Monday, 22 June 2015

Clarabelle Sketch 01

Clarabelle a Mechanic and on the run from the authorities, who clam she killed someone. 
Clarabelle pleaded for her innocence and despite all the evidence that Clarabelle couldn't have committed the crime she still ends up charged with the crime. 
Sorry that the proportions are a little off. I was fiddling around with perspective. 

Thursday, 18 June 2015

A blog? What is that?

Yo, so I haven't been on here in a while ...
I've started my first university end of semester exams O.O . I know insane right.
Personally I feel as if I'm doing well in the exams, but considering the fact that I just did cram study I'm not sure how far that confidence will go. Though in all honesty around 6/10 of the questions on one of my exam where the same or similar to the practice exam. So I knew how to answer those XD.
Though what I actually need to do other than watching Vampire Diaries and procrastinating is study for my maths! I'm the least confident in maths and you must get 2/5 of each section right. In other words I must know everything. I can't cram this one. So I have the weekend to study X)
My Maths lecturer Madan Gupta and his favourite saying.
What fun I will have. :/
A lot of the time I just make the questions for maths to over complicated or I make minor mistakes.

In brighter news after my exams I'll be on mid year break! Woo, time to catch up with my friends, time to catch up on my drawing and most importantly to catch up with my family tv shows.
As you can see I've been practising my drawing both during lectures and in other time. I'm quite happy with how good I've gotten (I'm honestly not trying to boast) and now I'm descent at drawing I'm going to drop it all together and work on my singing!
Jokes, I'm shit as at singing. So while it does need work there is no way that I'm going to drop drawing!
What I was suppose to say was, now I'm decent at proportions I'm working on my perspective. I'm quite bad at perspective, it just makes me stuff up the proportion. But hey, I'm trying and slowly learning (I hope).
My own character Mistical in a fighting stance. 
Here's my most recent sort of fail success.  ->
Despite how much I failed at it I'm still happy with it :) . And mistakes I just dismiss as learning.
Seriously guys don't put your selves down, you're still learning. If you're passionate and enjoy it then there's no need to be brilliant at it.
I have a brother who get's frustrated when he looses or doesn't do well in shooter games. And I'm like 'seriously, just chill.' If you don't like it just stop. If you're frustrated, stop, take a break then come back to it.

Um ... yep. I'm trying to make a decent blog entry (How am I doing?).

Currently I'm listening to the radio, which I have been doing more recently. It's one of the only way I get any news into me. So I'm not so naive ;) .
After my exam I had time to kill (Which is what I'm still doing now) so I sat outside in the sun and did some drawing. It's winter and it was a bit windy but otherwise it was quite nice just to sit there and soak up the sun. :3 I love basking and almost boiling showers. They're all so relaxing and soothing. I'd be outside now absorbing the sun, but if I was then I wouldn't be able to see my computer screen ... maybe I'll go back out there and draw again for a while. My bus doesn't get her for almost another 2 hours, I know shitty right. There are so few buses that come to this campus it's almost ridiculous. I wanted to hitch a ride with my friend but I have extra time (cause I'm slow) so he didn't stay. Honestly I don't blame him I would have left too if I had the chance. Thing is I don't have my full licence let alone a car. And both of my parents use their cars, so I can't borrow one for around 6 hours. Yep folks I've been awake since 5:30. I hate waking up when it's dark. I just keep thinking that I need to sleep. This morning when I woke up is was dark. Usually when I wake up I can see some light through my thin curtain, but nope, nope not today!
When I got up to the kitchen around 10 minutes later I could just see some light come up from behind the city ...
O_O What was that radio?! Free Ben & Jerry's ice cream? WHERE!!! ... Of course you have to check facebook ... *Song that I love comes on* "We where victim of the night" ... "Oh don't you dare look back just keep your eyes on me. I said your holding back. She said shut up and dace with me" ... *Groves along*
And instantly my mood picks up. But my back has been playing up recently, it's just sore. It's the same spot that'll stop for a while, go away when I go to sleep then comes back when I pull my random position on the sofa :P
Anyway I'll live.
But hey I'm just over half way through the day and look at how much a wrote! It's not so hard as long as I have crap stuff to talk about :D
Have a great day! :)

- Misti out!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Skulduggery Pleasant: Reversed Part 1

