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SP FanFic Othe Dimention Part 10

OH MY GOD!!! This is my SECOND post for the YEAR! AHHHHH school takes up to much time! oh well it's holidays soon!!! YAY MORE FREE TIME!!!

any way you might want to get onto reading what I've written.

“Where are we exactly?” asked Adelle as they walked of the barge
“We’re in Rathcoole, and we’ll be checking for any resistance here then we’ll head off to Rathmore” said Death
"What next Rathless?" joked Adelle
Death smiled "No, after Rathmore it's home!"
Now it was Adelle's turn to smile "Good, because I think I'll be ready for home then!"
"Ok there's a bit of a plan where you scout ahead as your smaller self and see if you can pick up any talk on the resistance. Then when we enter the town you tell us if you heard anything!"
"Ok then!" said Adelle as she shrunk.  Her belt was lying around her, "Oh right my belt can't shrink! Death can you look after it?"
"Sure! Can I use the dagger?"
"No you cannot!"
Death sighed, "It was worth a try!" she said as she put it around her waist as Adelle walked off.



When Adelle got to the town she started eves dropping on people’s conversations, and to be honest none of them where interesting to her to her knowledge had anything to do with the resistance.

After a few minutes of walking around and listening to other people’s conversations the rest of Mevolent’s forces came in and stormed the town. Some mortals where attacked and taken, one tried to fight back but ended up getting punched in the face then kicked in the ribs. It looked like all the sorcerers where enjoying watching the poor man get beat up. All of the mortals looked scered, like Adelle was, but she wasn’t getting beat up or taken away to be tortured. Right then Adelle swore to herself that no matter how long she lived for she would never forget what it was like being a mortal.


The Barge arrived at Rathmore and Adelle went off ahead to eaves drop. When she got there she saw a Tavern and decided to go in there in case there was a drunken fool blurting out information. When she got in there she went being the bar so she wouldn’t be seen. Adelle spotted a door out the back that was slightly open, curiosity over took her and she went to explore.
It was a bedroom with a single bed to the left and a bookshelf and table with a chair to the right. The book shelf looked odd, like it wasn’t pushed back against the wall all and there was light coming from the other side. Adelle went over to have a look. Behind the bookshelf was another room, it was about the same size as the bedroom but there was a large round table in the middle. Five people where in the room, three male, two female and they were all playing cards.
“So when’s the attack going to be again?” asked one of the woman
“On a new day in about a month” said a man
‘New Year was in about month was that when they are talking about?’ thought Adelle
“Ok I was just clarifying” said the woman, the bar attender walked in
“Mevolent’s forces are here” he said then hurried out. This time the bookshelf closed properly. Adelle was stuck in here with no way to get out. ‘Wait, Oh physics there are some people in tavern! And they are part of the Resistance’ Adelle though and hoped that she got the physics attention. One of the men looked up from his cards and looked at Adelle. Adelle stayed still hoping he didn’t notice her.
“Well it looks like we have a stole away” said the man as he got up from his chair
“Bugger” whispered Adelle. The man tried to grab her but she jumped out of the way
“Your right Patrick we do” said another man. Patrick tried to grab Adelle again and succeed.
“I’ve caught the little rascal” said Patrick everyone was out of their seats now.
“I’m not that little” said Adelle as she grew in high and became too big to hold
“Yeah Pat great job at catching a little one” said a woman, then the bookshelf blew inwards and Death another mage came in. Death glared at someone and they exploded.
“Dell catch” yelled Death as she chucked Adelle’s belt and dagger over. Adelle caught in and slipped her belt on. Adelle moved to go out the door but someone caught her wrist, Adelle spun and saw Patrick holding her
“Not so fast” he said but before he could do anything Adelle had drawn out her dagger and stabbed him in the arm. He screamed and withdrew. Looked at that dagger and realised what she did, she backed away in disbelief. She wouldn’t hurt someone, all she did with Death was punching and hitting, she – she never wanted to hurt someone not like this! During Adelle’s hesitation Patrick had gained enough focus and pushed the air, Adelle slammed into the wall and felt blinding pain shoot through her head. Adelle slumped to the ground, she opened her eyes to see Patrick holding a fire ball, Adelle just managed to scramble out of the way before it hit where she just was. Adelle grew to slightly larger than normal and tried to get close enough to hit him. Patrick pushed the air, it wasn’t a good push but Adelle didn’t know how to avoid the attack, but she turned on her side to reduce the amount of wind pushing her. Adelle still stumbled but remained on her feet. She sheathed her dagger and tried to get closer to him. But before Adelle could do anything Death whacked him over the head with the leg of a chair.
“Come on slow poke help me get these guy’s back to the barge!” said Death as she picked up a person. Adelle grew larger and tossed a person over each shoulder. She turned sideways to fit through the doors.
“So did you find any interesting gossip?” asked Death
“Um yeah something about an attack on a new day in about a month. I think there talking about New Year because it’s a ‘new’ day but I’m not sure” Adelle said, Death made a thinking face
“Yea that sounds about right, any clues to where?” asked Death
“Nope not a shred, all I got was the attack in two weeks”
“Eh well It’s better than nothing”
They walked the rest of the way to the barge in silence.




