Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Lord Vile's armour - Redesigned

Hi Everyone!
Since my other drawing of Lord Vile was so popular I'm posting my (mostly complete) redesign of his armour.

I've been having some fun redesigning Lord Vile's armour. This is the third time I've draw Vile's armour and each time I draw it it's a different design. Now I'm just going to talk about the wacky armour. I decided to redraw Vile's armour because that last one I did was about 2 years ago and I also know that the design was partially incorrect. There is only limited description of Vile's armour consisting of; It's black, the armour adjusts, the helmet has clasps and (I think) the armour only has one eye-hole. There is also the fact that when Vengeous wore the armour he was able to pass as Vile and therefore I think the armour has a broad cheats. To be honest I've never imagined the feathery things on the shoulders, to me Vile always had large shoulder plates. I'm not even sure where the feathery things came from ^^; I wasn't sure I liked them, but the more I looked at them the more I liked it! So yeah I'm still working on it, as you can see I haven't done the legs yet. But basically I think the shin plates are going to be a lot like the forearms. Um yeah, I'm really happy with the helmet design, and while it may not actually have the clasps on there it certainly allows for there to be (Along the line through the side of the head). For the chest, I had a tone of trouble designing it and so it's heavily based on some Skyrim armour [Link] and the arm gauntlets are based on the Skyrim Elven light armour gauntlets. Otherwise with the helmet, well I just doodled and figured it out bit by bit. 
ANYWAY I've written a lot and I doubt that anyone will actually read all of this, if you did then sorry for all the text! Oh and I just did the skeleton parts because I need to practice my skeletons and well I couldn't be stuffed to draw a proper faces or handsShrug.    

I don't own Lord Vile, he belongs to Derek Landy and he (Vile) is from the Skulduggery Pleasant series.  

Do you guys like it? I hope that you at least like some of it!
Have a good day!!