WOOO New Fan Fiction!! Yeah!
This FanFic is set between book 7 and 8 so there will be spoilers from at least book 7 (KotW) But I don't know I could accidentally give away spoilers from 8 and 9 so be aware of that! Also I made a cover for it!!! XD

Valkyrie's head narrowly missed the vase that was thrown at her. The mage in the leather jacket that threw the vase was now engaged in combat with Skulduggery. They exchanged blows and the man aimed for Skulduggery’s face. Skulduggery battered the mage’s hand away and punched him in the gut. The mage doubled over and backed away. Skulduggery grabbed the man by the collar and pushed him against the wall.
“Ok Era Connive, tell me what are you doing here? And what do you know about the missing person Amelia Conscience?” said Skulduggery to the mage know as Era. Era was looking at his hand as he curled and uncurled it. Slowly he looked at Skulduggery then as fast a lighting Era pressed his fingers against Skulduggery’s temples. Skulduggery cried out and dropped to the ground, releasing Era in the proses. The instant Era was free he bolted for the door. Valkyrie threw a fire ball and only narrowly missed Era. Era jumped over a desk and pushed it at Valkyrie. The desk forced Valkyrie to slow down so she could avoid it. By the time Valkyrie got out the door Era was already half way down the street. He slowed down then jumped into a car and started up the engine. Valkyrie sent shadows at the tires but the car sped forward and quickly got out of reach. Valkyrie cursed under her breath, being able to fly would come in handy about now. With no hope in catching up to the vehicle Valkyrie walked back into the house where Skulduggery was.
“Skulduggery, are you alright?” asked Valkyrie. Skulduggery groaned and held his head as he stood up. Valkyrie was sure that she was imagining it but Skulduggery looked like he filled out his suit a lot more than usual. Skulduggery remove his hand from his face.
“What happened?” asked Skulduggery. Valkyrie didn’t reply, Skulduggery had a face, an actual face! At first Valkyrie thought it was his fa├žade but the skin didn’t look waxy. His face looked truly real, with soft hair, actual skin, high cheek bones and handsome features. Valkyrie opened her mouth to say something but Skulduggery beat her to it.
“Who are you?” asked Skulduggery. Right then and there Valkyrie forgot every word that she was going to say. Her mind went blank then the question appeared.
“Don’t you recognise me? I’m Valkyrie. I’m Valkyrie Cain your partner” said Valkyrie with some disbelief.
“I’m sorry” said Skulduggery as he clicked his fingers and summoned flame, “I have never met you before. So if you could just tell me what happened, where I am and where my family is then everything will be just grand between us”
“Your family”
“Yes my family. I have a wife and child and as of recently they have been kidnaped. I have been trying to track them down but it would help if you would tell me where they are”
“I-I’m sorry Skulduggery but I don’t know where they are”
The fire blazed in Skulduggery’s hand “Tell me where they are” said Skulduggery darkly.
“I’m sorry" said Valkyrie, "But I don’t know where your family is” Skulduggery took a step forward, his face twisted in frustration. Valkyrie took a step back, “But I’m here to help” said Valkyrie, the words just rolled off her tongue.
“You’re here to help?” asked Skulduggery tilting his head.
“Yes” lied Valkyrie, “This is the meeting point for the mission. I don’t know what happened. I saw a man run away and when I got here you were already on the floor”
“Mission? What mission?”
“The mission to rescue your family. We heard about the kidnapping and we quickly pulled together a group to help. We know how important your family is to you”
“We? Who else is coming?”
“Yeah we, there might be a couple of others coming”
“There might be?”
“Well I’m not entirely sure how many will turn up, this was a last minute thing”
Skulduggery nodded “So who else is coming”
“Well you know Ghastly right?”
“Yes Ghastly Bespoke” said Skulduggery extinguishing his fire
“Yeah he’s coming”
“And who else”
“Uh well, I’m not sure Ghastly organised the mission”
“Right when will they be getting here?”
“Soon hopefully. Hold on I’ll go keep a look out. You stay right here. In this room” said Valkyrie quickly and scurried out of the room. As soon as she was outside Valkyrie whipped out her phone and rung Ghastly.
“Yes, did you find any leads?” asked Ghastly from the other end of the line
“Yes and no, but that’s not the point. I need you to get here now! It’s an emergency” said Valkyrie then she told Ghastly her location.
“Should I bring Erskine?”
“No we need to keep this small”
“Ok I’m on my way just hold on a second” said Ghastly then there was a muffled noise and Ghastly telling someone that he had to go somewhere and that it was an emergency. “Ok I’m back, can you tell me what problem is?” there was the sound of a car door slamming shut. “By way I’ve just put you on speaker”
“Ok well uh something happened to Skulduggery”
“Ok would you mind explain what happened”
“Well for starters he’s not a skeleton anymore”
“… is it better or worse?”
“It’s a little hard to tell. He has flesh and muscle again but he’s going on about his family and them being kidnaped”
“I’m going to take that as worse”
“Yeah, he doesn’t remember me”
“This just keeps getting better and better”
“Oh much better, he looked like he was going to attack me” said Valkyrie, “So, I ah said that I was part of a mission to find and rescue his family”
“You did what!”
“And I said that you organised it”
“Hey he remember you and look on the bright side I bought us some time”
Ghastly groaned, “I’ll be their soon” he said then the line went dead. 

