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SP FanFic Other Dimantion Part 14

Uh Adelle has a mental argument with herself and I might be confusing; so there is the regular text in italics and another text in italics, the regular text represents the negative argument and the other text represent the positive argument. That's basically the only way that I can think of explaining it.


Serpine walked into Mevolent’s bedroom the day after the party.
“Yes Mevolent how may I help you?” he asked
“Yes, it appears that we have a major problem” said Mevolent
“Which is?” asked Serpine
“Lord Vile” replied Mevolent
“… Yes he has been acting very strangely”
Mevolent nodded, “And last night … was very strange! The girl, Adelaide Shifter something has happened between them, he seems to have feelings for her”
“Yes recently I saw him in a mood, I asked if he wanted her disposed of but he didn’t”
“Well if that’s the case than if we do dispose of her we have to do it without him knowing, it’ll have to be an accident” said Mevolent with a sly grin
“I agree to that, if he found out there’s no telling what he would do”
“He might try to have our heads, that’s what”
“Yes and he might be the one man left on this planet that can” said Serpine




Adelle was walking home from work a few days after New Year. She was in her street when she heard a gun go off and glass shatter. She looked towards her house, the glass was shattered. Adelle dropped everything and sprinted over to her house. She shrunk out of her maid cloths then grew bigger and rammed into the door and it flew off its hinges. Adelle looked around, her house was a mess. Things where broken on the floor and everything had scratch marks on it. Adelle looked down near the island bench. Her brothers where lying there, they both had massive gashes all over their bodies, they were breathing quickly and they had lost a lot of blood. Then Adelle’s eyes slid to the middle of the room. Her dad was lying there propped up on one elbow with a gun in his hand pointing it to the opposite side of the room. His stomach, where his stomach used to be was a gaping hole and around him was a dark pool of blood. Adelle looked to where he was pointing and saw Lord Vile was standing there.
“No” Adelle whispered
“Adelle! RUN!” shouted Tony. Adelle froze then her legs worked, she ran. Adelle ran towards Lord Vile and grew as she did. Adelle tucked her head in then slammed into Lord Vile. They crashed through the wall into the side garden. Adelle stood up not sure what to do next, but before she could do think of anything Lord Vile shadow walked. Adelle spun around and looked at her dad; he looked at her wide eyed and pail.
“Dad” Adelle whispered, “Don’t worry it’ going to be ok, I’ll get you to help” and before Tony could say anything Adelle scooped him up and her brothers then went out the hole she just made. Adelle sprinted as fast as she could towards the castle. She made herself as big as she could be so that she could get there as fast as possible. When she got close to the gates she called out to the guards
The guards did just that and the guards at the doors opened them up to. Adelle was sprinting through the halls and bounding up steps
“Out of the way!” Adelle called out, people move immediately. Adelle came to a halt outside the hospital wing.
“OPEN UP” Adelle called to the doors, a few seconds later Doctor Nye opened the door.
“What” it said
“Please you’ve got to help my family, please, please!”
“Fine come in and I’ll see what I can do” it said as it move inside the hospital wing. Adelle move after it. “Put them down here” said Nye as it gestured to some vacant beds. Adelle laid her family carefully on the beds. Amazingly Adelle’s dad was still conscious, but Will and Ben where unconscious. Adelle shrank back to her normal side ad Doctor Nye inspected them for a bit.
“Well there is a sight problem, I can ether save the two younger ones or the older one” said Nye
“What!” said Adelle
“You see if I save the older one the two younger ones would of died of blood loss, but if I save the younger two then the older one will most definitely die of blood loss.”
“Wha- But I-” started Adelle, but she couldn’t continue, she couldn’t choose the ones to live and die!
“Please save my boys” said Tony, his voice was soft but firm, “Please save them”
“Well it appears that the chose is made” said Nye, “I shall operate on these two” said Nye as it moved them to another section of the hospital wing. Adelle didn’t know what to do or say, the only thing she could do was feel really bad. Oh God this is my entire fault, it’s all mine! What the hell did I do to deserve this! What the hell did I do to make my family deserve this! Why the hell did this happen? Adelle couldn’t hold it in any more she started sobbing. She move over to her father and lay her head on his chest and sob.
“I’m so sorry dad! This is all my fault! And now- I-I’ll never see you again”
“It’s not your fault”
“Yes it is, yes it is. It’s all my fault!”
“Um excuse me but can you move outside while I move this man to a more privet section of the hospital” said a man dressed in a lab coat
“U-um s-sure” said Adelle as she walked outside the hospital wing. Adelle stood outside for a few minutes and kept crying, she felt emptiness in the middle of her chest. Adelle sat on a bench outside the hospital wing for the man to move her dad. After a few minutes the man opened the door
“You can come and see him now.  Follow me” he said. Adelle followed him to a small room, her dad had some blood soaked bandages on.
“Dad!” Adelle said as she ran to his side and held his hand, “dad” Adelle whispered. The man left the room and closed the door. Adelle sat in a chair and laid her head on his chest.
“I’m so sorry dad, I didn’t want anyone to get hurt! I’m so sorry, I-I should of I should of-”
“Should of what there was nothing you could do, that man is evil and we can’t do anything about it” said Tony
“I-I, dad … It is my fault, he … I-I don’t know what happened tonight or why he would do that”
“Because he’s evil” Tony said bluntly “and he killed your mother, so why do you keep defending him?!”
“Because he didn’t” Adelle sighed and looked at her dad as he looked at her in disbelief, “He saved her, he killed someone else and tricked everyone into thinking it was mum. But she wasn’t, mum was saying in Mr Thomson’s house up till Christmas then got smuggled out to somewhere safe.”
“But” he said looking shocked, “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I wanted to dad I wanted to so bad! But I couldn’t mum said not to tell you. Mevolent saw how upset I was when I thought the other woman was mum and the boys could be considered too young to know what was going on, but you dad, if you knew then you would show it a-and then mum, and all of us including Mr Thomson would be in deep trouble. I-I’m so so so sorry” said Adelle
“I-It’s ok, all you were doing was trying to keep me safe” said Tony
“I-I know but it’s all my fault, if if I hadn’t, if I didn’t -” Adelle tried to tell her dad about the letters but it wouldn’t come out, she couldn’t find the word to explain it.
“Shhh it’s ok” said Tony as he stroked Adelle’s hair, “Just rest now” and Adelle eventually fell asleep.



