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SP FanFic Other Dimention Part 03


Thanks to Death Rose for reading this! and making me feel very loved!!! :D !!! Now we are all happy!!!

It had been weeks and their conversation via letters was still going. Adelle talked a lot about her life and Lord Vile continued to ask her questions about it. Lord Vile didn’t talk much about himself. Although he found that every time Adelle saw him she became more confident around him, she even started telling him about her day when she noticed that he wasn’t paying attention to his book. She had started talking a little less formally around him to. He didn’t mind she was often one of the more interesting events of the day.


It had been a month since Adelle first met Lord Vile personally and they were quite friendly now, but Adelle told no one about it. Adelle walked into Lord Vile’s room put down her stuff then closed the door.
“Child don’t you knock?” said a voice. Adelle spun around to see Nefarian Serpine.
“Oh, Lord Serpine!” Adelle said as she bowed “I am so sorry I was not expecting you here!”
“Yes obviously!” he turned to Lord Vile, “You have a very bad mannered one here, you should replace her!” Adelle felt deep shallowness inside her chest, she felt hurt by Nefarian’s words. Then replaced by panic, was she going to be replaced? Would she be forced to leave work in the castle
“She’s only young” said Lord Vile
“Yes, I guess that is true” Serpine replied in a natural tone. Then relief flooded into her, she  wasn’t going to leave the castle.
“I could leave if you want, and come back later when no one is here!” said Adelle
“Well at least she can recognise that we are in a conversation” Serpine said cruelly “Yes leave us!”
“She can stay” said lord Vile
“She what?”
“She works quickly. Don’t you” he said looking at her
“Oh yes, I only have dusting to do and that shouldn’t take long!” Adelle said as she bowed
“Well it is your room Lord Vile so it is your choice that has the final say” said Serpine
Adelle started dusting at the book shelf trying not to listen to their conversation. She managed to only be half listening which was the best she could do. She was going around the room anti clock-wise. She had done most of the room then got to the spear rack, weaving the duster in and out of the spears. When she got to the middle of it, she accidentally pulled too hard. She saw the spears starting to fall, all the she could do was put her arms up to protect her face and squeeze her eyes shut. She felt something cold and hard touch her arms and it spread around the top of her back. She could hear the clanging of the spears as they hit the ground, and the sound of the rack hitting something hard above her. She waited a few moments to make sure that all of the spears had fallen. Then she cranked her eyes open, behind her arms she could see something black. She turned her head to see black armoured arms wrapped around her side and her back. Adelle turned her head to see Lord Vile holding on to her, with the spear rack leaning on his back. Did he jump in the way of the spears, for her?
“Um … I’m OK, um … can you please let go?” whispered Adelle.  Lord Vile dropped his arms by his side.
“Hear let me help u with that!” Adelle said as she jumped next to him, and then lifted the rack off his back. When Lord Vile stood up straight she saw how short she was compared to him, it made her feel so insignificant.
“Um … thank you very much Lord Vile!” she said as she bowed, “I’d best clean this up”
“Do we need to get another maid to help you so you don’t make an even bigger mess?” demanded Serpine
“Um … no Lord Serpine I’ll be fine, and much more carful this time” she responded looking at him as she did.
“OK then, Lord Vile shall we go somewhere else to continue our conversation?”
Lord Vile said nothing but went and walked out the doors to the hall. Once they had both left and the doors closed, Adelle let out a sigh and relaxed her muscles that where all tensed. Oh god, she was so confused! Why did he not just let it fall on her, or pull her out of the way? Why did he put himself in the way? Why waste time with her, she could easily be replaced? Her mind was buzzing with questions, but this would be one of those things that she would have to keep a secret. If this got out she could be blamed for it and punished. She quickly finished putting the spears on the rack and finished dusting.


Winter had begun, the nights where longer and there was a constant blanket of snow over the city. Lord Vile was sticking to the shadows of the night, keeping him well hidden. Adelle didn’t know that he was following her. He wanted to make sure that she was safe. Safe the word is so simple, sounds so easy, but it is easier to say than do. Lord Vile knew that from experience.  This was the first person that he wanted to keep safe for a while. This was the first person that he cared for in a while. The part of him that wasn’t the vile killer was holding on to her, and wasn’t going to let go. There wasn’t much of that man left in him but the girl somehow brought him out. She talked to him, about thing that didn’t involve killing people. Adelle was still scared of him, he saw it.
She stayed late tonight because it was winter and she needed to light a fire in his fireplace, to keep his room warm for the night. She had explained this to him a week ago when she came to light it. Adelle told him that she had to stay late to light it, and she was walking home on her own because her mother had to leave as usual to make the dinner for everyone else in her family.
He had first started to follow a week ago, her the day the spear rack almost fell on her, and he just wanted to make sure that she was OK. And now he wanted to make sure that she was safe. In the street there was only her and a man with a stubby beard, in a long grubby coat.