**I hope that you like it so far!! I'll update soon :)**

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Tanith and Ghastly sketches

I love these two! They're amazing and adorable!! :3    (Sorry about Ghastly's muscles, I'm not good with large builds)

So I sketched these two because I couldn't get to sleep ... Anyway I think that I'm just going through all the major SP characters and drawing them. Mainly because I'm more confident that I can draw their faces. :) Anyway who do you think I should draw next?

I don't own these characters, they belong to Derek Landy. 

Thursday, 29 January 2015

SP Fanfic Other Dimension after DotL: Part 1

OK so before we get started with the fanfic I should explain a little. This is a redo of one of my previous SP fanfics, which is 'SP Fanfic Other Dimension' ... so the difference is that this fanfic will contain spoilers for one thing. IF YOU HAVEN'T READ DYING OF THE LIGHT THEN DO NOT READ ON!!

So after reading DotL I realized that some things were different so this is updated and also this fanfic will be darker and more realistic with racist treatment/ second class citizenship of mortal. This will also probably be more accurate to what woman would have been treated like. Um yeah darker stuff. This fanfic is just more grown up, (Blame 12 years a slave and my friends history lessons). For the most part the characters will be the same but with some changes. The biggest changes will be the extended family relationships and Adelle's brothers (mainly their personality) This fanfic is likely to replace 'SP Fanfic Other Dimension'.

Sorry for my babbling. Here you go.


Lord Vile strolled down the corridors heading straight for his chambers. He turned into a corridor with a small group of male sorcerers that had backed a mortal maid against wall. One of the sorcerers spotted Vile and gave him a courteous nod. The rest of the group swivelled their heads and also gave a courteous nod. Even the maid knew her place and did her best to give a bow despite holding cleaning supplies and being surrounded. After acknowledging Lord Vile the sorcerers went back to their conversation with the maid.
"Come on, how about you hang out with us" said one of the sorcerers, "We will be sure to show you a good time" The maid just shook her head and said that she had other things to do, but the sorcerers just ignored her excuse and kept insisting. “If you come now we’ll be gentle but if you keep resisting we might not be so careful” he continued
“I-I really must be going now” she whispered as she tried to squeeze between the men. They simply pushed her back against the wall. “Please, sirs I-I really can’t stay, I, I h-have to go” she said
Vile tilted his head, the maid was familiar. She was the one who cleaned his room. He’d only seen her a few times and she currently looked terrified. Vile approached the crowd “She’s my maid” Vile said when he was right behind them. Vile wasn’t in the mood to watch this. The sorcerer all spun around to face Vile and the maid lowered her gaze to the floor.
“Lord Vile! Y-you don’t want us to take care of her?” asked a sorcerer nervously.
Vile turned to the mage, “No” Vile whispered then he made a gesture for the maid top follow. She quickly hurried after him and followed Vile into his room.
“Bed” said Vile. Her eyes widened and she paled, “The sheets need to be changed” Lord Vile turned his back and walked over to the armchair. The maid let out a muffled sob and then immediately changed the sheets.


