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SP FanFic Other Dimention Part 09


Yes I've finally gotten around to writing it!!! YAY! And I also have a picture for this one!!!

It's not very clear is it? Oh well it'll have to do! You'll understand why it's on here soon!

“Bye everyone, have a good day!” said Adelle as she opened the front door
“Adelle wait!” said Tony, he was muscular, tanned from working in sorcerers gardens and was a bit over medium height. His dark brown hair was cut short and his green eyes looked sad.
“Yes dad”
“um I wanted to give you this” He pulled out a sheathed dagger “It was going to be you mother’s … but considering resent events I’m giving it to you” he said, as he did Adelle saw the sorrow in his eyes
“Thank you dad! I’ll keep it safe”
He gave a small laugh “No, it’s to keep you safe”
Adelle smiled “Thanks dad, I’ll make sure it keeps me safe!” then she closed the door and slipped the dagger into her basket. She’d look at it when she was in the castle. She started walking towards the castle, what would her dad think if he knew that see was going to fight some resistance today? She hadn’t told him. She hadn’t told anyone, but if her dead body was brought back they’d know. God what had she gotten herself into! It was early in the morning and barely any sorcerers where out, but this was the mortal’s time to get up and go to work, so there was lots of them scurrying around, trying to get out of the way before the majority of sorcerers got up. Adelle was walking quickly like everyone else. They didn’t know she was a sorcerer because she wore cloths like them and hurried around like them. Adelle didn’t mind.
“Morning Adelle” said a male voice. Adelle turned to see a man in his thirties pulling a cart of fruit.
“Morning Gorge” she said “How are you this morning?” he obviously didn’t know the she was a sorcerer otherwise he would of stayed away.
“I’m grand, how about you?”
About to walk into a possible death sentence “I’m fine” says Adelle
“Good to know! … Where’s your mother?”
Adelle hesitated “She’s dead”
“What? But I saw her last week and she looked fine! When did she die? How did she die?”
“She died a week ago … as for how” She swallowed as she remembered the other woman’s dead body, “Well you don’t want to know”
“Was it really that bad?”
“Unfortunately so”
“Did you get her body back?”
“Yea, it didn’t look too nice. We had her funeral a couple of days after her death”
“Ah well I’m sorry I brought it up, I just don’t get news to well because I only come once a week”
“Na its ok you didn’t know”
They reached the castle gates. The gates where open but there where mages standing in front of it, as per usual.
“Moring Adelaide” said one of the mages as he and his companion stepped out of there way. He scowled at Gorge, but obviously recognised him.
“Morning” she responder
“What was that about?” asked Gorge when they were out of ear shot
“Nothing to be concerned about” said Adelle
“Ok if you say so” said gorge putting down the cart “Can you help me open the doors?”
“Sure” said Adelle, they were at the back of the castle, the doors where the loading doors for the kitchen food. They both went up to the doors and opened them.
“Thanks for that” said Gorge as he went to his cart and started to unload the food.
“You’re welcome” said Adelle as she walked to the door to go to the storage area to put what she didn’t knead in her pigeon whole. As she looked back she saw a maid whispering to Gorge, his eyes locked onto hers. His eyes were wide, afraid, he found out. Adelle sighed and looked way, another friend lost because of being a sorcerer. Feeling lonely Adelle put her basket in her pigeon whole. She took out her coat and the dagger, she couldn’t leave her dagger in there it would only cause trouble. She walked to the training room, where Death said to meet her today.
“Hey Dell! Your early” said Death
“Meh well this is the time that I usually get here”
“Are you ready for today?”
“Ha! No, defiantly not! God, I’m gona be luck it I live! Let alone help you people with your usual success rate” says Adelle
“Do you want to know the real reason for our success?” asked Death with a grin, “Enthusiasm! That’s the secret … or at least mine. You see if your enthusiastic about killing people then you more likely to succeed!” said Death with a massive grin
Adelle tilts her head “No! Just No! I will not be enthusiastic about killing people!”
“Soot yourself” chimes Death  still grinning “You might want to change, we’ve got fifteen minutes to meet Lord Vile and the rest of the mages near the gate.”
“Ok” said Adelle striping off her dress. Adelle puts her coat on and gets out the dagger, it was on a belt so she put the belt on.
“What’s that?” Asks Death
“Oh this” I reply pointing to the sheathed dagger, “It’s a dagger”
“Cool where did you get it?”
“It was a gift”
“Ok. Can I see?”
“I guess” Adelle said as she pulled the dagger out of its sheath. It was wonderful; the metal was one of the strongest metals known. The handle had black, rubbery stuff that gave it more grip; it was covered in and was moulded to fit a hand. The blade was only a little longer than the handle but the tip was flexed up. On the top was a jagged section to cut through tuff things. Underneath near the handle was a hook like part of the blade that could help to cut through rope. It was a short blade but it looked so deadly. Dad you have out done yourself Adelle thought.
“Oh My God! Please tell me you know who made that!”
“What! Why?” Adelle started panicking if they knew her dad gave her a weapon that could be use agents sorcerers he would be punished!
“So I can get them to make me one of course!” replied Death
Adelle was a little surprised at this “Um … no I don’t”