Adelle woke up with her head on her dad’s bed. She sat up and looked at him, his eyes where closed and he looked peaceful. Adelle felt his hand it was stone cold. Adelle felt her heart drop like lead, and what was left was this feeling of raw emotion; a cold, painful emptiness.
“Dad” she whispered, “Dad, are are you awake” Adelle knew that he was dead she just didn’t want to believe it. “No, dad, dad please wake up please wake up” whispered Adelle as she gently shook him. “No please don’t be dead please don’t be dead” Adelle looked at the blood soaked bandages and she flashed back to seeing her dad on the ground in her house. She said then gave her dad one last hug, “Goodbye dad. Someone will pay for this, that I promise you” she said as she clenched her fists so tight that her knuckles turned white.




Lord Vile was on an arm chair in his room. Adelle’s house was attacked last night, the place was an absolute mess and there was blood everywhere. Adelle was said to be alright but her brothers and her dad where severely injured. The wall was smashed, it looked like someone forced their way out. And their was no witness for the event but neighbours heard a gunshot. What happened? Who did it? And why? Just then the doors where flung open and Adelle stood in the doorway. Lord Vile opened his mouth to ask how she was but then he closed it when he saw all the dried blood. She had dried blood all over her chest, stomach and on her arms. Her hands and face where smeared with blood and it was easily visible that she had been crying because her tears had made tracks through the blood on her face. Her hands where clenched tight and she looked furious.
“Why?” her voice broke as she asked Lord Vile cocked his head unsure of what she was asking.
“Tell me why you did it!” Adelle said, Lord Vile stood up from his chair
“Did what?” he asked
“Don’t play dumb with me!” shouted Adelle her voice was mixed with anger and sadness. Lord Vile stared walking towards her.
“I’m not playing dumb, I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about” he said
“LIAR!” she screamed and ran at Lord Vile, growing is size as she did. She threw a punch and Lord Vile was caught completely off guard and took the punch to the jaw. The punch knocked him off balance but Adelle punched again and Vile fell on his back. She was on him in an instant and rained down punches, Lord Vile only just covered up as each heavy fist slammed down on him.
“Why did you kill him?!” She screamed at him “Why! Why! WHY!” tears started streaming down her face
“Kill who?” asked Lord Vile between punches.
“MY DAD! You idiot MY DAD!” she yelled at him then put both her hands together and slammed down. The force of the two hands together was a lot stronger that the punches that she was throwing before and Lord Vile wasn’t ready for that much force, his arms where pushed back and hit head. Lord Vile recovered quickly, Spike the armour, cover it in spikes then she’ll back off said a stray thought No! Though Vile and he battered the idea away. Then Lord Vile sensed another two people in the room, he looked to where they should have been standing but they won’t there. Vile would have cocked his head if Adelle wasn’t still raining down punches. Then shadows flew at the invisible people, Adelle flinched and covered up thinking that they were aimed at her, but shadows went past her and splashed up against something then went around it like water. A dome? Thought Lord Vile. Adelle had stopped and was looking at the shadows thrashing against the invisible dome, she frowned.
“There are two people in an invisible dome” said Lord Vile
“Why should I believe you?” she said bitterly, then the shadows went behind the dome and didn’t show through the dome till a second after. Adelle’s frown deepened then she turned back to Vile,
“I don’t believe you” she said as she raised her fist to throw another punch but when she went to brng it down she sprung up off him and ran at the dome. She put both fists together and smashed down on it, she hit something and her fist’s rebounded a few inches. She looks surprises that she’d hit something.
“Well what do you know you weren’t lying” she said, “Unfortunately you poor people have come at a bad time. You see I’m in the mood for hitting stuff and frankly Lord Vile’s armour isn’t cutting it so I’m going to smash this thing instead. I honestly recommend that you give up before you’re crushed” Adelle then put her hands together and slammed down on the dome. She did this three times then that dome cracked, she smashed it again. The dome looked like a window that had been hit by a ball but didn’t shatter. She slammed down again and the dome shattered, a woman with dirty blond hair  collapsed and fell to the ground along with the shattered pieces of the dome. A man with slick black hair tried to grab her but shadows grabbed his wrists. Adelle approached him,
