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Mistical and Queen Elian Part 01

This is a part from Mistical's life, she hates it there but you get to see different sides of her. She can be very moody at this time and it is because of her experiences during her time at this place. These event's take place before she escapes the place, but it's here that you can see her at her fullest. This is where all of her emotions come out; anger, depression, love, loss and so much more.
So as you may of guessed this is about emotion, but there is violence because of the rage! It will be mainly from other people's perspective of her. And in this place she is often referred to as the Haunted Warrior
And so i shall actually present you with what i have done!

I walked into the training room. It was massive; there was every kind of things that you would need to do any kind of training or physical activity. There were two guards standing in front of the training area with some wooden spinning training dummies. A dark figure was weaving in and out of the dummies with impossibly quick speed. The figure was hitting the dummies in every spot that could cause a deadly or painful blow on a human. They dogged every spinning fist, blade, mace and other weapons. I move to enter the area.
“State your name and business” said one of the guards. I managed to tear my eyes from the figure.
“John Edwell, assistant to General Govarge. I’m here to tell the Haunted Warrior that the general must see her eminently, it is urgent business.” I said
“I wouldn’t recommend that right now!” said the first guard
“Oh definitely not! She’s in one of her moods!” said the second guard
“But is really important and the general must see her now!” I said
“Unless it’s the queen than it’s not a good idea to annoy her right now!” said the first guard
“You’re not here to recommend me to do anything and if I’m late the general will have my hind!”
“Whatever you say! But listen to this first, the last person to annoy her when she way in one of these moods lost a finger!” said the first guard
“Yeah that’s why we’re her to watch her when she trains! For the safety of people like you; not for her, she doesn’t need our protection!” said the second guard, the first nodding in agreement
“Yeah whatever! I need to talk to her!” I said as I walked past them. I was surprised that they didn’t stop me.
“Don’t say we didn’t warn you!” said the second guard
I walked over to the edge of the area for the spinning dummies.
“Um … Haunted Warrior, the gener-” I was suddenly on the ground with a sword pointing to my neck. I dragged my eyes away from the sword to look at it’s owner. A tall, lean, muscular woman with dark bronzy gold hair tied in a ponytail. She wore a black skin tight body suit with silver lines around the chest and on the fount of her legs. She wore a black mask with silver where her eyes should have been, and a knee long dark grey coat.
“What do you want?” She growled
I gulped, “G-g-general G-grovarge w-wants to s-see you im-immanently” I just managed to force the words out.
“Boys what have I told you about letting people talk to me while I’m training!” she yelled to the guards
“We tried to stop him, we warned him that you were in a bad mood and everything but he wouldn’t stop” said the first guard
“Ahh” she growled, “What does he want” she said sounding annoyed
“I d-don’t know!”
“Stupid generals always annoying me” She muttered “Eh, well I guess I shouldn’t shoot the messenger” she said as she took her sword away from my throat, as she did the blade retracted into the hilt, then the cross-guard folded into met each other where the blade use to be, and she put it on her belt. She walked over to a table with a bottle of water on, grabbed it that came back.
“Well” She said, “Are we going or not?”
“I-I … um yes” I said as I scrambled up “He is in the planning room”
I walked out of the training room a little ahead of her, and the guards.
“Do you two have to come?” She asked looking at the guards
“Yes we do, you were just in one of you moods and we need to stay with you for at least another twenty minutes to make sure you’re in a good mood” said the first guard
She sighed “Fine!” she lifted up the bottom of her mask so we could see her mouth, “Oh and next time I’m training with knifes or a bow and arrows remind me to get General Grovarge to help me with target practice” she said a cruel smile playing on her lips. She lifted the water bottle and drained it of its contents. As we neared a bin she tossed it in like a basketball player,