The snow fell quietly during the evening and it was still snowing lightly when Adelle left the castle. The lights were on in the street and there was snow on the road. Everything was quiet. Most people were inside at this time. Adelle had to walk from the castle almost to the wall because her house that was at the edge of the city, near the wall. Her family was fortunate to live inside the wall. This place was mainly for sorcerers that lived within the walls. But there were a few mortal families, but that was because they worked in the castle, and it was just for convenience for them to get there early and the blimps didn’t have to pick them up. Oh god she was tired, she just wanted to get home. A man with a stubby beard and a long grubby coat was on the street looking at her. She briefly glanced at him but didn’t stare, it wasn’t polite to stare. All of a sudden he jumped at her, she yelped and stepped back. He grabbed her basked; she slammed her free elbow onto his forearm. He yelped and recalled, almost dropping the basket. Then he punched her in the jaw, she fell to the ground, her head spinning.
“HEY!” she yelled as she got up, “GIVE THAT BACK” she started running after him, her run was clumsy because her head was still spinning but after a few moment’s she got her balance. The man was a fair bit ahead of her, but she was a fast runner, she could catch him. She started pilling on the speed just as the man stopped suddenly in front of her. He turned his head and looked into a dark alley. Then blood splattered on the white snow as black spike appeared from he’s back. Adelle stopped a few metres from where the man was. He was held up right by the spike. He gave a little gurgle then went limp and flopped on the spike for support. He was dead and she knew it. Lord Vile walked out from the ally. Adelle took a couple of steps back.
“Y-y-y, w-w, y-y, w-why” Adelle stuttered
He walks over to the body and picks up her fallen basket and walked over to her. As he does this, the spike retraces into the ground leaving the body to land with a lifeless thud. Lord Vile doesn’t seem to notice the body.  He just keeps waking towards Adelle. Adelle take a few small steps backwards. Oh god, what use will a few steps do? He can shadow walk and if I run then I won’t live any longer. When he gets to Adelle he holds out her basket. She hesitates.
“Um … uh … thanks, I guess” said Adelle as she takes her basket, “Um … I-I’ve got to go home now. Thank you for your help Lord Vile”
She started walking away, but she heard the crunch of foot step following her. Adelle stoped and turned, Lord Vile keep walking to catch up to her.
“Um … aren’t you going to go home? To the castle” she asked. Lord Vile cocked his head then moved it in a gesture to keep moving. She stated walking again.
“Ok then. Do you need to see my house or something?” she asked
Lord Vile said nothing but kept walking next to her.
“I take that as ‘or something’” she muttered. They walked in silence the rest of the way to Adelle’s house.
They turned into the street that Adelle’s house was in.
“So … um … how do I put this, how, no why where you in that ally?”
There was no response.
“Um … no offence but it’s kind of creepy when you came out of that ally! … um not that it’s bad for your reputation if anything in improves it … um you know makes it more scary.” Adelle swallowed “And well … I can’t help but feel that you’re following me home because I’m in trouble.” She said in a small voice

“You’re not in trouble” replied Lord Vile
“Oh ok then … but my family o-or my neighbours a-are they in trouble”
“No there’re not”
“Ok then but if no one is in trouble then why are you following me home?”
“I’m not following, I’m accompanying” said Lord Vile
Adelle stiffened “You’re not serious are you?”
“Does it look like I’m joking?”
Lord Vile just nodded
“So you’re not here to hurt me of my family?”
“No, I wouldn’t hurt you” as soon as Lord Vile finished the sentence Adelle froze
“You what? Did I hear correctly” she asked. Lord Vile turned and looked at her
“Yes” he turned back and kept walking without her. He stopped in front of a small one level house with a nicely groomed garden that was now covered in snow.
“How do you know which one’s my house?” she asked as he stopped in front of the door and looked at her, but said nothing. Adelle searched through her basket and brought out an old copper key. She was just about to put the key in the lock but before she could the door opened and Adelle’s mother stood in the door way. Heat radiated from the small home and fought agents the cold atmosphere.
“Oh good Adelle your home I was getting worried”
“I’m sorry mum but I left a little later than usual got in a little bit of trouble” Adelle said as she glanced at Lord Vile. Adelle’s mother eyes went wide as her gaze went to Lord Vile, “Oh don’t worry it’s all good now, there’s nothing to worry about!” Adelle said quickly, trying to keep her mother calm.
“Good after noon Lord Vile would you like to come inside for some tea or to warm up because it’s awfully cold out there” Adelle’s mother stated politely
“No thank you” he said than shadow walked way
“That is one way to make and exit” Adelle said
“Yes indeed, now come inside all the cold air is getting in”



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