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SP FanFic Other Dimantion Part 13

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I'm good ... I've been writing FanFic when I'm supposed t be doing Assignments! XD ah but FanFic's are so much more interesting than Assignments!


Lord Vile wasn’t particularly enjoying the party so when the resistance made there grand entrance there was something interesting to do and it involved violence. He was killing everyone that got to close, he could kill them all in one go if he wanted but then it would be boring again. And he liked the feel of him gaining power bit by bit. He was killing people off with shadow spikes and stoping projectiles using a sheet of shadows that intersected it about a meter and a half away from him. Lord Vile saw the crowd by the door, but he wasn’t too concerned, if they wanted to get out they could fight their way out. Lord Vile was on the stage so he could see what was going on over there, someone just crumpled to the ground for no reason, and they weren’t dead no by far. Then another person just after looked like they were trying to squash a large white insect. Death flared from underneath the shoe whatever was under the shoe was alive but barely. The man removed his foot looking satisfied with himself, the man bent down and poked it and a grin broke across his face. Lord Vile looked at the white thing, it wasn’t an insect, it was too large, and it looked to be about the size of a finger.
“No” whispered Lord Vile then shadow walked across the room
The man recalled, surprised that Lord Vile was in front of him. Lord Vile look down at what the man had squashed, and sure enough Adelle was lying there the chest was barely rising and her breaths were small and raspy. Lord Vile bent down and gently picked Adelle up. The man clicked his fingers and summoned a fireball; the shadows wrapped around his wrist and yanked it back, the fire ball dropped on the floor behind the man. The man looked at the fireball then at Lord Vile who was looking at Adelle, the man pushed the air but the shadows intercepted it, Lord Vile didn’t look up. Not another one he thought, No more. Lord Vile looked up at the man.
“RAAAAAAAAHHHHH” Lord Vile let out a cry of pure rage which was heard across the room and everyone froze. All the shadows in the room where at Lord Vile’s feet, they moved outward in a circle and turned to spikes. The shadows avoided Mevolent’s people but speared all of the resistance. Lord Vile left that man that stomped on Adelle alive,
“Die” he whispered then a shadow speared him. When the man dropped dead Lord Vile shadow walked onto the barge floating several feet away from the windows and speared them all too then shadow walked to Doctor Nye’s room.




Lord Vile appeared in the hospital wing where Doctor Nye worked. Doctor Nye didn’t attend the Ball instead it was muttering something over a dead corps while it was prodding the corps with a scalpel. It turned around when it heard Lord Vile’s footsteps
“What do you want, can’t you see I’m busy” said Doctor Nye
“Fix her” said Lord Vile as he moved his palms forward
“Ah look what we have here a tiny person” said Nye as he bent down to look at Adelle, “I’m sorry I can’t help her. Most of her bones look broken and it looks like she has internal bleeding. I can’t operate on her she’s too small” shadows started to dance around Nye growing sharper as they got closer. “OK! OK! I’ll see what I can do but I can’t do much when she’s this small!” said Doctor Nye as it put its arms up in surrender. Lord Vile gently placed Adelle on a bed, he could feel the rest of her life slowly draining out of her; she didn’t have much time left. Lord Vile nudged Adelle with his finger, it took a few goes but she eventually groaned and her eyelids fluttered open. Her eyes seamed to skim the room then closed again.
“Adelle” Lord Vile said as he nudged her, “Adelle you need to grow bigger, can you try and get as close to your regular size as possible” She didn’t respond, “Adelle” said Lord Vile as he nudged her again. She still didn’t respond. Not now you need to grow bigger or you’ll die! Thought Lord Vile. Then Adelle slowly started to grow bigger she grew to the size of an eight year old before she stopped.
“Yes this is better this is much better, I can help her a lot more now.” said Nye, “Now out while I work” It said as it pointed to the door. Lord Vile didn’t need to be told twice so he left. But Adelle felt a lot closer to death now, growing had taken a lot of energy out of her. Lord Vile sat on a wooden bench outside the hospital wing.
Lord Vile was lost in thought for a while till a voice disturbed him
“Um Excuse me Lord Vile but I was wondering if you had seen miss Adelaide Shifter?” said a maid, this maid looked the same age as Adelle.
“Yes I have” replied Lord Vile
“Uh Is she ok?” asked the maid. Lord Vile shrugged as a response when he did fear lit up un the maid’s eyes
“She’s with Doctor Nye, I don’t know how much longer Nye will be working on her” said Lord Vile
“T-thank you very much” she said as she bowed and hurried away.