“GOAL” she screeched as it landed in, I jumped at her reaction, “High-five!” she said as he held up her hand, I just stared, “Oh come on don’t leave me hanging!” she said her playful smile slipping a little, so I decided to high-five her before she threatened me with her sword again. She turned around with her hands up and the guards high-fived her straight way. Is this really the woman that jumped on me minutes ago? If so she’s acting so different, and so much happier! This shows that she has no regrets for killing all those people! 
They walked into a large room, with a large table in the middle; there were a number of chairs around the edge of the room and some around the table. There was two men at the table both of witch where overweight, one had brown hair the other blond. There where maids and assistance where standing around the edge of the room.
“Play along” whispered the Haunted Warrior, she had pulled her mask down so no one could see her mouth.
“What is so important that you had to annoy me now!” She almost yelled, but she didn’t need to yell for her voice to project across the room. Everyone froze; she was the second highest in command, the only one who had higher authority that her was Queen Elian. The ruler of the world and her warrior where the two people that you didn’t want to mess with! Lucky the generals where use to her bad moods so they knew how to respond
“We have believe that we have located a rebel base!” said the one with brown hair, or more commonly known as General Grovarge.
“So what, don’t I capture enough rebels? Is what I do not good enough?” she replied her tone range with authority and anger. God she sounds pissed! If I didn’t know better I’d almost be wetting my pants now! To make it look more convincing I edged way. Oh well seeing the general’s face makes this worth it! The general had gone white; they were falling for the act.
“N-no it’s not that you don’t do enough, y-you do more than enough but the queen want’s all of the rebels gone or captured.” said General Grovarge
“We were informed by a spy in the rebel base of where it is located and the majority of the entries and exits.” Said the man with blond hair, or more commonly known as General Morbiouse.
“Is the spy on our side?” she asked
“Wha- yes, of course he’s on our side!” said General Morbiouse
“What if he’s a double, spy?” she continued
“No he’s our spy!” said General Morbiouse
“Or a quadruplet spy?” she said
“I ashore you that he’s on our side!” said General Morbiouse
“You ashore me? Are you one hundred precent sure he’s on our side?”
“I- … um I- … No I’m not one hundred precent sure” he said his voice had grown weaker, unsure, “But I’m ninety precent sure!” he said his voice strong again
“NINETY!” she shouted and everyone in the room jumped “I’d expect you to be ninety-five, not ninety!”
“W-well I-I’m not sure that it’s ninety, it could be ninety-five” he said, his voice small, he also appeared to me shrinking, for a guy that big I didn’t think that was possible.
She grunted “Fine let’s see what information this spy has” she said as she walked over to the table. I didn’t notice it till then but everyone appeared to be holding their breath and they all seemed to let it out at once, so it seemed like even the room itself let out a deep sigh. The table was like a very large iPad, so they could have maps on it and move it with their hands. The Haunted Warrior threw herself into planning an attack on the rebel base, and she became serious, not the deadly serious but the serious that wants to do a good job. I zoned out while they were talking, because it was interesting but it wasn’t necessary to listen till the end when they had actually decided on an attack.
“So what do you think John?” at the sound of my name I came back to reality
“Sorry what where you saying?” I asked
The Haunted Warrior sighed, “We were talking on how we could use my hearing to and advantage to find all the exits to the base” everyone knew that the a Haunted Warrior had heighted hearing, people just didn’t know how sensitive it was, and that was the same for me. I thought about this for a moment
“We could bring fans” I said
She cocked her head “Fans?” she repeated
“Yes and we could turn them on and if you can hear the wind moving through the base then you could tell where the exits will be” I said
“That is a ridicules idea” said General Grovarge
“No … it could actually work” said the Haunted Warrior
“Wh-what?” said General Grovarge
“Oh be quiet your just jealous that you in all your years didn’t think of it!” she said “ You know what just of that you can now be officially on this team, … sort of thing …” she threw her hands up, “Ah what I mean is you will now be a low rank general! And you will help out with our attacks on the rebels! Yay congratulations” she said as she came towards me and put out hand for me to shake it. I shook it her grip was strong. And in my opinion the generals took it well, they were as pale as a sheet and said nothing.

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