“You best start talking because I’m in a really bad mood” side Adelle, “Why are you here, why hide yourself?”
“W-we came here to cause a conflict between you to” said the man
“A conflict, why? Why between us?” asked Lord Vile
“B-because the the resistance thought that it would benefit them, they th-thought that if you two had a fight that Adelaide might kill you” he nodded towards Lord Vile, “or, or that you might kill Adelaide and then be upset by her death and leave Mevolent’s side or, or something like that” said the man
“This conflict how did you cause it?” asked Adelle, she already had a guess that it was something to do with her father’s death and her brother’s injuries.
“He didn’t do anything, I did” said the woman, “And I see no reason why I should tell you how we caused it?”
Adelle moved and grabbed hold of the woman’s arm, “Because if you don’t I’ll break your arm” the woman grinned as a snake came out from under her sleeve and slithered onto Adelle’s arm. Adelle froze btu didn’t let go of the woman. Then she remembered something, that if you grabbed a snake by its neck then I can’t bit you. Adelle waited for it to slither up her arm a bit more that with her other hand she grabbed it by its neck. The snake squirmed around and tried to bite Adelle but to no avail. Adelle squeezed the snake stiffened then there was a crunch and the snake shattered. Adelle frowned but faced the woman again
“So how did you cause he conflict?” asked Adelle
“I-I made a solid image. I made a fake Lord Vile” said the woman
“You, you bitch!” yelled Adelle as he hands moved from her arm to her neck “You bloody bitch! You killed my DAD” Adelle screamed. Adelle tightened her grip on the woman’s neck her rage bubbling inside her. Her mind flashed back to seeing her dad dead before and her grip tightened even more. She should die, she deserves to die she killed my dad and hurt my brothers, she should die! Though Adelle then her mind flashed back to all the deaths she’d seen over the past few months.
They didn’t deserve to die, so why does she?  Because she killed my dad because she hurt my brother. Adelle argued with herself. Yes but those people those people hurt you and some have killed others, so how is she different? Because they were my family! But the others hurt you, how would dad feel if you killed someone because of him? Would he like it? Would he be happy that you killed someone? No but – But what? But she hurt my family! She killed the only parent that I have left! And would either of those parent’s approve what you’re doing? Yes! Lied Adelle Be honest, would they honestly want you to kill someone? no. Then don’t kill, don’t be like her, be better that she was and let her live. Let her regret what she did, let her suffer without suffering death by your hand. Be better than her. Adelle looked at the woman, her face was turning blue and she was going limp. Adelle squeezed a bit more, and then found that she couldn’t tighten her grip anymore, her face softened then she loosened her grip and let the woman drop. The woman instantly took in a deep breath and coughed.
“You know what; I’m not going to be a killer like you” said Adelle then stormed out of the room, she’d barely gotten ten meters away from the room when all her anger, rage and fury evaporated and she shrunk to normal size. Sarah turned into the hall that Adelle was in,
“Adelle what happened?” asked Sarah, she looked shocked and really concerned. Then Adelle burst into tears and threw herself into a hug around Sarah. Sarah dropped everything and hugged Adelle back.
“It’s ok, it’s ok, just tell me what happened” said Sarah


Lord Vile watched Adelle storm out of the room, if she hadn’t stopped choking the woman when I would have stopped her. Though Lord Vile but Vile let his guard down and the man slipped through the grasp of Vile’s shadows. He lunged at the woman then got hold of her and shadow walked just before Lord Vile’s shadow speared them. A Necromancer? Interesting. Well they can’t have gotten far. Lord Vile walked off to find the Red Hoods and alert them that there where trespassers in the palace.

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