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SP FanFic Other Dimention Part 07


Hi sorry it took to wright more but I have school and assingments sooo yea.
Um the offer is still up for all that want to be in this fanfic! If you do want to be in it please post a coment containing this infomation:
Their age, what they looks like and what they are
Their powers, or magical abilities
What they looks like, like what colour hair etc.
What they tends to where
And what side they are on, (Risistance or Mevolent's)

The next day Adelle went to the storage area, where the maids store their belongings. It’s a hall with pigeon holes all along it. Only the Pigeon holes hold an individual maid’s belongings in it. Adelle noticed that today everyone was keeping their distance a little more than usual. This was not a good sign. Adelle saw Sarah and walked over to her.
“Hi Sarah! How are you?” Adelle asked, Sarah spun around startled, “Oh I’m sorry I didn’t mean to frighten you! … Do you know why everyone is keeping their distance?”
“I-I’m good Miss, and I don’t know about them keeping their distance.” replied Sarah
“Miss? What’s with the Miss?”
“W-well you are a s-sorcerer are you not?”
“Yes but” Then it occurred to Adelle why everyone was acting so different to her, she was a sorcerer the maids where mortals and mortals fear sorcerers. They were all scared of her! “Sarah please call me Adelle, I’m still your friend I all ways have been and whether I’m a sorcerer on not that’s not going to change!”
“I-I’m sorry but it’s going to have to, you can’t have me as a friend any more, people will think of me a suck up, and my family might get hurt a-and I can’t risk that, a-an-and I-I’m scared. I’m sorry but we can’t be friends anymore” said Sarah, she said it so softly, and she sounded so scared.
“Please Sarah, I lost my mum yesterday I-I don’t want to lose you to!” said my voice as soft as hers
“I-I’m so sorry” she said before she turned her back and hurried away.
“Miss … Miss Shifter … um … Miss Adelaide Shifter”
“Hu … Oh sorry” I said turning around to face the person that called my name, “Hea yea, um I’m not use to that name yet, Sorry!”
“It’s quite alright Miss” said the maid, she looked to be in her thirties with long black hair in a ponytail. “Lord Mevolent wants to see you, follow me”
“Um … ok” said Adelle as she followed the maid.
They walked to a room somewhere in the middle of the castle. It was a large room, bigger than Lord Vile’s room. In the middle a boxing ring. All around the edges of the room there was mates. In the right corner there was two rings suspended from the roof. To the left there was balancing beams and other equipment used in gymnastics. Majority on the right side there was equipment to do boxing with. The back there was some racks with wooden weapons on it. The front was also covered in mats. In front of the boxing ring was Mevolent and he was talking to a girl that looked to be about the age of 17. She was thin, with Golden brown hair with copper and blonde streaks with blue eyes. She was wearing white leather jacket with grey skinny jeans and combat boots. When Adelle got close enough she bowed and waited to be acknowledged.
“You don’t need to bow like a mortal anymore, you’re a sorcerer and sorcerers only bow a little.” said Mevolent,  Adelle stoped bowing, but didn’t make eye contact
“Yes My Lord” She replied, Mevolent grunted.
“This is Death Rose” Death rose Adelle thought, I’ve herd of her, “She is one on my deadliest assassin’s, but she is also the youngest, she will be training you, so that you are better at combat. I thought you might like someone more your age”
“Thank you My Lord” Adelle said inclining her head to Death
“You’re a sorcerer you can call me Lord Mevolent, not ‘my lord’ that is for mortals”
“Yes My- uh um I mean Lord Mevolent”
“That’s better don’t you think Death?”
“Yes it is” said Death
“I got someone to go to the tailor that made your undergarment, and got him to make you some pants and a coat that should a just to your size like your undergarment. I thought it would be better because I don’t want to see you in just that dress again!”
“Yes Lord Mevolent I will agree it is too short to wear on its own. But it was only meant for emergency, and having it is better than having nothing at all!” said Adelle grinning, as Death giggled.
