Friday, 28 June 2013

The Haunted Warrior

1560 ACE

Ally appeared between two brick houses, she smelt a familiar stench. Ally peered out between the houses and looked around the wide medieval street. She looked at the castle wall and froze.
“Not here! Oh God please not here!” Ally whispered. She glanced around the street and spotted as stall that sold cloaks and bags. Ally quickly jogged over to the stall and bought a cloak and a bag. The stall owner gave her a weird look because she was wearing jeans and a red t-shirt, not something that medieval woman wore. She put the cloak on and shoved her orange back-pack in the bag she just bought. Ally was heading straight out of the city; she didn’t want to be here any longer.
“Excuse me” called out a guard behind. Ally just kept walking, “Excuse me, you, woman in the blue cloak!” Ally checked her cloak and cursed, it was blue. Ally turned around and put on her sweetest smile, which went well with her sapphire blue eyes.
“Yes sir” said Ally in the most innocent voice she could do
“I’m sorry ma’am but I must check your bag” said the guard
“What? Why?” she asked with and edge to her voice
“It’s the law every bag that passes in or out of the city must be checked” replied the guard
“Why?” Ally asked again, “I haven’t done anything wrong”
“No I don’t believe you have, but we are looking for the Haunted Warrior and it enables us to find people who have stolen items” replied the guard looking bored
“I thought the Haunted Warrior was a guy?” lied Ally
“Yes most people think so but some say that the Haunted Warrior is a she. And Queen Elian won’t take any chances in getting it wrong.” said the guard, Ally reluctantly handed over her bag because she knew there was little point in arguing. She looked around while the guard rummaged through her bag. ‘This is a whole new city, but there is that banner and they are looking for the Haunted Warrior’ thought Ally ‘this all prove that this is a Cuntan city’. Ally stared at the purple banner a little longer till the guard pulled out her skin tight body suit. ‘Not good’ she thought but it only got worse; some more guards came over and helped with the search. They pulled out her knee length dark grey coat, Ally was so tempted to grab her stuff and run. The guard where watching her closely and more guards came over; there were seven all together now. The first guard pulled out her black mask, the top of the mask was gone so her hair could come out the top and there were silver lenses where her eyes were supposed to go.
“This looks similar to the Haunted Warriors outfit” said a guard
“Yes but the sword’s missing” said another guard, a split second later he lunged for Ally’s belt. Ally dogged and smack him in the face. The guard jumped back looking astonished. 
“You just hit a guard!” he exclaimed
“And you just jumped at a woman” said Ally with an icy tone. Another guard tried to grab her belt but Ally spun and kicked him in the jaw, He howled in pain.
“Thank you gentle men for your time but now I must leave, so I bid you good bye!” said Ally as she snatched her belongings and ran.
“EVERONE AFTER HER SHE’S THE HAUNTED WARRIOR!” yelled one of the guards, all the guard the heard that came running to stop Ally. Ally had shoved all of her stuff in her bag and was making her way through a small crowd of people. Two guards jumped put in front of her, she jumped and kicked them both while she was in mid-air than landed and kept running. There was a large crowd of people ahead, ‘Excellent, time for me to disappear’ thought Ally.
“TWENTY GOLD COINS FOR EVERYONE THAT STOPS THE WOMAN!” shouted a guard ‘Crap’ though Ally as she tried to go around the crowd of people. People move in the way of her, she tried to shove through them but hands grabbed her and pushed her into the centre of a small circle made by the people. ‘The crowd is too thick I can’t jump over the people’ thought Ally. They were walking towards the castle gates but maintained the circle that Ally was trapped in. Ally was getting increasingly frustrated as she tried to find a way out. Then she ran at the people and started shoving her way through, but someone grabbed her wrist. Ally spun and was about to punch the person, ‘It’s a boy’ she thought as she saw the boy that couldn’t have been more than fifteen. He flinched but she didn’t punch him. She was pushed back into the centre of the circle. ‘I can’t hurt these people! They’re just trying to provide for the family’. The crowd kept moving Ally closer to the castle gate. ‘Once I go in there it’ll all be over. Dam it I need to find a way out now!’ but Ally saw no way out. Ally walked around in the circle like a caged lion. Every guard that entered got kicked of punched till they retreated behind the crowd of people. ‘DAM IT!’ thought Ally, ‘DAM IT! DAM IT! DAM IT!’. Ally pulled out her sword, the blade was retracted into the hilt and cross guard was folded inwards where the blade should have been. Ally willed the sword to unfold and in an instant the cross guard opened up and the blade extended out of the hilt. Everyone took a step back as soon as the realised that it was a sword.
“It’s too late now we’ll get you inside that gate now whether you want to or not. You will be that Haunted Warrior, you will save us all” said a guard. Ally turned to him, where eyes where hard, he looked scared now.
“I’d rather die than become the haunted Warrior again” said Ally her voice dead serious.
“You’re joking” said another guard. Ally turned to him.
“No, no I am not” she said, then Ally plunged her sword into her heart, she was dead in an instant.


  1. O_O that was intense. Really good writing!

    This isn't part of A Different Reality, right? :)

  2. No it's not. This is something else. ... I can't say it's new thought it's just been in my head for a bit.
    And thanks XD I'm glade you enjoyed it!