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SP FanFic Other Dimention Part 01


Ok this is a fanfic that I have made up about the other Dimention (the demention that Val travled to). This is set on week after the battle that Mevolent and Darquess fight in. It says that in the story but it's not partivualy clear.

Ths Fan Fic dosn't have Mistical in it, but a complytly new charater named Adelle. Now Just to clarify it is spelt corect, because I know someone but that name and it is spelt like that.
And with out any further adue here it is!!!

“NOOO!” she screamed “Not my mum! Please not my mother! Please don’t kill my mother! I didn’t do anything to him my lord I swear; please my mother has nothing to do with this! Please my lord I’m begging you, let her go!”

Five and a half weeks earlier

Why did she have to get his room? Why her, there are plenty of other maids that worked in the castle, she thought. Seriously, there are plenty more experienced than her! She is 17 and has only been working in the castle for a couple of months, not nearly as much as the others who had cleaned his room before her. But her mother said she could and none of the other maids wanted to do it, because it was his room after all. But it wasn’t so bad, they had explained that he didn’t eat and hardly use his bed, so all she would really have to do is mop it, dust it and change the sheets. Which to be honest didn’t sound so bad and in her free time she could help make food in the kitchen with her mother, there could never be too many people cooking the food. So it was compulsory that if you didn’t have anything to do, that you must help in the kitchen. The cooks are always happy with the help. She wouldn’t need to stay as his personal servant that followed him around because as soon as he got one he would dismiss them because he never wanted one.
She sighed; her dark bronzy/golden hair was tied back in a ponytail. She flicked her head so that her side fringe got out of her eye, since she was carrying a bucket of water and a mop she couldn’t use her hands. She was slightly shorter than medium height for her age, but she didn’t mind and she was slim. She had freckles splashed across her nose and had hazel eyes. She was wearing a brown maid dress because that’s what she was, a maid that worked in the castle.
Oh God, she best not mess this up. If she did … well she didn’t want to think about that. She walked through the wide halls then turned to large wooden doors. She knew that the owner was out, patrolling a nearby town, scaring the towns people to death and looking for any of the remaining resistance that didn’t die in the major battle that killed that recent resistance leader China Sorrows, a couple of weeks ago. She put the bucket down and knocked, just in case he was in there.
“Hello … Um if anyone is in there I’m coming in to clean the floors,” she called into the room.
She opened up the large door and walked into the large room with a high ceiling, across the room there where French glass doors leading onto a stone balcony. To the right side of the room there was a king sized bed with a wooden frame and a book shelf next to the door. To the left there was a writing desk with a chair, a spear rack with spears on it, a fire place with two comfy looking chairs with wooden framing and a coffee table between them. There were a couple of tapestries on the wall but not much decoration otherwise.
“Wow, this whole room could almost fit my house in it!” she said.
She dusted the room and then mopped the floor, but she didn’t need to change the sheets because no one had slept in them.


“So Adelle, how did it go? Was it easy enough to do?” her mother asked when she walked in to the large kitchen. Her mother was a woman with shoulder length blond hair, and blue eyes and she was just a little on the plump side.
 “Um … good, I guess. The room is all clean and he wasn’t in there, so yeah” she said as she walked over to the massive island bench.
“That’s good! It’s just the way it’s supposed to be, you’re not seen but your work is! Wonderful!” said her mother cheerfully “Oh and did I mention you’re doing his room permanently, all of the –“
“WHAT!!! I thought this was a one off thing!”
“Well yes but there is no one else to do it, and -”
“NO ONE ELSE! This place is –“
“Yes, there is no one else … everyone else already have assigned jobs to do and you have only been on this job for a couple of months so -”
“Exactly! I have only been a maid for a couple of months, so I don’t have the experience to do his room all the time -”
“You do have the experience!”
“No, actually, I don’t because cleaning his room is a death sentence!”
“You did it once, so you can do it again!”
“No” her mother said calmly “Cleaning his room is not a death sentence, meeting him however might be” There where murmurs of agreement thought the kitchen
“No but you are cleaning his room permanently from now on, I have agreed on it and so have many others. So that is what you shall do!”
“Fine” Adelle mumbled.


It had been a week since Adelle started cleaning Lord Vile’s room and she never saw him in there, because she did the cleaning whenever he was out. He was still busy searching for the resistance. She knew that it wouldn’t last so she was working out the pattern of when he was out doing things other than search for the remainders of the resistance. She had just put the cleaning stuff away and entered the kitchen
“Hi Mum, how’s the cooking going?” asked Adelle
“Good. There is no complicated dishes, it is simpler today and fresh supplies were just brought in” she said as she pointed the tip of the knife over to the crates near the large doors at the opposite end of the room
“Excuse me” said a cook from behind her. It was a woman, carrying a large metal pot with steam coming out of it.
“Oh, sorry” Adelle said as she moved out of the way and the cook passed her, and went over to the sinks “So what can I do?”
“You can get out of the way for one thing” said another cook wanting to get past
“Sorry, sorry!” she said as she moved
“Get five tomatoes, ten carrots and lettuce” said her mother
“Sure” she said as she moved to the refrigerator dogging more busy cooks on the way “Five tomatoes, ten carrots and lettuce” she muttered to herself repeatedly as she wandered the massive fridge trying to find the vegetables. After she found all of what she needed, she came to stand between her mother and her friend, Sarah. Sarah was about her height and like her had hazel eyes and freckles. Sarah had brown hair and was slim, but not as slim as Adelle. Sarah was a maid that cleaned the castle halls and rooms that weren’t occupied by people, but otherwise she cooked and replaced people when necessary, like Adelle.
“Hi Sarah, how are you today?”
“I’m good how about you?”
“Yeah I’m good!” Adelle responded “So what are we making today?”
“Soup”, her mother replied “a big fancy soup with lots of flavour and wonderful side dishes!”
“OK. So how do you want me to chop up the veggies?” Adelle asked
“Chop the carrots and the tomatoes up small. The lettuce I would like in thin strips and get rid of the tomato seeds”
“OK” she said “… Hey Mum, why doesn’t Lord Vile eat?”
“We have spoken about this before, I don’t know, no one does”
“OK thanks for answering honestly”
“Why did you want to know?” Asked Sarah
“I dunno … I was just curious”


The next day lord Vile walked back to his room after lunch. He didn’t eat anything but it was always insisted that he comes in case they ended up talking about something important. He would often go just for the sake of passing time but not always and nobody minded, after all it wasn’t like he contributed anything. When he got back to his room it was nice and quiet, just how he liked it. He walked over to his book shelf and took a book off it. Then walked over to the chairs by the fire place, then he noticed a folded piece of paper on the coffee table. He put the book down and picked up the paper. It was written in neat running writing. The person was obviously educated, unlike some of the maids.

Dear Lord Vile

I am deeply burning with curiosity and so I must ask, will you answer some of my questions?
Why don’t you eat? Is it because you don’t like the food or is it for another reason? If so will you tell me?
Why don’t you sleep in your bed? Isn’t it more comfortable than the chair?

If you do decide to answer the questions please leave a note on the coffee table.
Thank you very much!

A curious person

Lord Vile looked at the paper longer than he had to; no one had written a letter to him in a while. He studied the handwriting, but couldn’t recognise it.
He debated with himself for a while whether he should reply or not. He finally decided to reply considering he didn’t have much else to do with his time.


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