Three weeks later Adelle was almost home from the castle, to cold winter night kept blowing wind at Adelle and the cold would continuously seep into her clothes. She got to her house door and fumbled around in her basket looking for her keys.
“So little girl what are ya doing out her at night?” asked a man from behind the slang drool in his voice. Adelle heard his companions footsteps crunched in the snow.
“Trying to find my keys” replied Adelle without looking back, she pulled them out, “I bid you men goodnight” Adelle as she tuned and nodded her head then slotted the key in the lock.
“Oh don’t leave we just want to have a little chat with ya” said the man as he grabbed her wrist, he reeked of alcohol.
“I’d offer for you to come inside and talk, but the thing is I don’t really know you and I’m quite busy tonight” replied Adelle calmly, she looked at all the men, six in total they were all mortals but still to many for her dad to scare off and Adelle didn’t want to get into a fight with mortals even if she didn’t know them very well.
“That would be nice to come inside but we don’t want to cause ya any trouble, or at least not any more than ya have caused us” said the man
Adelle frowned “I’m sorry but you must have me confused with someone else” she replied
“Oh no, you’re the new sorcerer girl aren’t ya? The one that thinks she’s so high and mighty because she’s all of a sudden a sorcerer”
“Yes I am a sorcerer but I don’t remember acting high and mighty, I still work, I still clean and cook and I’m still providing for my family. So please point out to me what’s so high and mighty about that? Please point out to me what I missed” said Adelle politely
“Ya earn more than us-”
“Oh what now so it this about money? I still work hard to earn my day’s pay so if that’s what you want to talk about don’t talk to me talk to your employer!” said getting a little bitterness seeping into her voice as she yanked her arm away from the man.
“Hey ya respect your elder you little runt! Ya bitches have no manners these days!”
Adelle looked at him stunned “W-what respect you? I’m sorry but you’re standing on my family’s property! And you have just insulted me and my friends! GET OFF!” Adelle pointed to the other side of the road, the men all looked stunned “Yes you heard me correctly, now GET OFF THIS PROPERTY!” Adelle shouted
“ADELLE” shouted Tony from inside “WHAT’S GOING ON!”
“NOTHING THAT I CAN’T DEAL WITH DAD”  Adelle shouted back
“Ya can’t tell us what ta do!” said the man
“Oh yes I can your on my property and you are verbally assaulting me because of what gender I am. So in other words yes I can. Get your butts off my property before I call the authorities” said Adelle with her hands on her hips. The men all looked like she’d slapped them, but it didn’t last long the man punched Adelle in the jaw and she fell back onto the cold snow pain bursting from her jaw. The man stood over her about to hit her again when the door opened and a blast of warm air cam on them.
“Get the hell off my daughter” growled Tony from the door, he was holding a gun to the man’s head as he thumbed the trigger back. “And if I ever hear of you again I won’t hesitate to blow your brains out! SO YOU ALL GET OFF MY PROPERTY BEFORE I SHOOT YOU!” the man standing over Adelle stumbled back in surprise.
“Fella’s the old man has a gun!” said the man
“No shit when did you figure that out!” asked Tony sarcastically. Then a couple of the man’s companions pulled out a gun.
“Dam it” muttered Tony, “Tonight’s not a good night”
“Dad get the boys and go to Sarah’s house” whispered Adelle as she got up slowly
“What no I’m not leaving you! You take the boys and go!”
“Dad you can’t handle all of these guys an-”
“Neither can you!”
“Yes I can or at least delay them, they can’t hit what they can’t see”
“You can’t turn invisible … can you?”
