Monday, 22 June 2015

Clarabelle Sketch 01

Clarabelle a Mechanic and on the run from the authorities, who clam she killed someone. 
Clarabelle pleaded for her innocence and despite all the evidence that Clarabelle couldn't have committed the crime she still ends up charged with the crime. 
Sorry that the proportions are a little off. I was fiddling around with perspective. 

Thursday, 18 June 2015

A blog? What is that?

Yo, so I haven't been on here in a while ...
I've started my first university end of semester exams O.O . I know insane right.
Personally I feel as if I'm doing well in the exams, but considering the fact that I just did cram study I'm not sure how far that confidence will go. Though in all honesty around 6/10 of the questions on one of my exam where the same or similar to the practice exam. So I knew how to answer those XD.
Though what I actually need to do other than watching Vampire Diaries and procrastinating is study for my maths! I'm the least confident in maths and you must get 2/5 of each section right. In other words I must know everything. I can't cram this one. So I have the weekend to study X)
My Maths lecturer Madan Gupta and his favourite saying.
What fun I will have. :/
A lot of the time I just make the questions for maths to over complicated or I make minor mistakes.

In brighter news after my exams I'll be on mid year break! Woo, time to catch up with my friends, time to catch up on my drawing and most importantly to catch up with my family tv shows.
As you can see I've been practising my drawing both during lectures and in other time. I'm quite happy with how good I've gotten (I'm honestly not trying to boast) and now I'm descent at drawing I'm going to drop it all together and work on my singing!
Jokes, I'm shit as at singing. So while it does need work there is no way that I'm going to drop drawing!
What I was suppose to say was, now I'm decent at proportions I'm working on my perspective. I'm quite bad at perspective, it just makes me stuff up the proportion. But hey, I'm trying and slowly learning (I hope).
My own character Mistical in a fighting stance. 
Here's my most recent sort of fail success.  ->
Despite how much I failed at it I'm still happy with it :) . And mistakes I just dismiss as learning.
Seriously guys don't put your selves down, you're still learning. If you're passionate and enjoy it then there's no need to be brilliant at it.
I have a brother who get's frustrated when he looses or doesn't do well in shooter games. And I'm like 'seriously, just chill.' If you don't like it just stop. If you're frustrated, stop, take a break then come back to it.

Um ... yep. I'm trying to make a decent blog entry (How am I doing?).

Currently I'm listening to the radio, which I have been doing more recently. It's one of the only way I get any news into me. So I'm not so naive ;) .
After my exam I had time to kill (Which is what I'm still doing now) so I sat outside in the sun and did some drawing. It's winter and it was a bit windy but otherwise it was quite nice just to sit there and soak up the sun. :3 I love basking and almost boiling showers. They're all so relaxing and soothing. I'd be outside now absorbing the sun, but if I was then I wouldn't be able to see my computer screen ... maybe I'll go back out there and draw again for a while. My bus doesn't get her for almost another 2 hours, I know shitty right. There are so few buses that come to this campus it's almost ridiculous. I wanted to hitch a ride with my friend but I have extra time (cause I'm slow) so he didn't stay. Honestly I don't blame him I would have left too if I had the chance. Thing is I don't have my full licence let alone a car. And both of my parents use their cars, so I can't borrow one for around 6 hours. Yep folks I've been awake since 5:30. I hate waking up when it's dark. I just keep thinking that I need to sleep. This morning when I woke up is was dark. Usually when I wake up I can see some light through my thin curtain, but nope, nope not today!
When I got up to the kitchen around 10 minutes later I could just see some light come up from behind the city ...
O_O What was that radio?! Free Ben & Jerry's ice cream? WHERE!!! ... Of course you have to check facebook ... *Song that I love comes on* "We where victim of the night" ... "Oh don't you dare look back just keep your eyes on me. I said your holding back. She said shut up and dace with me" ... *Groves along*
And instantly my mood picks up. But my back has been playing up recently, it's just sore. It's the same spot that'll stop for a while, go away when I go to sleep then comes back when I pull my random position on the sofa :P
Anyway I'll live.
But hey I'm just over half way through the day and look at how much a wrote! It's not so hard as long as I have crap stuff to talk about :D
Have a great day! :)

- Misti out!