Adelle groaned as she woke up. She was sore all over but it wasn’t too painful. Adelle sat up and looked around, she was in the hospital wing. Adelle remembered what happened; she remembered getting crushed and the sound of her bones braking; the pain and the sickening crack. She pulled her knees up wrapped her arms around herself, the memories after her being crushed where fuzzy and they were like a dream, a bad dream. And that crack, the sound of her bones braking kept repeating itself in her head and she couldn’t get it out. Adelle put her hands over her ears and shook her head, trying to get the sound out. Not this I don’t want to think of this! Anything but this sound. Then Adelle thought of the person that posed as her mother, the dead body. She thought of the man that stole her basket, the men on her front lawn, the sorcerer at the party, the sorcerers in the tavern and them exploding. Ahhhh No No NO! Adelle took a big shaky breath Happy thoughts think of happy thoughts. Adelle thought of her mother smiling, then her being dragged into the throne room. For every happy though that entered her head there was always a bad one after it. Adelle was griping her head now and her nails where dinging into her skin. Adelle tried thinking of songs, happy songs but Adelle knew very little happy songs and she couldn’t find any of the happy ones. Her thumbs where dinging into the soft skin under her ears, it hurt but Adelle didn’t care she just didn’t want to think of all the bad memories, but the pain only helped a little.
“Ah your finally wake” said Doctor Nye. Adelle looked up at it and jerked back in surprise. Adelle had seen Doctor Nye before but not up close, and it looked even weirder up close.
“Sorry I just haven’t seen you up close before” said Adelle, it smiled
“I get that reaction a lot” said Doctor Nye “Are you in pain?”
“Uh yes, everything’s sore”
“Uh that’s to be expected … you looked like you were in a lot of pain” said Nye
 “Oh uh that … um it’s just being stepped on isn’t a nice experience” said Adelle
“No I don’t believe it would be” said Nye
“Um … can I leave?” asked Adelle
“Oh no not yet I recommend staying for another hour just to make sure you’re Ok. And no size shifting till at least tomorrow morning” said Nye
“Ok … can I walk around the castle?” asked Adelle
“Uh I suggest you wait at least half an hour till you do that” replied Nye, “And there’s someone waiting for you, I’ll just get him” said Nye as he walked off. When Nye came back Lord Vile was following him.
“And here she is, and now I must get back to my work. If there’s any trouble come and get me” said Nye as he left.
“Hi” said Adelle as she gave a small wave, Lord Vile grabbed a chair, put it next to her bed and sat down in it.
“How are you?” He asked
“I’m good, sore but good. And much better than before. How about you?” said Adelle
“I’m well thank you” replied Lord Vile
“So uh what happened after I um passed out?”
“The Resistance lost, there all dead”
“All dead!”
“Yes, all dead” repeated Lord Vile, Adelle stared All of those people dead she thought.
“How is everyone else? How is Death? How is Sarah?”
“There are a few dead and out of the injuries yours where the worst”
“Never would of guesses” muttered Adelle
“Death’s fine and I’m not sure about Sarah”
“Oh right you don’t know Sarah, ah she’s a maid and a friend of mine”
“Is she your age, with brown hair and a bit shorter than you?” asked Lord Vile,  Adelle stared in surprise
“Uh yes that sounds like her”
