Saturday, 8 October 2011

something funny!!! that I made up!!!

Note: Mistical is Ally Lomnt / I

Car meet Sophie!

After we were all seated with Sophie and I in the front Erica and Sophia in the back. 
“How will we get away fast,   I mean they have helicopters and everything!” said Sophia
“We speed” said Sophie.
“Then how do you suppose we’ll get away with that?” I said.
“Cos’ I got a GPS!” said Sophie
“And what’s a GPS going to do?” said Erica
“Don’t you guys know anything? Seriously, the GPS will help us find the quickest way and tell us where the speed cameras are!” said Sophie.
“OK ...” said Erica
“First do you know how to drive?” I said.
“No but now’s a good time to learn!” said Sophie as she slammed her foot on the pedal.