Adelle was heading home from the palace in the cool autumn evening. She had an almost normal day. Except for one event. A few sorcerers had cornered her then Vile came around the corner and for some reason helped her out of the situation. Yeah sure she was one of his maids but Adelle rarely saw him or talked to him let alone giving him a reason to help her out. Adelle let out a sigh and ran her hand through her brown hair. The event had been bothering her the whole time from that point after. “It’s no big deal, you just need to sleep it off” Adelle said to herself as she walked up to the house door.


The next day Adelle was pleased to find that everything was still normal. She got up and started work at the palace at half past six and helped to clean the main halls before most sorcerers were even awake. Adelle also helped to clean the drawing room, the library and spruced up a guest bedroom. By then it was about half past ten. Adelle went to dust and wash the floor of a sorcerer who had taken the name Javari Emote. Once she had done that it was time for lunch, so Adelle went down to the mortal area and ate her lunch while trying to tweak a drawing that she started the night before. When her break was up Adelle grabbed the cleaning supplies again and made her way to Vile’s room while it was still lunch time. Adelle didn’t expect Vile to be in his room but she knocked anyway. As usual there was no answer. Adelle dusted and washed the floor of the empty room them went back downstairs to drop off the cleaning supplies and wash some sheets, clothes and towels.  At five Adelle went up to help clean the dining room and the breakfast room. By finishing time, eight o’clock Adelle was exhausted. Adelle and her mum headed home together to have dinner and go to bed.
When they got home dinner was just about ready. Adelle’s dad had cooked dinner because it was the one day that both Adelle and her mum came home late. Adelle’s eyes swept the house, they stood in the living/dining/kitchen, the main room of the house. The room was large but that was because it was three in one. To the right was the kitchen, with the green paint peeling off the wooden cupboards, and of the wood on the island bench. In the centre of the room there was a green couch and matching arm chairs surrounding a carpet that was in front of a fire place. On either side of the fire place there were halls that lead to the bed rooms. The one of the left side lead to the parent’s bedrooms, the one on the right leads to the kid’s bedrooms. On the left side of the room there was an oak dining table with six matching chairs.
“So how was today?” asked Adelle’s dad – Tony
“It was exhausting” said Adelle as she dumped her basket on the bench and flopped on the couch.
“Really? You don’t look that tired” said Will, the youngest of Adelle’s two younger brothers. Adelle turned her head from her horizontal position on the couch and glared at him. “Just kidding” he said
“Delly!” exclaimed Adelle’s other brother Ben as he flopped on top of her.
“Uh Ben get off!” said Adelle sounding a little irritated. Ben made a pouting face and got off of her. “Sorry Ben, I’m just a bit tired OK”
“Yeah OK” replied Ben.
“Ben, Will, can you set the table please” said Debbie, Adelle’s mum. Both of the boys grumbled something about not wanting to set the table before they moved from the lounge to the kitchen. Adelle stayed sprawled on the sofa till dinner was ready then she heaved herself off the comfy furniture and ate at the dining table. After dinner Adelle curled up in bed and doodled in her sketch book. The book was a well-worn leather that could have pages taken out or added. Adelle had had this book for years, she just kept taking out the drawings and storing them in draws. Adelle got this book when she started taking drawing seriously at thirteen. She was seventeen now and she was what she considered pretty decent at drawing. Adelle didn’t draw for long before she placed her book on her desk in order to go to sleep.

A couple of days later.

Jane, that was the new maid’s name. Adelle only met her an hour ago. Sure she had seen her around but she hadn’t actually met her. Till recently that was. Adelle had been given the task of taking Jane around with her to show her the basic ropes of cleaning the palace. First they went to a guest room to spruce it up. While doing this Adelle asked Jane about what she knew about cleaning and the rules of the palace. She knew most of the basics of cleaning and she knew all the rules. Though the rules were your general mortal/ sorcerer interaction rules. Basically do anything a sorcerer says, don’t insult them, show then respect and if you can’t do the task that the request then politely decline or say that you have other jobs which you must tend to.

