Saturday, 14 March 2015

Skulduggery Pleasant: Reversed Part 1

WOOO New Fan Fiction!! Yeah!
This FanFic is set between book 7 and 8 so there will be spoilers from at least book 7 (KotW) But I don't know I could accidentally give away spoilers from 8 and 9 so be aware of that! Also I made a cover for it!!! XD

Valkyrie's head narrowly missed the vase that was thrown at her. The mage in the leather jacket that threw the vase was now engaged in combat with Skulduggery. They exchanged blows and the man aimed for Skulduggery’s face. Skulduggery battered the mage’s hand away and punched him in the gut. The mage doubled over and backed away. Skulduggery grabbed the man by the collar and pushed him against the wall.
“Ok Era Connive, tell me what are you doing here? And what do you know about the missing person Amelia Conscience?” said Skulduggery to the mage know as Era. Era was looking at his hand as he curled and uncurled it. Slowly he looked at Skulduggery then as fast a lighting Era pressed his fingers against Skulduggery’s temples. Skulduggery cried out and dropped to the ground, releasing Era in the proses. The instant Era was free he bolted for the door. Valkyrie threw a fire ball and only narrowly missed Era. Era jumped over a desk and pushed it at Valkyrie. The desk forced Valkyrie to slow down so she could avoid it. By the time Valkyrie got out the door Era was already half way down the street. He slowed down then jumped into a car and started up the engine. Valkyrie sent shadows at the tires but the car sped forward and quickly got out of reach. Valkyrie cursed under her breath, being able to fly would come in handy about now. With no hope in catching up to the vehicle Valkyrie walked back into the house where Skulduggery was.
“Skulduggery, are you alright?” asked Valkyrie. Skulduggery groaned and held his head as he stood up. Valkyrie was sure that she was imagining it but Skulduggery looked like he filled out his suit a lot more than usual. Skulduggery remove his hand from his face.
“What happened?” asked Skulduggery. Valkyrie didn’t reply, Skulduggery had a face, an actual face! At first Valkyrie thought it was his fa├žade but the skin didn’t look waxy. His face looked truly real, with soft hair, actual skin, high cheek bones and handsome features. Valkyrie opened her mouth to say something but Skulduggery beat her to it.
“Who are you?” asked Skulduggery. Right then and there Valkyrie forgot every word that she was going to say. Her mind went blank then the question appeared.
“Don’t you recognise me? I’m Valkyrie. I’m Valkyrie Cain your partner” said Valkyrie with some disbelief.
“I’m sorry” said Skulduggery as he clicked his fingers and summoned flame, “I have never met you before. So if you could just tell me what happened, where I am and where my family is then everything will be just grand between us”
“Your family”
“Yes my family. I have a wife and child and as of recently they have been kidnaped. I have been trying to track them down but it would help if you would tell me where they are”
“I-I’m sorry Skulduggery but I don’t know where they are”
The fire blazed in Skulduggery’s hand “Tell me where they are” said Skulduggery darkly.
“I’m sorry" said Valkyrie, "But I don’t know where your family is” Skulduggery took a step forward, his face twisted in frustration. Valkyrie took a step back, “But I’m here to help” said Valkyrie, the words just rolled off her tongue.
“You’re here to help?” asked Skulduggery tilting his head.
“Yes” lied Valkyrie, “This is the meeting point for the mission. I don’t know what happened. I saw a man run away and when I got here you were already on the floor”
“Mission? What mission?”
“The mission to rescue your family. We heard about the kidnapping and we quickly pulled together a group to help. We know how important your family is to you”
“We? Who else is coming?”
“Yeah we, there might be a couple of others coming”
“There might be?”
“Well I’m not entirely sure how many will turn up, this was a last minute thing”
Skulduggery nodded “So who else is coming”
“Well you know Ghastly right?”
“Yes Ghastly Bespoke” said Skulduggery extinguishing his fire
“Yeah he’s coming”
“And who else”
“Uh well, I’m not sure Ghastly organised the mission”
“Right when will they be getting here?”
“Soon hopefully. Hold on I’ll go keep a look out. You stay right here. In this room” said Valkyrie quickly and scurried out of the room. As soon as she was outside Valkyrie whipped out her phone and rung Ghastly.
“Yes, did you find any leads?” asked Ghastly from the other end of the line
“Yes and no, but that’s not the point. I need you to get here now! It’s an emergency” said Valkyrie then she told Ghastly her location.
“Should I bring Erskine?”
“No we need to keep this small”
“Ok I’m on my way just hold on a second” said Ghastly then there was a muffled noise and Ghastly telling someone that he had to go somewhere and that it was an emergency. “Ok I’m back, can you tell me what problem is?” there was the sound of a car door slamming shut. “By way I’ve just put you on speaker”
“Ok well uh something happened to Skulduggery”
“Ok would you mind explain what happened”
“Well for starters he’s not a skeleton anymore”
“… is it better or worse?”
“It’s a little hard to tell. He has flesh and muscle again but he’s going on about his family and them being kidnaped”
“I’m going to take that as worse”
“Yeah, he doesn’t remember me”
“This just keeps getting better and better”
“Oh much better, he looked like he was going to attack me” said Valkyrie, “So, I ah said that I was part of a mission to find and rescue his family”
“You did what!”
“And I said that you organised it”
“Hey he remember you and look on the bright side I bought us some time”
Ghastly groaned, “I’ll be their soon” he said then the line went dead. 

**I hope that you like it so far!! I'll update soon :)**