Friday, 31 May 2013

A Different Reality - Part 2

The City was black, there were no lights on. Wow must be a full scale blackout! I ran down the driveway, there were no street lights on ether. I ran across the road to my friend’s house.
“JESS!” I screamed, Jess was my friend and she was the same age as me, we were sixteen. I banged on the door; the metal gauntlets rattled and made my banging louder. I rang the doorbell several times in a hurry, and kept banging on the door.
“LAURA, STEVEN, JENNA! CAN SOMEONE ANSWER THE DOOR?!” I yelled, Laura was Jess’s sister; Steven and Jenna where her parents. They had three small dogs, if the dogs where there then they would of heard me banging and would of woken them up.
“Dam it” I whispered and I lent my head against the door “Dam this nightmare so bad” I turned around and lent my back against the door and slid down it, the metal scraped against the wood and made a screeching sound. I hit the ground with a small thunk and put my hands on my head, there was a small clinking sound as the metal touched metal.
“This has got to be a dream!” I said But it seems to real “Everything seems real in a dream” Not all things, “Yeah maybe but I can’t always figure out that it’s a dream till I wake up” Then wake up, “Ha easy for you to say, I need something to wake me up; to frighten my or to poor some water over my head but even that might not … work”, I had an idea. I ran around to the back of Jess’s house, she had a pool and it’s winter so a cold pool should tell me it it’s real or not than again you remember feeling your muscles burn in a dream when you climbed a wall. “Oh shut up” I muttered to myself. I found the pool and went to the edge and put my torch down.
“Oh god it looks cold!” I said then I dived into the water. It was freezing! The water was like ice! Then I realised that I was wearing metal, metal is heavy and that it weighs you down. So I sunk to the bottom of the pool, I was in shock the water was so cold. I managed to get my feet under me and push myself up and towards the shallow end. I stood up, the water was just under my chest and I was freezing! That was smart,
“Shut up” I chattered as I climbed out of the pool. I stood at the edge of the pool shivering for a few moments then I moved and scooped up my torch and walked back to my house.
I didn’t want to get the floor wet but it wasn’t my fault I was dripping wet. I went and got three towels from the linen cupboard. Then I went back outside and warmed up, I wasn’t really dry and there was some water in my boots. I went in all sorts of awkward positions trying to get the water out. To my surprise it worked, but I got water all over my back but I got rid of that after. I sat there for probably two hours chattering and trying to dry and by half an hour later I was warm and dry again. I had established that I was unlikely to be in a dream but nothing else other that I was the only one here and that I was for some reason unknown to me I was wearing armour that I couldn’t get off. I decided to wander around my street and check if anyone else was there, I called out names and banged of doors but no one answered. I really was alone and I really felt that I could hear a pin if it dropped a mile away. I felt truly alone, I was getting more and more depressed every minute and even more agitated. Then I saw something in the distance, a flicker of a light. I ran towards the end of my street and I saw it again, and now I could hear it, a motorbike! Someone else is here! I felt so overwhelmed in joy, the foaling that I wasn’t alone. I turned on my torch and waived it like a lunatic, but didn’t care, there was someone else. Only when the motorbike was really close did I even stop to think, What it this person isn’t a nice person?
“Dam it” I muttered, but it was too late now the motorbike entered the street. I got off the road and the bike stopped in front of me. The motorcyclist was a woman and she was also wearing armour. She had a motorbike helmet on and lady Gaga spikes on her shoulders, she had spiked cuffs around her wrists her armour was black and a really dark purple. The armour managed to look like biker clothes and the armour on her legs, hands and feet was black, the rest was the dark purple including the helmet which looked like a biker helmet. The screen on the helmet was black and I couldn’t see through it.
“Are you and Idiot? Do you want to get yourself killed?” She asked
“I um I” I stuttered, she looked me up and down
“Newbie hu? Well it’s lucky that I found you first because heaps of other would of taken the advantage that you’re new and have killed you right away”
“… So uh if you’re not going to kill me … than what are you going to do?” I asked
“Well first I’m going to ask you to turn the torch off, then” She sighed, “Well I’m going to have to take you to the city and give you a bit of an explanation of what’s going on”
“Uh what exactly is going on? And where is everyone else? … and who are you?”
“I’m Violet Carnage, I’ll show you where everyone is and I’ll explain on the way.”
“Violent Carnage?”
“No Violet, as in the colour!” she sighed, “So what’s your name?”
“I’m A-”
“Actually don’t answer that, you were probably thinking of your name outside this reality.” She said cutting me off
“Outside this what?”
“I’ll tell you on the way … look put the torch back or somewhere safe then get on my bike and we’ll go to the city, I know someone that can tell you everything that you need to know!” she said, I looked at her for a bit than figured that I couldn’t really be too much worse off that what I already am. So I put my torch in a bush and hoped on the bike.

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