Wednesday, 17 October 2012

SP FanFic Other Dimention Part 06


Thank to all that read this!!!

And if any want to be in the story just tell me! Oh and say what side your on (the Resistance or Mevolent's) and give me a description of what  you look like and your powers!
Note you might not be in it a lot or for a bit, I've still got to wright a lot to get up to the seance.

“Wha- where did we … oh right my house” Adelle said as she looked around. Then she noticed her brothers on the carpet.
“Boys can you please go to you room I want a privet conversation with Lord Vile” Adelle’s brothers cocked their heads “Please go now!” Adelle said with more urgency. The boys picked up the almost completed puzzle and went to their room, “And close your door all the way!” Adelle shouted after them.
“Why are we in my house?”
“Go get changed” he whispered
“Why” she asked, Lord Vile just glared at her, “Fine” Adelle said as she stormed off to her room


A few minutes latter Adelle came out wearing another brown maids dress, because the other ripped when she grew. Lord Vile was still standing exactly where he was.
“Where is Mr Thomson’s house?” asked Lord Vile
“What our neighbour Mr Thomson lives to the left of us” Adelle said as she pointed to her left. Lord Vile grasped her shoulder and they shadow walked.


“Hey, wha- … are we at Mr Thomson’s?” asked Adelle as she looked around the two story house.
“Show Adelle her mother” said Lord Vile, Adelle spun around to see Mr Thomson staring at Lord Vile.
“Um …” said Mr Thomson, then he cleared his throat, “Lord Vile as much as I welcome one of Mevolent’s generals into my home, I ask that you use the front door! And as for Adelle’s mother I have not the slightest idea of what you’re talking about!”
“Lord Vile? What are yo- Adelle a-are you ok? Are you hurt?” said Adelle’s mother as she pocked her head out of one of the doors, then harried over to Adelle
“Mum, wha- but how?” Adelle hugged her mother, “ I-I saw you before a-and you were dead! How are you alive?”
“Lord Vile brought me home and told me to go hide! As for me being dead I can’t explain that part because I didn’t know about it!” Adelle’s mum turned her head to Lord Vile
“I saw some one that looked like you, so I made her be ‘you’”
“He know about this?” asked Mr Thomson
“Know about he saved me and made it look like he killed me, I think he knew exactly what he as doing” said Adelle’s mother. Just then Adelle detached herself from her mother and lunged into a hug around Lord Vile, he stiffened with his arms suspended in the air looking like he didn’t know what to do with them. Mr Thomason and Adelle’s mum stiffened, and held their breath
“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! OH MY GOD THANK YOU!” said Adelle from around Lord Vile’s waist. Slowly Lord Vile lowered his arms and hugged Adelle back
“Um … your welcome” Lord Vile said. Mr Thomson and Adelle’s mother let out a sigh, and breathed again.
“Now then, did you know that you were a sorcerer?” asked Adelle’s mother
“Yes, I did” replied Adelle as she let go of Lord Vile and straightened up.
“You’re a sorcerer?” asked Mr Thomson
“Yes sir”
“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”
“Um … well … because I wanted time to develop my ability to control it, and was worried that you would reject me because I was different” she said in soft voice
“Oh Adelle we would never reject you, your mu daughter and no matter what you are or what you do I’ll love you!” she said as she pulled Adelle into a hug.
“I’ll go get Will and Ben they’ve got to know that you’re still alive” said Adelle
“They already know, they were on the carpet when Lord Vile shadow walked in” replied Adelle’s mum, she sighed “You can’t tell anyone that I’m still alive, if the word gets out we’re all dead, … maybe not you Lord Vile, even if Lord Mevolent turns on you, you could do some major damage and get away. But the rest of us, including your Tony, Will and Ben will be dead”
“What about dad?” asked Adelle. Tony was Adelle’s dad’s given name, and Debbie was her mums.
“No y-you can’t tell your father, not yet, not till we can all get out of here!” said Debbie. Adelle’s eyes widened
“Oh no, oh no I-I’m so, so, so sorry, b-but Dad, Will. Ben and I can’t leave”
“Why?” said Debbie frowning
“Lord Mevolent was going to kill all of us if I didn’t agree to work for him, and because we work for him we can’t leave the City without telling a number of mages so they can Keep an eye on us, otherwise if we leave the City otherwise we will be considered as people from the Resistance and we will be all hunted down for the supposed information about the resistance we’ll have” said Adelle quietly without making any eye contact.
“Oh … that’s ok at least your all alive and intact! But what happened? The last I saw you were beating up some red hoods” Asked Debbie
“I got captured”
“How you attacked the red hoods and live?” asked Mr Thomson
“My skin is harder to pierce the further away from my regular size I am, so I have a massive bruise on my leg, but that’s all the injuries that I got! … And I had some help from you Mr Thomson” all at once everyone looked at Mr Thomson
“Wait what do you mean I helped?”
“You taught me how to defend myself, so I use some of the things I learnt, but my fighting was sloppy and not so good, but I guess it got the job done!”
“Oh yea I taught you how to defend yourself in case you get robed or some guy tries to do something to you in the street!” Adelle and Lord Vile exchanged a glance, “Not to go and beat up red hoods!” Mr Thomson continued.
“Yea Sorry about that Mr Thomson” said Adelle
“Well I at least I know that you learnt something from me!” said Mr Thomson, Adelle just nodded to this.
“You best get going, and explain this to your father, but not the part about me being alive, unfortunately too many people know already”
“I’ll try to get your mother out of the City as soon as possible” said Mr Thomson
“Thank you Mr Thomson, good bye Mum! I’ll seen you soon ok!”
“Yes but don’t come over to often and keep everyone safe!”
“Yes, I will” said Adelle; as if that was Lord Vile’s queue, he shadow walked them to Adelle’s house

“So you killed someone else instead of my mother?” asked Adelle as they arrived in her house.
“Would you rather your mother?”
“No, but I’m sure the people she knew would” Lord Vile just looked at her, “Not that I’m not grateful or anything!” said Adelle quickly, Lord Vile nodded
“Good bye” he said
“Bye, see you tomorrow” after she finished her sentence Lord Vile shadow walked. She waited a couple of moments to make sure that he was really gone.
“Boys, you can come out of your room if you want, Lord Vile’s gone home!” Adelle shouted to her brothers.


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