Friday, 7 June 2013

A Different Reality - Part 3

Soon we were on the highway to the city and I was pretty sure that she was speeding, but there were no other cars on the road and none of the traffic light where working.
“So what exactly is going on?!” I yelled struggling to make my voice heard over the wind.
“Your mind has travelled to a different reality where you have a new body to the one you have in the actually reality” Violet yelled back
“I understand what you’re saying but it doesn’t make sense, how can we be in a different reality, how can just our minds travel to this reality!” I asked
“Look not even I know the specifics! The guy that I’m taking you to knows way more than I do!” Violet shouted back
“So why am I in armour and why do people want to kill me?!” I yelled
“Most people want to kill others here and as for the armour that’s to protect you and lessen the damage. Mind you it doesn’t help because everyone wears armour here and there attacks are designed to hurt someone even with armour on!” She answered
“I still don’t get it!”
“Of course you don’t that’s why we’re going to Roger Valiant”
“Who’s he?”
“The guy I’m taking you to”
“… ok then” I said, “Why am I here … in this different reality?”
“You would of gotten a virus on an electronic device that transferred itself to you”
“What! Is that even possible?”
“Apparently it is”
“How could that happen?”
“You ether get sent a file with it on or you can get it off the internet. Ether you upload one off the internet, click on a picture on Facebook or something with it on and it’ll jump onto any electronic device with a place to plug headphones into”
“Why headphones?”
“Because it can then transfer itself to the wearers brain”
“You would have had and electronic devise with you before you came here. Before you blacked out the screen would have gone white and there would have been a high pitch sound in the headphones. Am I right?”
My thoughts went back to what my computer did before I remember waking up, “Wow uh yeah your right” I said
“Of course I am, it’s happened so to all of us here”
We were in the city now; we drove into Queen Street, the main street in the city. It was also a road that wasn’t for driving but for people to walk on. There where lights on in this street, only in the food shops and some others, but the shops that had lights on where busy. They were filled with people in armour or people that looked like robots, either way there was no visual skin. Everything was covered in metal plates, helmets or some sort of coloured material. The material looked a lot like mine, but mine just looked a little different, like the way the light shone on it, it looked a different texture or something.
“Ok off we get” said Violet, I hoped of the bike and so did she; she’s stopped in front of a bike rack.
“You’re just going to leave it here?” I asked
“Yep, but for safety” she said as she pulled out a bike lock and slipped it between the front wheel and through the bike rack.
“Uh is that really necessary?” I asked and raised an eyebrow, and then realised it was useless since I was wearing a helmet
“No but you never know someone could hot wire it” she replied then stood up
“Riiight” I said obviously not convinced
“Follow me” she said. I followed her and then I saw myself in one of the a shop window. My helmet which I hadn’t had a good look at had one large eye whole which started a few centimetres above my ears then went over my eyes. At the top of my ears the eye whole was the thinnest then it thickened the closer it got to my eyes. The eye whole was covered in blue tinted glass, I couldn’t see through it and I imagined no one else could. Other than the eye whole my helmet was really similar to the Berserker in the Fate/Zero Japanese anime. There was the main part which my eye whole was in then there was two other pieces of metal that layered under the main bit, this went two centimetres under my chin and went most of the way around my head. At the back there was two pieces of metal that looked like they could be moved up to allow the head to slip out these where attached to a flat circle where my ear was, this I assumed enabled it them to move. My helmet didn’t look fancy but it looked a little creepy maybe even a bit sinister.
“Hey keep up!” Violet called back, once I caught up to her she spoke again, “Stop looking at yourself, it says newbie all over. Act like you know what you’re doing”
“But I don’t know what I’m doing other than following you”
“Then act like you know the place”
“I do, maybe not that well but I know the city okish. Me and my dad often come for bike rides here”
Violet sighed, “You are a handful”
“No actually” I said smirking “You’re going to need two hands to pick me up”
Violet glared at me, “Shut up or don’t you want my help”
“Ok, ok” I  put my hands up in surrender, “I was just being a smart ass”
“Oh yes you were” said Violet, if she wasn’t wearing the helmet I swear she would of raised an eyebrow.
“I was just trying to be funny, unfortunately not all my jokes are good ones … for that matter most of them aren’t.”
“Well that one didn’t even come close to a joke”
“Ah je thanks for your support” I said sarcastically
“You’re welcome” she said happily “Were here” Violet said as she stopped in front of a bar “Let’s go find Roger” she said then walked in, and I followed.

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  1. Ooh, nice chapter Misti! Keep writing, I want to read the rest :)