Saturday, 3 November 2012

The Kingdoms of Magic Part 01

Um yea this is a story i had a dream about a little back. Yea but i think it's more based on the 'Hero's of Olympus' series by Rick Riordan and the 'Fallen Moon' series by K.J Taylor.
I hope you like it so far!

I woke up somewhere in a thick forest. I pushed myself up. My left arm eked, then I looked at it
“Shit” I said, “Oh crap”
My shirt sleeve had three long gashes at the top with blood all over it. I looked under it dreading what I would see. There was dried blood all over my arm; it looked no more than an few hours old. I took of my fur vest and pealed of my shirt. I saw no cuts, no gashes. There was a small stream nearby, I could hear it. I trudged over to it, my body felt exhausted. I washed off the blood, and all I saw on my tanned skin was three scars where the cuts should have been. Now I was confused. Since my arm was all right I decided to wash off some of the blood that soaked my sleeve.
It was then I realised that other than not knowing where I am, I don’t know my name! Have any memories of my life! There was some, but when I tried to grasp them they slipped even further away. All I could actually recall was that I was eighteen, and a male … but that part I could figure out just by looking down. I could remember how to read, wright, and all the skills, but just nothing personal.
“Dam it” I mutter, as I get up I look at myself. I’m wearing denim jeans, and a belt around my waist, there is two pouches on it a larger one, use to store thing in and a smaller one for money. No weapon, dam. I feel a little naked without a weapon especially in this forest. I put on my shirt and start walking. I let my body go where ever it’s going, because my mind has no clue. I count the money in my pouch, twenty dollars, a good amount to be carrying around, while it might not be able to by me a weapon it will be able to buy me some food. The rest I’ll keep.
Soon I glimpse the edge of the forest … or a clearing, ether way there both good. As I get closer I see that it’s a town. Not the biggest town I’ve seen, … if it’s not than what is, I try to grasp the memory but it slips away.
Rohard, that’s the name of the town, I can see all the way down the main street to the massive sparkling lake, the lake that is the largest know in the five kingdoms. Kinofen, Lanage, Angafor, Grangofo and Dilliane. In the lake was so large that it was the size of Dillane, the smallest kingdom of them all. All five of the kingdoms had land at the edge of Finder Lake. I currently know I was in Kinofen, the largest and the most powerful of all the kingdoms.
“Well at least I know where I am” I mutter
The town is a decent sized town the buildings look weather beaten but still look sturdy. Most of the building where made of wood but most houses, where made out of stone and wood, probably to prevent them from burning down easily.
I walked onto the main street, I got a couple of odd looks but I was otherwise unnoticed.
There was a bakery close to the docks. I could smell the bread, oh god I was hungry! I stood in front of the bakery trying to decide wether to get a big loaf of bread or to get a bag of pastries.
“HELP ME! SOMEBODY HELP ME PLEASE!” somebody cried out. Everyone spun around to see where the screaming was coming from. There was a girl in the lake, with a water dragon surrounding her. It tugged her under. Then let her come back up
I didn’t think I just started undoing my vest and ran to the dock. I threw it off and pulled my shirt off. I looked around as I undid my belt, nobody but me was moving.
“Dam it” I muttered, I went up to a guy that looked to be in his mid-twenties and ripped his knife out of his belt.
“HEY!” he said, “GIVE THAT –“I spun on him and had the knife to his throat in an instant, I coked my head
“Nobody touch my stuff” I said in a clear stern voice “Or they’ll regret it” I whipped of my belt and put it and my pouches in the pile. I pulled of my shoes and socks
“HELP ME!” the girl cried
“I’m coming” I shouted out, as I ran on the dock. I put the knife between my teeth and dived into the deep blue water.

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