“If we’re talking about that same person then she’s fine, she wanted to know how you were last night”
“Wait last night! What time is it?” asked Adelle frantically
“It’s six” replied Lord Vile
“Six am!” exclaimed Adelle
“Six pm” replied Lord Vile calmly
“SIX PM!” Screeched Adelle, “Crap! My dad must be as worried as hell!” Adelle pulled off the sheet covers to jump out of bed but she quickly realised she was only in her underwear and bra, “Crap” she said as she pulled the sheet back over herself and clutched it to her chest. Adelle blushed she had just flashed Lord Vile; today was not going well for her. “Um sorry!” she said quickly, “Um could you please pass me my clothes?” asked Adelle
“No” replied Lord Vile
“What!” said Adelle, “Wait is this because I’m not supposed to leave the castle yet” as if answering Lord Vile cocked his head, “Fine” said Adelle as she pulled at the top sheet. It came off and she wrapped it around herself like as dress and slid out of bed. The sheet-dress was too long and Adelle made a face at it. She pulled it up and walked to where her clothes where. She grabbed them then went back and put them on her bed.
“Ok out” she said but Lord Vile only cocked his head, “You see this area where the curtain goes, out of it” but Lord Vile only chocked his head further, and Adelle sighed, “I want to get changed without you seeing my underclothing again”
“I can turn around” he said
“Look, no just out” Adelle said getting a little annoyed now
“No” he said, Adelle sighed
“Your stubborn sometimes aren’t you” said Adelle
“Yes” replied Lord Vile and Adelle though she heard amusement in his voice, just for a second.
“Fine but if you look I’ll-”
“You’ll what?” he said with a bit of amusement is his voice again
“I’ll find a way to permanently blindfold you” Adelle replied as she closed the curtains. Once she closed the curtains Lord Vile stood and turned around. And so she changed but kept an eye on Lord Vile in case he did turn around. But he didn’t
“Ok I’m changed now” said Adelle as she started pulling the curtains back. Adelle walked towards the door then Lord Vile stood in front of it with his arms crossed. Adelle sighed
“What now?” said Adelle, “You know I’m going to get past those doors whether you like it or not. So can you please move?” but Lord Vile just stood there, “You’re worried about me right? Well my dad’s going to be worried to! Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had been banging on the door demanding to see me!” Adelle sighed, “My dad hasn’t seen me for the past twelve hours and I’m not sure if he even knows where I am, I’ll stay home and rest, but my dad needs to know that I’m ok and I don’t want him to worry more than he has to.” Lord Vile stood there staring at her, then he stepped aside
“Fine but you must rest” he said, Adelle smiled
“Thank you” said Adelle as she walked out the door, “I should go get the coat that I dropped off last night. It’s probably freezing outside” Lord Vile just walked next to her and said nothing, “You know your great company, you just listen to everything I say” said Adelle, Lord Vile looked at her and she grinned.
“Adelle! Your OK!” exclaimed Sarah from behind, Adelle and Lord Vile turned around
“Hi Sarah, yeah I’m all good now!”
“That’s good! Um I told your dad last night that you were in the hospital wing, he’s pretty worried”
“Thanks for that Sarah. I’m going home now … I’ve just got to get my coat then I’ll be off.”
“Ok, I’m glad you’re alright now. Well have a good night!”
“You too” said Adelle, Sarah bowed towards Lord Vile and left.