“No but I can make myself small enough so that they can’t find me easily and I’m also harder to hit!” Tony hesitated at this, “Dad please take the boys I don’t want the caught in the crossfire”
“Fine but if you die I’ll never forgive you and neither would your mother” and with that Tony slipped inside and hurried the boys out the back door.
“Aw lookie we only got ya left, ya daddy didn’t last long now did he” said the man
“He didn’t need to; he made you all piss you paints when he was here. And now I’m going to make you piss them even more” said Adelle
“Oh really how ya going ta to that! Billy hand me my gun” the man named Billy walked up to the man and gave him a gun
“There you go boss” said Billy
“Now time ta teach ya bitch a lesson on manners” said the ‘Boss’ man as he pointed the gun at Adelle, Adelle went a little rigid she didn’t know if she could shrink enough before a bullet hit her, this was not something she was looking forward to!
“And now time for me to disappear” Adelle said quietly, she was just about to shrink when a mass of shadows when in front of her. She heard the gun go off and she flinched at the noise, it was so loud. There was a Lord Vile standing in front of her, with a wall of shadows between him and the ‘boss’ man. The ‘boss’ man still had his gun raised and his arm was it was shaking, the wall of shadows melted away and Lord Vile took a couple of steps forward.
“Boss I didn’t sign of for this! I’m outa here!” said Bill and started to run away, Lord Vile looked at him and a shadow rouse from the ground and speared him. The other men started backing away and the ‘boss’ man was doing the same.
“EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF” shouted a guy and he sprinted away, he got speared. This stoped all the men in their tracks. Adelle swallowed, she could see Billy and the other guy slumped against their shadow spears.
“Please stop, they’re not going to hurt anyone any more, please stop” asked Adelle her voice shaking, Lord Vile half turned his head to indicate that he was listening then he turned his head back to the men. Two of the men went rigid then dropped to the ground their backs bleeding. Shadows wrapped around the necks of the two remaining men, one of them was the ‘boss’ man. The men tried to pull the shadows away but with no success, the shadows began to rise so the men’s feet where just off the ground and the men where struggling with all their might.
“STOP LORD VILE PLEASE STOP!” shouted Adelle but Lord Vile didn’t appear to hear her. Before Adelle knew what she was doing she grabbed something out of her basket and tossed it at Lord Vile. It was an apple and it hit him right in the back of the head with a squelch. Adelle’s eyes widened as she realised what she did, it was too late to move a shadow wrapped itself around Adelle’s neck. She could barely breathe, as she was lifted off the ground like the men. She felt her whole weight on her neck and immediately had her arms up trying to relieve her neck of her weight. Lord Vile had turned to her now, his head tilted ever so slightly to his right as if he was asking ‘why’. Adelle couldn’t hold up her weight much longer.
“Is this what you do to all your friends” Adelle just managed in a husky voice. Almost instantly after she said it she was dropped onto the cold ground. Adelle gulped for air and looked up at Lord Vile, he was looking at her with the men still suspended in the air behind him, their faces turning blue. And as if to give Adelle a message the men were speared then dropped to the ground, blood pooling from around them. She looked at him with shock, although there was nothing really to be shocked about he was a killer and she knew that. After a few moments of them both looking at each other Lord Vile shadow walked way.

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