Tuesday, 18 October 2011

How the way of Mistical begun: Part two

The man was on top of her he opened his mouth to reveal fangs as sharp as daggers. Ally didn't think she just moved. The rolled her wait and ended up on top of the man. she jumped up and ran down the rod. He was after her and gaining fast! she knew that she could run faster than average people but she wasn't shore about Vampires. He was not far behind but that only made Ally speed up. She was looking at the vampire tailing her that she almost didn't notes the car. Ally herd the car and looked she almost crashed into it but she jumped and put her palms on the cars roof and flipped over it landing on the bonnet.
"Oi you don't dint the car!" said a man
Ally looked to see a man's head stinking out of the window it was well covered and he had a scarf raped around his jaw, Sunglasses that covered what the scarf did not.
"OK sorry  I was just ... um. OK look I'm sorry " I said
"You best be!" said the man
Just then something smashed into her and her head was inches from the rod!
"I've got you now" said the Vampire
"Not any more" said the man and he drew a pistol from his coat and fired at the vampire. the vampire and dogged but Ally need him in the guts.

Valkyrie could only watch as as the vampire held the woman that she met in the Sanitary. Her dark caramel hair shone a dark gold in the cars headlights and her sappier eyes lit up in fear. then Skulduggery started shooting the vampire and her eyes hardened and she need the vampire. He scrunched up then the woman got free and kicked the vampire off the car and he hit the rode with a thud. the woman sighed.
"Thanks for helping me out I'm Ally" said the woman
"We know we have met before" said Skulduggery
Ally looked at Skulduggery confused then looked at me.
"Oh your Valkyrie and your Skulduggery! Sorry if I dinted you can Skulduggery I ... um had to fix a problem that suddenly appeared" said Ally
"That's understandable. Now are you going to sit on the bonnet all night stalking me or are you going to get in the car?" said skulduggery
"I'll go with the car" said Ally as Skulduggery stopped the car and Ally hoped in behind Valkyrie
"Um how did you out run the vampire?" said Valkyrie
"Yes that is a valid question wouldn't you say Valkyrie?" said Skulduggery
"Um I asked the question! said Valkyrie
"Oh right I mean Ally" said Skulduggery
"OK then ... well it's not that big of a secret I can run faster than the fastest human mortal. And some others I haven't really tested myself but I think I can go over fifty kilometers an hour."
"Wow that's really fast!" said Valkyrie
"Indeed that's quite fast. But you would of had to go faster because we where driving at seventy" said Skulduggery
"Um oh explanation right! Um ... adrenalin? and I said over fifty" said Ally
"Mumhum yea. So where is your house?" said Skulduggery
"Fifty-three Alexandro road Payton" said Ally
"OK that's not to far from hear so I'll drop you home" said Skulduggery
"OK thanks! ... Oh no oh no no no no! said Ally as she looked though the back windscreen.
"What? Whats happening!" said Valkyrie
"Dam it! Dam it! Dam it! he's coming back!" said Ally
"How can you tell?" said Skulduggery
"Because I have super good hearing! So good that I can hear a heartbeat from a Kilometre away!" said Ally
"What are we going to do?" said Valkyrie
"The only thing we can do! DRIVE!" and with that Skulduggery stomped on the pedal and made them go faster.
"OK you guys do that! and keep driving till you get home!" said Ally "Oh and by the way you're not making this any easier!"
"Wait what do you mean!" but before Valkyrie could get a response Ally had opened the door and jumped out of the car! She did a role when she landed but she wasn't wearing a jacket like Valkyrie she was only wearing a T-shirt, jeans and gloves. None of the protective clothing Valkyrie wore!

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