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SP FanFic Other Dimention Part 12 (and a short update on my life)

YAY FINALY MORE!!!! ... I dislike assignment they take up to much time and I'm just being BOMBARDED with homework, and the Maths and Biology teachers are acting like they haven't already given us assignments!!!
I did my English speech today, I didn't get to nerves and the worst I did was repeat myself and pause for a second. So in other words I did really well!!!


Lord Vile was sitting in his chair looking at the pen that Adelle gave him last night. I don’t deserve this, I have done so little for you but you still give me this even after I killed in front of you? Even after I killed people on your front lawn you still give me a gift? Even though you know you’ll get nothing in return? Your face when you apologised, you, you said that you shouldn’t of felt that way, but you felt exactly like you should, I attacked you, almost killed you! You asked if that was what I did to all my friends, you where referring to me as a friend! And you … Why, why are doing this to me, for me? I don’t understand I saved your mother but I killed someone to replace her, I killed a person that stole your basket, you probably even could have gotten it back by yourself, but I killed him, he hit you, hit you!  Why, why do I care so much for you, why are you so kind to me? Of all people! Why I don’t understand WHY! Lord Vile smashed his fist on the coffee table next to the chair.
“Is something troubling you my friend?” asked Nefarian Serpine as walked in the door and closed it with a soft click.
“Don’t you knock?” asked Lord Vile without looking at him.
“I felt no need, you’re usually up at this time anyway, but it seems today is one of the few days you’re in a mood, maybe I should have knocked … But what is troubling you? Is it someone you want dead?” asked Nefarian
“No, It’s nothing” replied Lord Vile
“If you, a person that rarely shows emotion is in a mood and shows emotion than something is wrong. You haven’t been quite been acting normal for a while. Too much fresh air? Maybe you should get a check-up or something”
“NO” Lord Vile stood up, “I’m in perfect health and there is nothing wrong with me, if anyone should be checked it’s you, because you have no sense of manners or my health for that matter! If you want to tell people about there health you should become a doctor!” said Lord Vile as he headed towards the door
“It’s that girl isn’t it? That’s why you’re acting like this, isn’t it?” asked Nefarian. Lord Vile stoped walking towards the door, he was just past Nefarian and he hand was within reach of the handle, “I might not be too good with health but I can see that she has something to do with this, if you want we can dispose of her” If Nefarian could see Lord Vile’s eyes they would of narrowed, Lord Vile was so tempted to kill him on the spot, but if he did that would only prove that Nefarian was right.
“No thanks she’s fine where she is” replied Lord Vile as calmly as he could.
“Fine I’ll let you deal with her then” said Nefarian as he walked out the door




Adelle went to her pigeon hole on Boxing Day and found a letter in it. She carefully opened it and made sure not to tear the expensive paper.


To Miss Shifter


You are invited to a Ball on the 30th of December to celebrate the win of the war.
It will be in the Ball Room of the castle and it will begin a
6pm and end at 2am.
We hope to see you there.


Adelle looked at the invitation a little longer. Crap I’m going to need a nice dress!




It was the night of the ball. The snow had stopped for the ball the castle was lit up beautifully; the lights made it glow and seem so warm. Adelle made her way to the ball room. The ball room was filled with talking people that where competing with the music. Adelle saw all the people, she recognized a few faces, but the ones that she knew best where maids. The Ball room was massive and there was a section in the centre where people where dancing. The wall on the left was filled with ginormous arched windows that over looked the side garden. There where tables all around the edge of the room with people sitting at them. Mevolent was talking to some people in the corner holding a glass of red wine. Someone grabbed Adelle’s wrist.
“You’re here!” said Death as she spun Adelle around, “Where have you been? Oooo nice dress” said Death as she looked at Adelle’s grey dress with white dot.
“Thanks, I’ve been walking here, and your dress is spectacular!” said Adelle, and Deaths dress was spectacular it was black and her trail was slowly turning white with flecks of red on it.
“Thanks, doesn’t it look like I’ve just killed someone!”
“Um … yeah … but um … yeah it dose”
“I know they did a wonderful job! And they killed some pigs to make sure they got the effect right!”
“Well at least it wasn’t human” muttered Adelle
“Oh don’t look so glum we’ll have you a boy by the end of tonight!”
“WHAT! No, no, no, no! I can’t go home with a guy my dad will be furious!”
“Who said anything about him going home with you?” said Death as she dragged Adelle to the closest group of young looking guys, “Say hi”
‘Help me’ Mouthed Adelle
“What was that?” asked Death
“Hi” said Adelle as she gave a shy wave “I’m Adelaide.” The guys seamed to understand Adelle’s distress call
“Death I think they have cookies at the table over there” said a guy
“Cookies!” said Death then she ran off in the direction of the table. There was a few moments silence “COOKIES!” exclaimed Death from the other side of the room.
“Um thanks I’m going to run away now before she comes back, finds me then drags me to meet everyone in the room”
“Yeah you better hurry it won’t take her long to scoff all the cookies down” said one of the guys
“Thanks, I owe you guys! Bye” said Adelle as she slipped into the crowd.




Adelle had avoided Death for half an hour and was getting bored; she’d talked to some people and was trying to resist the urge to serve people plates to food. Serving food would be something to do and Adelle still didn’t feel like she belonged here all dressed up, she knew she was going to be a maid since she was little and now it’s all changed it felt weird. Mostly because she was now ‘more superior’ than the people that she’d grown up with and that they were offering her food.
“Would you like something to drink miss?” said a voice that pulled her back to reality
“Mmm, I beg your pardon what did you say?” Adelle asked as she turned
“Um would you like a drink?” asked Sarah
“Oh hi Sarah, how are you?”
“I’m good thank you, what about you?”
“Yeah I’m good” Adelle leaned in, “but I thought mage’s parties were exiting” whispered Adelle as Sarah smiled
“Yes me to” said Sarah “So um do you want a drink?”
“OH sorry no thank you I’m fine thanks”
“Ok then bye” said Sarah as she turned to walk away. All of the arched windows shattered and people screamed in shock as an army of people came into the ball room from a barge that was hovering outside the window. The room erupted in violence, people defending them self’s and people attacking. Adelle was closer to the side of violence; the right side of the room wasn’t yet part of the fight. Someone grabbed Sarah and was using her as a shield, Adelle ran over to her
“Hey let her go” yelled Adelle, the person obviously not wanting a fight backed off and ran for the exit.
“Sarah, get the hell out of here, now!”
“But yo-“
“I’ll be fine, just move!” said Adelle as she cut her off, Sarah moved into the crowd that was trying to exit and started to help an old couple to the door. Adelle shrunk out of her gown, she had her cloths that changed size on underneath just in case and it looked like it was smart to bring them. The whole room was kayos, there where fireballs being thrown, shadows wiping, and beams of light scorching everywhere. Adelle tossed her dress under a table and punched the closest person that wasn’t nicely dressed, they crumpled. Adelle saw some people catch on fire on the other side of the room and Mevolent was standing near them. I wouldn’t want to get close to him if I just crashed his party though Adelle. Adelle looked over her shoulder and saw that some guys where blocking the exit and Sarah was still in the ball room. Adelle shrunk to the size of a finger and slipped between the crowds, she kicked one of the guy’s feet and he fell screeching. The other guys look at him but didn’t seem to notice Adelle, she was moving for the next guy when a shadow cam over her. She spun around to look what it was, it was a foot. Adelle barely had time to brace herself as the foot came down on top of her. She felt everything being crushed, her breath was forced out of her and she herd her bones snap.

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