Thursday, 30 May 2013

A Different Reality - Part 1

This is based on what I wrote a couple of days ago which was simply a bad mood which I was in. I'm all good now and in fact what I wrote has become the beginning of my story. This story is based on the anime 'Accel World', don't worry I'll explain all you need to know during the story thing ... I'm trying to make this story with me (Not Mistical me, the real me) in it, because I can relate to myself easily and therefor try to predict my reactions ... although the characters which I try to make like me always have a stronger personality and react better in situation that I would ...  any way you probably want to read what I have actually written ... so I'll let you get to it!

I want to drown it, smother it with imagination. Push it aside like it was nothing. I want it to be done, over and I don’t want to do any more. I want to fly, fly off into my imagination or someone else’s. I want it to disappear! To never have existed, when will this be over? And till it is over I’m stuck trying to delay it and to deny it, to not get involved with it. I’ve done enough, had enough! This thing is so long and drawn out, God oh God I long for the time when I can disappear, when I can slip away into my imagination! The joy it brings me, I want the world of imagination to never cease! But there is always a time when I have to go back to the world of reality, back to the world that sometimes seems so plain and dull, to the world where the best things happen on weekends and lunch breaks. This world, the world or reality can seem so quiet, so still that you could hear a pin drop from a mile away. This world of reality is where I live, and what I want to push aside, drown is none of your business. This is my world of Reality and it sucks.

A few hours later I’d finally finished it! I finally had it done; my Biology assignment was done, over with! I printed it out so that it was ready to hand it tomorrow. I looked at my alarm clock, 10:07pm it said. I checked my emails; there was one from my friend.

Check out this awesome picture of a rock climbing duck!!!

It’s SO CUTE!!!

I smiled, and clicked on the attachment. A message appeared

Do you want to allow this document? Do you trust this source?
Some files can be unsafe

I rolled my eyes, As if a friend would send a virus! I clicked on the ‘Yes’ Button. The picture was really cute! The duck did seem like it was rock climbing. And my computer did a scan and came up with nothing. I sighed and went on to YouTube, to listen to some music for a bit. I stuck my headphones in and pressed play. Then a loud high-pitched noise came from my headphones and the screen became white light, I made a small yelp and ripped out me headphones and covered my eyes.

I opened my eyes it was dark, I must have fell asleep. I turned and taped my alarm clock, it was supposed to turn on when someone taped it, it gave a flicker then dimed.
“Oh yeah” I muttered, “I gota change those batteries”
The computer was on my bed and the screen was black, it must have fallen asleep to. I pushed the on button but my laptop didn’t turn on.
“Hu must have run out of battery” I muttered as I leant over to turn on my bed side lamp. I flicked the switch but it didn’t turn on, I tried again but it still didn’t. Blown light bulb? I picked up my computer and put it on my desk then went to my desk light, but it didn’t turn on ether.
“Hmmm” I mumbled then went over to my bedroom light and flicked the switch it also didn’t turn on. Black out? I peered through my curtains and none of the neighbours light where on. It was dark outside, darker that usual? I walked out of my room and up the stairs to the middle floor of my house, it was just as dark as my room and all the kitchen lights and digital clocks on the appliances where off. Yep it’s a blackout. I went back down stairs to my room I wanted to go ba to sleep but I didn’t feel tired. Everything just felt odd. And I felt … taller? I sat on my bed. I’ll read a book, not Pure I don’t feel like reading it, Skulduggery? Yep Skulduggery it is. But I need a light … my torch! And my phone’s on my bed side table. I grabbed my phone and turned it on the light was bright compared to the dark; I saw my background picture of me and Derek Landy. I smiled at it, the time on my phone said 1:23am.
“Well I got some sleep” I whispered, I walked over to my desk where my torch was, when I found it I put my phone down to open the case that my torch was it, I needed two hands to open it. I caught a glimpse of my reflection from a mirror on my. I froze and stared at the reflection. That isn’t me! I drop the torch case and it lands with a thud on my desk. There was a person with a helmet in the reflection, I don’t wear helmets. My phone light dimed and I moved my hand to my face. That can’t be me! Then I touched my face and the armoured person in the mirror did to, I could just feel my fingers through the armour. Then my phone turned off and I was in the dark, I stood there frozen for a bit and when my eyes adjusted I looked at my hands I could see a slight shine to them, and the tips of my fingers where clawed, the claws where small but there. Then I bolted out of my room and ran upstairs I could hear the armour clinking as I moved, I sprinted to my parent’s bedroom. I flung the door open
“Mum, Dad! Wake up!” I almost shouted, there was no response “Mum, Dad wake up something’s happened!” there was still no response. I walked over to the bed; I could see nothing the room was pitch black, so I felt out for the edge of my parent’s bed. When I found it I worked my way to the side and felt for my parents. I could feel nothing; I checked the other side, still nothing. I need to look for them … the phone! I remembered that when the house phone was taken out of its cradle it would light up for ten seconds or so. There was one in the office room, which was next to my parent’s bedroom. I made my way to the office and found the house phone, as soon as I took it out of the cradle the screen of the phone lit up orange. I sprinted to my parent’s room, and looked at the bed with the dim orange light. There was no one in it! I moved closer to check better with the dim light. The bed was completely empty. There not in the lounge room, the light … wait it’s a black out, but neither of them would be up at this time … would they? The house phone’s light went off; I dropped it and ran downstairs to the lounge room, no one was there. I could see better in this room, it wasn’t too dark. I spun around and pulled open the door to the hall and hurried into my younger brother’s room.
“Declan! Declan are you there?!” I called out, but there was no response. I could barely see in his room but it appeared that no one was in the bed. I went over to his bed side table and found his mobile; I turned it on and checked his bed, still no one. I’m really freaked out now! I hurried into my little sister’s room
“Lucy, oh God Lucy please be in your bed!” but she wasn’t I checked using my brother’s phone, I ran all around the whole house twice but I couldn’t find anyone. I put the phone down on the kitchen bench. I saw myself in the splash back, I saw myself covered in armour. It’s all a dream, it’s all a dream it’s all a dream
I grabbed my head “IT’S ALL A DREAM” I screamed. I glanced at myself in the splash back, then tried to pull the helmet of, but I couldn’t it’s like it was suck. I tried again but harder and the claws on my gauntlets dug into the part of my neck that wasn’t covered in armour, but instead a black material that I wasn’t familiar with. There were other parts of my body covered in this material; my biceps, the inside of my elbows, the underside of my knees and between the upper parts of my legs. But everywhere else was covered in dark grey armour. There was a small heal on the bottom of the boots, it was only a centimetre, but I seemed taller. My chest looked bigger but after I moved it I bit I realised that it allowed room for my small breasts. The chest plate didn’t really make them look bigger than they were because the dip between them was shallow and there was plenty of room between my sternum and the dip. Even if I fell over it would barely put pressure on it, I tried this out by lying down. There was a collar around my neck, this made my neck less exposed but the collar was wide and there was plenty of room to move my neck around. My armour was nothing fancy but the shoulder plates where slightly larger than they needed to be and they turned into a small blunt point. Other than that my armour was pretty plain.
“I can’t be the only one here” I whispered, the neighbours! I sprinted downstairs grabbed my torch and ran outside to check the neighbours houses.

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