When they got to where the coats where there was only a mud brown one hanging there.
“Well you can tell everyone else has left” said Adelle as she grabbed it and put it on. Her coat was cool but it would soon be toasty.

When they left the castle I was twilight and there was fresh snow on the ground.
“Oh that’s brisk! That’s really brisk!” said Adelle as she berried her hands in her armpits.

They walked to Adelle’s house in silence but that was a usual conversation with Lord Vile. Adelle knocked on the door, there was a  shuffle
“Coming” came Tony’s faint voice.
“Bye” said Lord Vile
“Bye, thanks for walking home with me” said Adelle, then Lord Vile diapered in a swirl of shadows. The door opened.
“Adelle! You’re alright!” said Tony as he hugged Adelle, “Oh God, don’t do that to me again!”
“I’m sorry dad I just woke up not too long ago and a left as soon as I could. I’m sorry I worried you”
“It’s Ok’ said Tony has he held her at arm’s length, “As long as you’re ok now everything will be ok”




It was an hour or two after Adelle went home that Lord Vile got board of reading and wondered around the castle. He eventually found himself in the wrecked Ball room. No one had even started to tidy it, but people would in a two days’ time. But it was New Year’s Day tomorrow so no work would be done on cleaning it. Lord Vile could feel the death that clung to the room. The bodies had been removed, that was the only thing that had been done. Lord Vile started heading out when he noticed something under a table. He bent down and picked it up, it was a dress, and it was Adelle’s dress. Lord Vile shook his head of course she’d leave her only nice dress under a table.



Lord Vile appear in Adelle’s bed room, it was incredibly small, there was a bed along the wall and a wardrobe across from it, there was barely enough room for the wardrobe to open with someone standing there. Next to the door was a small desk with a chair. There was one window at the foot of the bed and at the end of the desk. Adelle was sleeping in her bed, her sides where slowly rising and falling. Lord Vile hung her dress over the chair. The door opened and a middle aged man was standing on the other side.
“What are you doing here” he whispered harshly, “Whatever it is forget it and get out of my house” he said his eyes looking hard and protective. Lord Vile cocked his head
“I don’t give a dam about who you are, you are in my daughter’s bedroom and I want you out of it!” he continued. So this is Adelle’s father thought Lord Vile. Lord Vile passed Adelle’s dad and stepped into the hall.
“I’m out of it” said Lord Vile
“Oh wise guy hu?” said Adelle’s dad looking angry. “Look I don’t know what you want from her but whatever it is I’m not going to let you get it”
“I don’t want anything from her”
“Oh of course you don’t” Adelle’s dad said sarcastically “Look you killed my wife so I won’t trust you as far as I can throw you!”
“That’s understandable” said Lord Vile but it made Adelle’s dad look furious
“I didn’t know how she was all of yesterday! I knew she was hurt a friend of hers dropped by last night to tell me. I didn’t know if my only daughter was dead or alive! But what do I hear that you’re sitting outside the hospital wing! Now buddy I don’t know what you want but she was brought into the magical world because of you! Something happened sometime between when she started cleaning your room and when my wife died and I know that you have something to do with it! Well are you happy now, she’s been brought into your magical little world her mother’s dead she saw some guy’s get kill on our lawn and she almost died last night! Are you happy now! You’ve ruined any chance of a happy life for her! Is that what you wanted? Because if it is then buddy, you got your wish alright!” Adelle’s dad only just managing to keep his voice hushed
“No that’s not what I wanted”
“Then what is it that you want? Why is my daughter involved in this?”
“I understand your pain” said Lord Vile
Adelle’s dad scoffed “Yeah sure you do”
“I lost my wife to, and my only child. And honestly I don’t know what I want any more” said Lord Vile just before the shadows consumed him and he diapered.

Hi all :D I don't usually do this but I wanted to! Oh have any of you watched Iron Man 3? and if you have did you notice the quote? XD yeah leave it up to me to put something Marvel related into something completely un-Marvel related! and also a section of the FF (FF haha Fantastic Four) I mean FanFic was something I didn't go into great detail about it was just like 'Yeah Lord Vile wait's outside the Hospital wing and he see her after' that was literally my description of that part. But I made a emotional and funny scene! HA HA and I'm so happy with it! (as you may be able to tell) XD she flashed Lord Vile, haha oh I embarrassed her sooooo bad!!!! XD

Misty out!

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