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SP FanFic Other Dimention Part 08


Oh God, part 8 all ready! Wow! If I totaled up all of the words that I have written on this it is: 12,309 words! Lots of words! ... not nearly enough to fill one of Derek's books, but still! This is probably the most words that I have written on a story! Thanks to Death, the person that always reads this!

Oh and this one is shorter than average! I tend to try and have at least 1,200 word in each part, but I don't think I will be able to divide the next part up that well! ... although the next part may be a long one! So it could make up for it!


A few days had past, Adelle still cleaned Lord Vile’s room, but in her spare time instead of cooking she did training. She was seeing less and less of Sarah, and Sarah was keeping her distance. Adelle opened the doors to the training room, Death was there standing in fount of the boxing ring as per usual.
“Hi Death” said Adelle
“Hi Al!” replied Death
“… Add”
“… Just call me Adelle”
“Delaide, Delayed”
“… Ad-elle” Adelle said slowly
“Noooo, My name is Adelle”
“Dell” responder Death, as Adelle face palmed
“Fine whatever, you win!”
“YAY DELL” squealed Death “So Dell, how are you”
“Meh, I’m alright I guess. How are you?”
“I’m good, I’m great, I’m wonderful!”
“That’s wonderful”
“Oh yea I forgot to mention yesterday, but you’re going on your first official mission in two days!”
“What! Why? I’ve barely had any training!”
“Yes, but you’re doing really well, and I sort of told Mevolent that you were doing really well and that you should be good to go on your first mission really soon! So yeaaa”
“What! I’m not that good!”
“Well you are and you can use your abilities really quite well, especially since you haven’t had any training till recently!”
“Yea but that’s because I would practice it really often!”
“Well you’re going, and don’t worry I’m going with you so you should be fine! Oh and your friend Mr Grumpy is going to! So you should be perfectly fine!”
“Hu, who’s Mr Grumpy?”
“Mr Grumpy is Mr Grumpy”
“No what’s his name?
“I call him Mr Grumpy”
“I know that but what’s his actual name?”
“Um … I don’t know his true name I’m sorry! … although I don’t think anyone dose … so that’s not that bad!” as Death replied, Adelle sighed
“Ok then what’s his taken name?”
“Oh his taken name! It’s Lord Vile. He is your friend is he not?”
“Um … I don’t know about that”
“Why not?”
“Didn’t you hear,” Adelle swallowed “He killed my mother”
“Oh yea he did to! … sorry!” said Death looking guilty
“It’s ok, I think it was the worst for my dad, you know going home and telling him that his wife is dead, then telling him that I made a deal with the man that was responsible for bringing my mother into the situation. And also explaining that I’m a sorcerer” Adelle looked at her shoes, “And explaining that I’m responsible for my mother’s death” Adelle remember the look on her dad’s face, it was of pure shock, then despair overwhelmed it. She hated it; she hated hurting her dad that way! She hatted hurting him full stop.
Everything was quiet for a couple of moments.
“But you didn’t kill her”
“No, I didn’t but I feel responsible, because I-I was there and, she was the because of me.”
“I’m sorry about your mother” said Death
Again there was silence
“So what did you do to Lord Vile to get him under your thumb?” asked Death
“He’s not under my thumb” Adelle said sharply
“Right the whole mother incident … but I heard that he did something’s for you, and he’s fond of you isn’t he?”
“I-I don’t know” said Adelle as she though back he saved her mother, and she hugged him, he didn’t kill her, he hugged her back. God what had she gotten herself into, “I didn’t do anything to him”
“Riiiiight, so if you didn’t do anything to him then how come he likes you?”
Don’t mention the letters said the voice in Adelle’s head “Um … I talk to him, and I guess he liked it?”
“… Ok” said Death, there was silence for a few moments, “Today you’re going to try and take me on when you’re smaller”
“Why? I can become bigger than anyone else”
“True, but what if your magic is bound or someone has the same abilities as you and can be bigger than you? Your will need to know how to defend yourself”
“Ooook then” said Adelle as she walked on the mat
“You have muscles!” exclaimed Death and started rapidly poking Adelle’s thigh
“Ow, ow, ow” said Adelle as she tried to get away from Death “That Hurts!”
Death stopped poking Adelle, then looked at her with a pleading face
“No, you’re supposed to be training me not poking me!”
“Ohhhw, but it’s fun!”
Adelle sighed “Maybe we can use it in training?”
“Yes! We shall!” exclaimed Death obviously pleased that Adelle gave in, “But first, Shrink!”
Adelle shrunk so she was half a head shorter than Death “Shrink” said Death, Adelle crossed her arms
“You do realise that my strength will stay the same as what I would be at normal height”
“Ah, but this isn’t about strength, this is about height and weight, so shrink”
Adelle shrink till she was a head shorter than Death
“Is this good?”
“Yes” said Death “Ok since your shorter you should go for the areas that you can hit better, currently that would be the stomach, and if it was a man, the groin, but I’m not a man so let’s focus on trying to hit the stomach”


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