Thursday, 15 November 2012

Mistical and Queen Elian Part 02

This is more of the story on Mistical!

When I got back to my house I made a call by an old radio.
“Hello” said a voice on the other end
“Hi it’s John Edwell here to report vital information on an attack on the rebel base 5-E”
“Just wait a moment while I get the Capitan” said the voice. There was silence for a few monento on the other end.
“Hello this is Capitan Rosko, I here you have vital information” said a main on the other end
“Yes I do sir” I replied, “Base 5-E will be attacked in two days, and unfortunately I supplied them with a way that they could track all the tunnels”
“Why would you do that!” said Captain Rosko
“So I could get a higher role in the palace, and it worked! I’m now a low rank general, or so I’m told” I said, there was a shots amount of silence on the other end
“Well done you are progressing fast! How old are you again?” asked Captain Rosko
“Twenty-Three, sir”
“Well good job again”
“Sir you must evacuate a small amount of people, mainly the people that hold vital information. Make sure you leave most of the kids behind or they’ll suspect something!”
“Righto then, I will take you advice, I and some others will leave before the two days are up”
“Thank you sir”
“Goodbye” I said, and then the line went dead.




The next day I was I the palace when a maid came up to me
“John Edwell?” she asked
“Yes” I said
“You are wanted in training room five. Come this way” said the maid
The maid lead me to an extremely large room with large targets all around the edge. Next to the doors where racks with bows and quivers on them. There where the two guards I saw yesterday at either side of the door. In the centre of the room were two people, the Haunted Warrior and General Grovarge.
“Ah good you here!” said the Haunted Warrior as the maid left the room, “Tom go stand over there” she said as she pointed to a target at the end of the side of the wall closest to the door.
General Grovarge walked over to the target, “Here” he said with this back facing us
“Yes just there” she said as she drew arrow from her quiver and lined it up.
“Ok” he said then as he turned around the Haunted Warrior released an arrow and it trimmed some of the hair on his head. There was a little bit of hair sticking out from where the arrow was imbedded in the target. General Groverge went white. He opened his mouth to say something but the Haunted Warrior beat him to it.
“Run piggy run” she said as she notched another arrow. The general ran, but he obviously wasn’t thinking because he ran in the opposite direction from the door. She let another arrow fly and it just missed his back, to my surprise the general sped up.
“Help! Help” the general cried, but the guard at the door didn’t move. She let another arrow fly, but like the last it just missed his back. She let arrows continue to fly, they all just missed his back.
“Watch this” she said when the general was almost at the balcony. She let an arrow fly, but this time it skimmed his chest. The general grinded to a halt painted, and then he fell over. She walked over to him, stepped over him and yanked out the arrow imbedded in the wooden railing of the balcony.
“You- killed- me” painted the general
“No, I merely cut your shirt and jacket”
“But- I- feel- like- I’m- dying” painted the general
she laughed, “No Tom, that’s called fatigue, you’re just exhorted from exercising. And trust me you needed it!” she said as she walked back over him.
“If- this- is you- training- than- I- don’t- like- it” he painted
“No this isn’t my training” she said
“Good”  he painted
“Yeah, mine’s dogging bullets instead, arrows are too easy”  The general gasped and passed out.
“That was fun!” she said sounding happy as she walked over to where one of her other arrows where imbedded
“So it is true!” I said unable to stop myself
“What’s true?” she asked not looking at me, but at her arrow that she was trying to get out of the target.
“You enjoy causing other people pain!” I said
She gave a soft laugh, “Him” she gestured to the general “He’d have a scratch at the most! And besides he’s been annoying me for years he deserves that at the least”
“But you were trying to hit him!”
“Look around, dose it really look like I was trying to hit him?”
“What do yo-” I looked around at all of the targets, all of the arrows aside from the one that she shot first hit dead centre on the targets. “You … what?” I said
“I was seeing how fast I could hit the targets. I had to wait for him to run by him first. So I wasn’t actually aiming for him, other that the first but I was aiming for his hair, and the last one I was aiming for his shirt and jacket. So I was just scaring him”
“But what about all the people that you’ve killed! They didn’t deserve to die! Did they!” I was almost shouting. She turned to face me. I flinched; I was scared of what she’d do to me.
“No, no they didn’t.” she said her voice full of sorrow “Very few of the people I’ve killed deserved to die”
“Then why did you kill them”
“I wouldn’t if I had choice” she said as she kept collecting the arrows in the targets.
“What do you mean if you had a choice” I said my anger rising
She looked away “You won’t understand”
“What do you mean I won’t “
“No one dose, there is only one person that dose” she said, “and he isn’t here because this place!” she shouted and stabbed the target with the arrow she was holding. I was startled by her sudden rage.  She pulled the arrow out and stuffed it in the quiver. Then she slammed the bow and quiver on their racks then stormed out if the room with the guards trailing her.

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