“Yes I’m glad you had the sense to get something like that!” said Mevolent, “Anyway I shall be off, Death you know how to start, and Adelaide your clothes are over there” said Mevolent as he pointed to the corner of the boxing ring, “And the cloths will be your first day’s payment”
“Thank you Lord Mevolent” Adelle said as she inclined her head as he left, Death did the same.
“Hi, I’m Death Rose and I’m your trainer!” said Death
“Hi Death I’m … um Adelaide Shifter and I’ll be your student!”
“Why did you hesitate before your name?”
“Oh um … well I’m still not use to it! I only told some people my name yesterday”
“Did you make it up on the spot?”
“No but it did take me some time to pick a name that felt right. But I have only actually be called it today, so yea I’m not use to being called it yet, so if I don’t respond to Adelaide then call me Adelle”
“Ok then, an you put your clothes on then we’ll start, and you can get change in here, because there’s only me!”
“Ok” said Adelle as she picked up her clothes. She slipped her paints that she was wearing under her dress off, and then put the new paints on. She took of the maid’s dress and laid it over the rope around the ring. The she put on the coat. Her paints where light grey, skin tight and ended not too far below her knee. Her coat was the same colour grey and ended mid-thigh. They looked good with her short white dress.
“So what is your magical ability?” Asked Adelle
“I can Kill people with a glare and twist gravity. What can you do?” Death replied calmly
“Oh cool! Um … I can change my size and the further away from my regular size the tougher my skin is. So the best I could do is probably squishing you!”
“Cool! Can you show me? … But don’t squish me, Ok”
“Um Ok” Adelle said, then started to grow in size, at first the cloths don’t a just, but as she get bigger the clothes stop staying the same size. The dress that ended just above Adelle’s knees is at her mid-thigh. The paints that use to end below her knees cover only half of her knees and the coat that ended at mid-thigh has ended at her waist, but thankfully the sleeves stay at her wrists.
“Cool! Normally the first tip I would give would be to use your size and weight to your advantage but I think you already have that covered!” said Death with a grin on her face
“Ha yea that’s kind of under control! I can shrink to” said Adelle as she shrunk back to normal size
“so you can be smaller that you are now?” asked Death
“Cool, I take it you want to see my ability now?”
“Yes please … only not the one where you kill people but looking at them!”
“Fine” Death sighed in disappointment “I’ll just show you how I twist gravity, watch the waits” said Death, as Adelle looked over Death twisted her hands and the waits lifted off there racks and spun in mid-air.
“Oh cool! Can you change you gravity to make yourself float?”
“You know I haven’t tried that before! Let’s give it a go!” said Death enthusiastically, all of a sudden Adelle started slowly lifting up
“Waaaaaa” Adelle said as she starts slowly spinning as Death giggled, “Ahhhhh, put me down, put me down, put me down!” Adelle landed on the mat with a thud, death started laughing
“Ah-ah-h-ow” Adelle said, the n she sat up and started giggling, “What was kind of fun! You should try it!”
“Ok” said Death a moment later she was slowly drifting upwards, and slowly spinning, “Hey this is really fun! Why didn’t I try this earlier?”
“Sarah would love this!”
“Who’s Sarah?”
“She’s … was my friend”
“What do you mean was” said Death trying to sit up right why hovering, she was failing because while her position was correct her head would slowly spin downwards so that her legs where above her head, then it would keep spinning till her head was in the right position then it would spin downwards again.
“She said that we couldn’t be friends”
“Because I’m a sorcerer, and it would be dangerous to be my friend”
“Why would it be dangerous? Wouldn’t it be better?”
“No, you don’t understand, maybe I’ll explain it another day” Death seamed to understand that it was not a topic Adelle wanted to talk about.
“Ok, we might actually want to do some training, so let’s get to it!” said Death, and when her feet where underneath her she dropped to the ground. “Let get this party started”

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