Thursday, 13 June 2013

A Different Reality - Part 4

We walked in the bar and everyone looked at us but Violet ether didn’t notice or didn’t care. She just walked up stairs and so I followed. She walked to the furthest corner of the bar that was lined with a red leather couch that was built into the wall. There was a person sitting there all alone, they had red and grey armour. Grey was the main colour, but the red striped down his helmet and down the bottom of his stomach, it also was on his shoulders and went down to his hands. The red coloured all of his fingers except his pinkie and his thumb. His armour unlike mine looked more high tech rather than medieval. His shoulders where broad and his armour plates where large, he looked like a heavy hitter type judging on my knowledge of games and movies. His helmet had two major pieces, one was the top of the helmet the other was the bottom. The bottom one jutted out starting where the nose was and went back and covered the jaw. The bottom of his eye slits where the top part of the bottom pieces of his helmet and the lenses over his eye holes was black.
“Hello eggplant” He said as we approached
“Eggplant?” I said and raised an eyebrow but then I realised that I was wearing a helmet so I tilted my head.
“Yes, eggplants are purple” he replied
“Right, ok then” I said then I realised that he was talking about Violet. “Oh right” I said after I figured it out.
“So who have you brought me eggplant”
Violet sighed, “Hi to you to Roger and I don’t think she knows her name from here”
Now it was his turn to sigh, “You brought me a newbie? God why can’t you take care of her?”
“Because I have something I need to do, and you know more about this place than I do”
He sighed again, “How did you find her?”
“Uh I am just here you know?” I said
“She must have seen the light on my motorbike then started waving a torch around like an idiot” Violet continued like a wasn’t even there
“Mmhum” he said nodding, “Typical newbie, anything else”
“No nothing other than trying to make bad jokes”
He tilted his head, “Ok not typical” he said.
I put my hands on my hips, “Are you two going to ignore me all night?” I asked, then they both turned and looked at me, I took a step back, “Wow creepy” I said
“Like I said I have business to attend to, so I must be off. Bye now!” said Violet then started to leave
“Bye eggplant!” said Roger and gave her a small wave. When she got to the stairs she turned and did the middle finger at Roger then walked down the stairs.
“Thanks for the gift eggplant!” yelled Roger then turned to me, “She really likes me” he said
“Yeah I totally see that” I said sarcastically
“See it’s really obvious! She just pretends that she doesn’t but she just can’t hide it!” he said then gestured for me to sit. I rolled my eyes and sat down. He’s such an idiot. “Ok let’s get the info into your tiny little mind” he said “We’re in a different reality to the one that you were in before you fell asleep. That world that you were in before you fell asleep is reality, this is an alternate reality that exist along next to the actually reality.” He said
“Kind of like a pocket detention?” I interrupted
“… Well yes that’s a way of putting it, but the fact is that every twenty-four hours this world resets to mimic the real world, with the exception of living organisms that can move. So plants and fungus still exist along with any other organism that can’t move.” He explained
“Oh so that’s why there’s no people or animals!” I said. This explains why there were no people or dogs in my street.
“Yes that is the exact reason” said Roger
“So how are we here then?” I asked
“Because we were all infected with a virus gets onto out computer and transfers to out brain by something that we’ve downloaded or looked at then when we plug headphones in then it transfers to our brain using the headphones.”
“Yes I know that … wait something we’ve downloaded?”
“Yes why”
“What about the person that sent it to you?”
“Then there likely to have the virus in the electronic devise that the sent it to you with and there for have already been to this alternate world”
“Rose!” I exclaimed and stood up “Dam it!”
“What? What about a rose?” he asked as he stood up
“She’s my friend that sent me a picture of a rock climbing duck!”  
“What about a rock climbing duck?”
“That’s the only thing that I downloaded today!”
“Oh right so she must have sent you the virus” he said then sat down “Ok then”
“What why are you sitting down we need to find her!”
“She’s likely already been her before today”
“And if not!”
“Then she’ll be alright till you find her”
“What do you mean?”
“The body that you’re in is an Avatar. If you leave this world when your Avatar is injured then come back your Avatar will be perfectly fine, every injury will be healed” He sighed, “Look sit down and let me finish explaining then if your friend is new here then we’ll go find her, ok”
“Ok” I said then sat down
“If you get hurt in your Avatar then you’ll be perfectly fine in reality and vice versa … unless you’re dead in reality. But if you travel to this world from reality and you have injuries they won’t be healed. It only works with your Avatar. This world’s time is the same as time in reality, so two o’clock there two o’clock here. Got it?”
“Good, while you’re in this reality your body in the actual reality is asleep. So when you go back to reality you won’t necessarily feel physically tired but you are likely to feel mentally tired.”
“What but how does that work? I mean I’ve felt the opposite as in I’m physically tired but mentally hyper … it generally happens when my imagination gets too worked up.”
“Well I’m not sure how the mentally tired thing works, but trust me it just dose and you feel like crap!”
“Uh ok then, thanks for the heads up”
“Any time. Oh this world is a little like an online game because you’ll fight people and people will fight you. Pain in this world in exactly like in reality, it hurts just as much. So I recommend knowing some fighting skills or martial arts if you don’t. Do you know any?”
“Uh no … but my dad has taught me a bit of boxing”
“Ok well that’s a start. Do you know how to hold your hands?”
“Yes, that’s the first thing he taught me” I said and showed him how I held my fist.
“Ok well you do know something. Have you ever fought someone?”
“Uh I play fight with my siblings and my dad”
Roger hesitated “That’s not really going to help but it’s better than nothing I suppose. But I do recommend taking up something to do with defending yourself in reality, trust me it will really help! And that’s all I really have to say. Any questions?”
“Uh yeah how do I get back to the actual reality?”
“Oh right I forgot to tell you that. In a fight you can’t go back to reality because you’re fighting someone, but when you’re not you can go back any time you want. Travelling here is the same as travelling back. You need to concentrate and image your body and where you left it. But for this reality you just need to imagine your Avatar. You will always appear in your Avatar where you leave your body.”
“Uh ok I’ll try that”
“Wait but don’t you want to find your friend?”
“Oh right I’ll do that first” I said as I stood up and left, “Thanks for he help!”
“Hold on I’m coming with you, at least for a little” he said as he stood to follow me
“Ok then” I said

I have to ask, Has anyone else ever been mentally hyper but physically tired? Please tell me that it's not just me ...
This thing's really fun to wright! I hope you still liked this one even though it was the all important explanation ... and I hope you actually understand what I'm going on about!

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