Tuesday, 16 October 2012

SP FanFic Other Dimention Part 05


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Lord Vile walked in the room with flecks of blood on his armour.
“Ah Lord Vile, here you are! Did you kill her?” Mevolent asked
“Yes” He whispered
“Great where’s the body? I wish to make sure you did it” Mevolent said. Lord Vile cocked he’s head as if to ask ‘You doubted me?’ Lord Vile gestured with his hand and a couple of red hoods came forward dragging a body with them. The body was in a brown maid’s dress and had a hole through the stomach. The face was mangled beyond comprehension, so much that the face no longer looked like a face but an area covered in blood and with chunks of flesh hanging loosely in the wrong places.
“No … No, No, No, No!” Adelle sobbed “No t-this can’t be right! No! Mum! No, No wake up mum, wake up!” Adelle said as the knelt next to her “Please” she whispered as she touched the cold skin. She was sobbing loud hard sobs that made her whole body shake. Adelle’s face had red blotches from sobbing, but she didn’t care, her mum was dead and she wasn’t coming back.
“You killed her” she whispered to Lord Vile, “YOU KILLED HER!” Adelle roared as she leaped at him. The two red hoods caught her in mid-air and tried to drag her away from him.
“I HATE YOU! I HATE YOU” she struggled the red hoods made her face Mevolent, then made her kneel, “I hate you” she whispered
“Now you’re a sorcerer that’s a little unexpected. But I haven’t seen a person be able to change their size before! Tell me how long have you known that you were a sorcerer?” Asked Mevolent his voice soft
“A-about a y-year” said Adelle still sobbing
“Mmunm so not that long? You seem like you have a good amount of control over it.”
“N-no I don’t, b-but my emotions m-make it easier t-to do”
“Yes I would imagine so. How did you find out that you were a sorcerer and why didn’t you tell anyone beforehand?”  
“Well” Adelle said calming down a bit, “My Grandfather di-died about a year ago, a-and when I found out about his d-death I-I was devastated, h-he was the best gr-grandfather anyone could e-ever have! I-I went to my room and curled up on the floor, I-I felt so small, and I-I don’t know when I finally stopped crying, I-I found that I w-as s-so small.” Adelle took in a ragged breath, “It took me half an hour t-to g-get back to about regular size. A-and, and-” Adelle burst out crying; she brought her knees up to her chest and sobbed. She couldn’t take it anymore her mother was dead and she would never forgive herself, it was her fault, if she didn’t give Lord Vile the messages that maybe her mother would still be alive!
Mevolent sighed “Ok, why didn’t you tell any on earlier? You could of gotten respect and you could of gotten a better job than being a maid”
“W-with a-all due respect I-I didn’t want t-to get involved t-till I was eighteen, the I-I would have been a legal adult, a-and I though t-that I-I could keep my f-family o-out of it, b-because I though i-if I was an a-adult then n-no one from the r-resistance o-or your sorcerers w-would n-need to contact my f-family.”
Mevolent grunted
“Your under clothes, they still seem to fit you, why is that?” Asked Serpine
“W-well I told a-a tailor a-about my s-situation, h-he made m-me this d-dress, h-he made it f-for free b-because he wanted the c-challenge. He s-said that I-I could pay him back w-when I w-was older.”
“So he just wanted the challenge? Who is this tailor?”
“Mr Cotes, h-he’s a sorcerer, j-just an elemental. He w-works on Jamison street”
“Your leg is still in tacked even thought I saw a red hood’s scythe hit it, how is this?” Asked Serpine
“W-well the further a-away from my o-original size I get t-the harder my skin is t-to pierce”
“Mmmmm … well I have come up with a generous offer, that you can either accept or refuse, it’s you choice” said Mevolent with a wolfish grin, “The offer is that you could work for me and be one of my mages, you will be payed when you work of course, the right amount, and we can forget this thing ever happened”
Adelle opened her mouth to scream something like ‘You stupid bitch, my mother’s dead how can I forget this’ but she quickly realised who she was about to well it to, and she figure her family would have had enough deaths for one day, so she closed her mouth again, then opened it,
“And my Lord what if I don’t accept?”
“Well then it’s quite simple really, you and your family will be considered as resistance and be hunted down, captured for information, if you don’t tell information then we shall force out of all you, physically or mentally. So it’s your choice” said Mevolent still grinning. Adelle wanted to wipe the grin off his face so bad! But she knew that that had won, and so did he. Adelle sighed
“Ok I’ll agree but I only want to work part time, the rest I’ll work as a maid” she said. Mevolent considered this for a moment.
“I have no objection to that. But you and your family can’t leave the walls of this city or you shall be considered part of the resistance. Although you may leave when you are instructed by me.”
“My Lord I mean no disrespect, and I understand your decision but we have extended family outside the walls and we tend to visit them every few years for Christmas or New Year. And it would be nice to be able to visit them”
“You may leave the City for those occasions but a number of mages must be informed which town you are going to and when you are leaving, from there the mages will keep an eye on you and your family but they will stay a respectable distance away from your family meeting”
“Thank you My Lord you are too kind” Adelle said as she bowed her head.
“Lord Vile please assort this young lady home” said Mevolent as he gave Lord Vile he keys to the cuffs “Oh and I expect your full cooperation from now on, considering how generics I have been to you. You will start tomorrow”
Adelle nodded and stood up, her leg was sour from where the red hood’s scythe hit, the looked down, the was a massive ugly bruise forming. Lord Vile remover the cuffs, she felt her magic flood back into her, it made her feel good and strong, she barely managed to stop herself from punching Lord Vile and Mevolent. She tried not to look at her mother because every time she did tears threatened to spill everywhere.
“What is your name?” asked Mevolent
“Given on taken?” Adelle replied
“Both if you have both” he responded
“My Lord my given name is Adelle Gent and my taken name is Adelaide Shifter”
“Why did you chose that name?”
“Well my Lord I liked the name Adelle, and Adelle can be short for Adelaide, although it’s not for me. And I chose Shifter because I’m a size shifter.”
“Interesting, you may leave now!” said Mevolent, Adelle gave a bow, collected her dress and shoes, then followed Lord Vile out of the room.
When the doors had closed Adelle slipped on her shoes then started walking to the kitchen. Lord Vile stepped in her path and reached for her elbow. Adelle drew back.
“Leave me alone!” she said her voice harsh.
“Where are you going?” he asked.
“I’m going to the kitchen” she replied and tried to pass him, but he stepped in her way
“Well I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m in a short sleeved dress that ends just above my knees and it’s snowing outside!” she said with anger rising in her voice. Lord Vile just cocked his head, and then grabbed her shoulder but before she could pull out of his grip they shadow walked.


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