Friday, 16 August 2013

To Many stories!!!!

Hi all! How are you?

Ok yes I am using this blog to do something that I rarely do and that is blog ...
Yes so life is good! I found out my OP prediction today ant it is what I wanted and need to get into the university course that I want. And that's good!

Any way I'm having trouble deciding which of my stories to write (Because I have 6 different stories)  ... and I was wondering which ones do you want to read?
Yeah so I want to write but I'm just not sure which one to write and I'm also thinking of writing some Bleach fan fiction *evil smile* I SO want to do Kenpachi Zaraki vs. Wolverine! OH GOD that would be so amusing!!! XD For all of you that don't know Kenny he is a mad man (At least that's my opinion) and also called a barbarian and I think a brute ... and when I say Wolverine I mean Logan Wolverine the Marvel one ... not that there is any other (?)

Speaking of Wolvi I saw the new movie IT WAS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!! There where some parts where I was just like "Your so dead!" XD to the people that Wolvi was mad at.

And speaking of Bleach and mad grins and 'Your so dead' stuff I Finished BLEACH!!!!!! ... or at least the Anime so far! SO COOL! ... no wait it was EPIC!!!!!!!! and I was grinning MADLY because Ichigo had his scary face on, and by scary face I don't mean when his angry or anything to do with hollows I mean his neutral face. To me that's his scary face because if he has a neutral face when your fighting him that to me means 'this is no challenge' And if it's no challenge the YOU ARE SO DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!! So I was grinning madly thinking "YOUR SO DEAD MATE!!!!!!!!!!" and being like this XD. and now I'm onto the manga of bleach from where I left off after the anime

so yeah that's been life for me recently

So can you guy's tell me what stories that you want to read? Then I'll try and work on the one that get's the most requests, but if there is an equal amount for a number then I shall try to do a number and if no one says anything then I'm just going to do the Kenny vs. Wolvi thing but that'll be FUN for Kenny, Wolvi (possibly till he get's pissed) and me!

Have a good day all!

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