Thursday, 7 November 2013

The Rajani guerrero - Part 2

I sighed as I lay down on the gest bed. It felt good to be warm and dry, yet at the same time I didn’t want to be. It didn’t make sense to me that I felt good on the outside but it felt like I was rotting on the inside. I rolled over thinking about the events of the day, thinking about my friends. How can they be dead? I never imagined that they’d die even thought I knew that is was a possibility with every mission that they went on. I stared at the wall for ages slowly feeling the sadness consume me and when I couldn’t hold it in any more I cried. I cried and sobbed my eyes out till I eventually fell asleep.


My dream was a nightmare. I was standing in the forest with Sue and Riko seven or so meters in front of me.  They had their backs facing me. The wind was making Sue’s blond hair dance and Riko’s spiky black hair sway from side to side.
“Hey Riko, Sue what’s up?” I called out, I waited for a few moments but they didn’t answer, they didn’t even turn around. “Hey Riko, Sue are you going to answer me?” but they said nothing, they didn’t even move. I walked towards them, then grabbed their shoulders and spun them around. I took a step back, their faces where lifeless and their eyes were white.
“W-what happened? How? What happened to you two? How did you get to be like this?” I stammered. I looked down, there were several knifes and daggers imbedded in their guts. “Oh my” I covered my mouth, “God” I said quietly
“You didn’t save us, you left us to die” said Sue
“You could have helped us; if you did we wouldn’t be like this. And our son would be happy” said Riko
“Why didn’t you save us?” asked Sue stepping forward
I took a step back, “I-I couldn’t save you! You know that! I was on a mission and I was out of town till this morning. And – and by then you two where already dead. I couldn’t have saved you even if I wanted to!”
“You could have helped us-” started Sue
“NO I COUND’T!” I shouted, “There was just no way, I wasn’t anywhere close to where you two where, and I couldn’t get out of the mission that I was on. I was requested for the mission along with the other four” I said softly, “And because of that I couldn’t have taken you guys on my mission ether”  Riko and Sue stared at me with their lifeless eyes. “You know that, so stop saying that I could have saved you, there was no possible way for me to save your lives no matter how much I wanted to” I said sadly. Sue opened her mouth to speak but at that moment a grass boom was thrown at us. I saw it and on instinct I jumped back; backflip out of its radius. I saw the small round ball made out of dry grass hit the ground in front of Riko and Sue. It exploded and I saw chunks of flesh spraying into the air. I could only watch in horror as I watched the smoke clear only to see the distorted corpses of my friends.
“NO, SUE, RIKO!!” I screamed


I jolted awake, and immediately bolted upright in my bed. It took me a couple of seconds to realise that it was a dream
“Shit, shit oh shit. God dam it” I said running my hand through my hair, “Stupid nightmares” I muttered. I turned and looked at the alarm, 5:43 it said. I groaned it was about an hour till I had to get up for work and I knew that I wasn’t going to get back to sleep in that time. I muttered something about hating nightmares again as I got out of bed. It took me a moment to realise that I wasn’t in my house,
“Oh right I’m in Riko and Sue’s house” I mumbled, “I’m gona have a shower” I said to no one as I collected the clothes that I brought over for today.


I was mindlessly eating my breakfast when the alarm on my phone went off. It was the alarm for me to get Kirrito up. I turned off my alarm and quickly finished my breakfast. Then I went upstairs to Kirrito’s room. When I opened the door I found him fast asleep hugging a teddy bear.
“God you look adorable” I whispered. For a second I the thought getting a bucket of water and tossing it on him. I Quickly batted the idea away, that would be cruel. I went over and shook him awake,
“Hey, Kirrito time to get up” I said, Kirrito moaned and rolled over. I raised an eyebrow and kept shaking him; “Come on buddy time to get up” Kirrito opened his eyes and looked at me then slowly sat up.
“Are mummy and daddy back?” he asked while rubbing his eyes.
“Uh no” I said, “Come on we have to get you ready for school, I’ve already packed your lunch”
“Ok” Kirrito mumbled getting out of bed.


I held Kirrito’s hand as we walked out of the house. We walked towards the grave yard
“Aunty Abby we’re going the wrong way” said Kirrito
“No, we’re just taking a detour” I said
“A de-to-wer? What’s that?” he asked striguling to repeat the word
“Uh a detour is when you go somewhere else on the way to where you want to go”
“Oh ok … Where are we going” he asked
“You’ll see” I said

When we got to Riko and Sue’s graves I turned to Kirrito
“To be honest I have no clue how to do this nicely” I said
“Do what?” asked Kirrito
“Show you your parents, show you them in their graves” I said sadly
“What?” asked Kirrito tilting his little head to the side so that his fluffy hair flopped to the side. He looked confused
“Read the gravestones” I said gently, I saw Kirrito’s eyes widen as he read them, “Kirrito you parents are here, there not coming back home to you. They died on their last mission, they died yesterday morning”
“No” said Kirrito in disbelief, “No mummy and daddy aren’t dead, they can’t be dead”
“I’m sorry but they are” I said crouching down to his level. His eyes where welling up with tears.
“No” he whispered, “There not dead, you would have saved them” I was shocked by his response, it was like my nightmare, “Daddy said that you were the strongest out of the three of them and that you’re the best guerrero in the village apart from the Agua Sombra”
I gave a small laugh and sad smile, “I think that your dad was fibbing a bit there” Guerrero is the word for warrior that we use and it’s what my profession is. The Agua Sombra is the title given to the strongest guerrero in our country and it means water shadow because the Agua Sombra is the leader of the military forces of the land of water and he shadows the Emperor of this land. “There are many other people that are much stronger than me, although I might have just been the strongest out of your parents and me, but only just” I said
“But you could have saved them”
“No Kirrito I couldn’t have saved them, I was on another mission”
“But why where you on another mission you, mummy and daddy are hardly ever on separate missions”
“I was requested by someone, and so where the other four” I said. Five people is the max amount of people that can be in one team otherwise it’s too large for stealth operations and three is the minimum amount to have in the team. Generally just Riko, Sue and I would be in a team and since we were the minimum and there was always the flexibility to have another two people on it. Although we didn’t really need it, we were and efficient small team and with all of us together we were equally as good as some of the best five maned teams in the Village.
“But why, why where you requested. What could be more important than being on mummy and daddy’s team” asked Kirrito
I sighed “It was a lord; they requested people from the five major clans in the village. They wanted people with strong abaramies” I said. Abaramies is the term for special abilities that are passed down from generation to generation in a clan and only people from that bloodline can perform it.  The five major clans all have strong abaramies that make them very hard to beat in battle. Most of them are sensing types so they can sense a person by their chi. Chi is a person’s spiritual essence and power. It is used for all types of abilities that guerrero can use. My clans abaramie is different it can’t sense chi but we are still formidable opponents. “Do you see Kirrito I couldn’t have said no to the mission nor could I bring your parents with me” I said
“But, but, Mummy, Daddy” started Kirrito, then he started full out crying, “S-so they’re r-really not coming back?” he asked between sobs
“No, no they’re not” I said as I pulled Kirrito into a hug.  

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