After the guest room was cleaned up then Adelle and Jane got to work on mopping the halls.
“Just be careful not to step on the areas that you’ve already washed. And try to leave the doorways dry unless you know that there’s no one in the room.” Warned Adelle
“Yeah sure. I know that” said Jane as she mopped the floor. They had split the hall in half, Adelle moped the right side while Jane moped the left. Adelle was mainly focused on her half of the hall. Adelle knocked on every door even if no one was supposed to be in there. “Hello is anyone in here? I’m just letting you know that the floor is getting washed right now” said Adelle to every door she washed in front of. Adelle looked over to see how Jane was going. Jane had washed more than Adelle had but Adelle dismissed that, Adelle knew that she could be slow sometimes. Until Jane washed in front of a door without knocking on it.
“Jane you know you’re supposed to be notifying the people inside the room that the floor’s wet right?”
“Yeah” said Jane, “So what, there’s probably no one in there”
Adelle just raised an eyebrow and lent on her mop, “Slaking off on your fist day is not the way to leave a good impression” Adelle knew that the person in the room should currently be at a meeting so there was no real harm. “You know it doesn’t hurt to be safe”
“Yeah I know but it’s saving me time”
Adelle sighed, “Just do it for the other doors ok, it honestly doesn’t hurt to knock. Trust me I knock and I’m not dead yet”
“Yeah yet” said Jane with a smirk.
Adelle gave her a grin back, “Gees thanks for the vote of confidence” replied Adelle dryly. Jane’s smirk only broadened. The doors next to Jane opened up and Lord Vile stepped out, only he wasn’t expecting the wet floor and he slipped. It was only a tiny slip and the shadows flared up to catch Vile, but he didn’t need them to help him gracefully regain his balance. Immediately after regaining his balance Vile spun to the nearest living being to throw his wrath upon. This unfortunate being just so happened to be Jane, who had watch the whole scene play out and was now horror stricken because she realized that should have knocked to see if there was anyone in that room. Jane stepped back and slipped landing on her backside. Before Adelle truly knew what she was doing she ran across the hall and slid in front of Jane before any shadows could harm her.
“Sir” said Adelle then she took a breath to gather herself, “I apologise profusely for my companions actions” began Adelle as she bowed in respect but had one arm out to protect Jane. Adelle’s heart was racing and she didn’t dare to meet his eyes. Instead Adelle looked straight down at the shiny wet floor. “It is her first day at cleaning and she was carless. I promise that she will not do it again. Please sir, give her a chance” Adelle hesitated, “I take responsibility for her actions” There was no response, but no shadows moved beyond dancing around Vile’s feet. Adelle swore she felt his eyes narrow. But none the less he nodded his head and turned away. Adelle and Jane let out the breath that they were both holding and Jane crawled out from behind Adelle. Jane stood up and Adelle flashed her a small smile. To mortals they just got away with something that was equivalent to murder. Adelle glanced back toward Vile who was still walking away. Then Adelle noticed too late that shadows where heading towards her. Adelle didn’t have time to move, before the shadows had forced her back and smashed her against the wall. Adelle heard Jane scream and Adelle stiffened her own scream as pain laced up her neck and abdominal. She clenched her jaw and scrunched her eyes shut. She couldn’t move, she couldn’t breathe. Adelle cranked an eye open only to see a shadow piercing the bottom of her right lung. Adelle tried to breathe but her right lung wasn’t working properly and every breath sent a fresh wave of pain through her body. She was pinned against the wall with a shadow through her lung and a shadow through her left shoulder. Slowly the shadows retracted and Adelle collapsed. She tried to catch herself but she couldn’t. The last thing she saw was the floor rising up towards her. 


Yes this Fanfic will be mainly from Adelle's perspective. So if you don't like OC's as major characters or a skeptical about them than that's totally fine! I'll admit I'm always skeptical when an OC is the main character but I'll generally give it a go if it sounds interesting. Also this is not a shipping thing. I don't ship Vile with anyone. So if you had that concern than don't worry, it's not gonna happen.

I hope that you have a great day!


Monday, 19 January 2015

Skulduggery and Valkyrie sketches

I was bored while I was waiting at the dentist so I drew SP. Then latter we went to the shops and while my brother was getting school shoes I gave his partner in crime, Val a go. I'm actually really pleased with how she turned out! I haven't drawn Val for years mainly because I haven't been able to draw descent faces till a few months ago. This is actually how I think Valkyrie looks, so yeah :D happiness!!!

I hope that you like them too. I also don't own these glorious characters, they're owned by the equally glorious Derek Landy.

Ok I think It's about time that I join these two websites up if I can. I've been on DA recently and I've been posting a lot of my art on there for the past year. So if you do want to look at anything then here's the link: 

I hope that everyone is having a great week!! And sorry that I haven't posted anything in a while!!