“Oh, that’s Ok. Can you ask the person who gave it to you?” said Death looking disappointed now
“Um … sure I’ll ask” said Adelle, but the thing was she actually knew who made it; her dad. He works in the black smith sometimes because he likes to make his own tools for gardening rather than buying them. The owner of the black smith lets him use anything whenever he wants, but he has to pay for the materials he uses. In return he has to help the owner of the black smith for one day for every tool he makes. Which is a good deal because if it’s a busy day Tony will get payed some money for helping, and Tony’s tools are better quality and more to his liking that the shop made tools.
“Ok thanks for that! God who ever got you that must have a lot of money because that looks like excellent quality!” said Death.
“Yea” Adelle mumbled as she sheathed the dagger.
“We should head down to where the other mages are” said Death
“Yea Ok, I’ve got to drop my dress at my pigeon hole to!”
“OK I’ll come”
Adelle hesitated “Ok if you want to”
“Let’s go!”
“This way” said Adelle as she led the way to the maid’s pigeon holes.
“I’ve never been through this part of the castle before” said Death as they walked into a narrow hall
“Hea yea I wouldn’t of expected you to have been here before”
“So are you saying you know your way around the castle than I do?”
“Yea basically. Although I haven’t been in as many of the important rooms that you have, but I know my way around the halls, so yea I guess I am”
“So are you saying that maids know there way around the castle better than I do!”
Adelle gave a small laugh “Yes, Yes I am!”
“That’s insulting!” said Death, as Adelle burst out full on laughing. Death gave Adelle a few moments then cleared her throat.
“Oh sorry, I just realise that I know my way around your home better than you do!” said Adelle with a massive grin “To me that is very amusing” Death looked at her and crossed here arms
“No knead to point it out” said Death as Adelle stopped at a wide door
“Ok now we put you dogging skills to the test” said Adelle pointing to the door “Try and beat me to the other side without getting people to make way for you, so now magic and no jumping on things”
“What’s behind the door? And how will you be able to beat me?”
Adelle grinned “this is how I learned to doge so well. On three, One two –“
“three” said Death bursting open the door to the kitchen and started to make her way through the crowed. Adelle smiled and plunged after her into the sea of people.
Adelle lost track of Death but she knew Death wouldn’t be able to navigate her way through the people. Adelle twisted and danced her way through the crowd to the other side passing Death on her way. When Adelle reached the other side she waited for Death.
“Wow that was a work out! But now I see why you were good dogging when you started training!” Death said panting a little, “But that was fun! Can we do it again?”
“Yea maybe another time, because if we’re meting the other mages at the gates it will be quicker to exit through the door near the loading area.”
Death pouted “Please”
“Sorry no, not unless you want to explain to Lord Vile why we’re late! Cause hell as I’m not!”
Death hesitated, “Fine you win”
“Good” said Adelle grinning “This way” Adelle walked to the hall with the pigeon holes in. “This is mine” said as she put her maid’s dress in it. Adelle saw people out of the corner of her eye staring at her, she ignored them. Adelle led the way to the fount garden from there Death took the lead and led them to the gate. There was about fifteen mages, about seven of them where physics, Adelle could tell by the white cloak. The rest where other mages where probably good fighters.
“You took your time!” said a mage a bit louder than necessary. He was short, and not particularly good looking, he probably shot lasers or had a ranged attack because he wasn’t wearing a white cloak nor did he look well built like the other mages.
“Well we were busy” snapped Death
“Actually if I might point out we’re on time, or at least according to what I was told” said Adelle pointing at a pocket watch she held in her hand.
“Wha- but I-” started the mage
“Enough they’re here now let’s go” It was Lord Vile that spoke, so everyone listened.
“Ok everyone let’s walk” said Death assuming a commanding role. And everyone started walking
“Why are you leading, you’re not even twenty” said the mage, “And you” He said pointing at Adelle “You’ve only have, what a week training at the most so you shouldn’t even be here!” Lord Vile glared at him but the mage didn’t notice.
“I’d shut up if I where you” whispered Adelle in the mages ear and nodded in Lord Vile direction. The mage started saying something but saw Lord Vile and stoped. Adelle grinned and walked ahead of him and caught up to Death who obviously didn’t think the mage was worth her time.
“What did you say to make him look like that?” Death asked
“I told him to shut up because Lord Vile was giving him a look”
“Ah that explained how you got him that white! He’s name is Alevin Dagger” Adelle sniggered at Alevin’s name and Death grinned, “and he thinks that he is the best and one of the most important people, other than Mevolent and his generals. Although that’s not true, he in the actual rank of things is a low rank mage with in the castle, the only reason he’s even in the castle is because he has can throw daggers of light. And that is useful for ranged attack. That is the only reason he’s here”
“Yea I can see that he’s not really much of a use anywhere else, unless he starts working out!”
“Exactly” said Death as they stopped in fount of the barge. “On we hop!” said Death gesturing to a ramp up to the barge.

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