 pages. it's exciting, with bloody and explosive action, romance (As all good books must have) but the romance isn't to mushy. Mind you if your a younger reader (younger than 13) then I think you should wait a bit till you read it because there are actions that aren't seen but implied and there not the nicest. But it's magical adventure with a time warping experience for everyone.

 So 'The Demon Akahaziel; Spirit link' is a recommendation from me.

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