Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Fear in the Dark

I lay in my bed just waiting to see if the shadows would eat me. I tried to convince myself that it was just a TV show and that no shadows would eat me. It failed! I knew it was just a show, but that didn’t stop me being scared. My neighbour’s lights didn’t make things better other than me being able to see my room in a dim light. I’m not usually scared, I’m generally OK with a dark room so long as I don’t fall over or run into something. But tonight’s an exception! I don’t know how long it was before I fell asleep; nor do I know how I even got to sleep but finally I did.

I woke up some time during the night and looked around my room. My bedroom was the only room on the bottom level of our house except for the foyer and the storage room. I looked through the door frame to the front door. The neighbour’s lights were off and our front light was on. It was the light that sensed movement. ‘Probably just a cat.’ I thought to myself then I saw two figures run between my mum’s and dad’s cars. A few moments later the front door shook like someone tried to open it. I froze and my breathing stopped. Someone was trying to get in! I couldn’t think, I couldn’t move, I just lay there in my bed frozen solid, staring at the front door. After a few moments, which seemed like forever, my brain started to work, ‘Turn on the light, and then they’ll know someone’s in here’ said the little voice in my head. So I glanced at my bedside table and turned on my bedside light. It was another few moments before I did anything. ‘Tell someone what you saw, go and tell dad!’ said the voice in my head and so I slowly got out of bed and hurried upstairs to my parent’s bedroom. I felt my way around my parent’s room to the side my dad slept on.
“Dad,” I said as I shook him. “Dad wake up, I think I there’s someone at the door!” My dad jerked awake.
What?” he said his voice quiet but sharp as he almost jumped out of bed. My dad followed me downstairs and opened the front door; there was no one in sight. He went outside and walked around a bit, but he still saw no one.
“Go back to sleep. There’s no one out there” he said and he went back to bed.

I lay back in bed and now that I thought about it, the people would have been ether too short or too tall. They would have had to be tall to be behind the cars or short to be in front of them. So I turned off my bedside lamp and tried to go to sleep. I rolled around for a bit, because I couldn’t get to sleep, it felt like someone was watching me. I rolled over and looked to the darkest corner of my room. It looked different. Like it was darker and it was more like the wall behind was brown, rather than light blue like it should be. There was a sound like someone had clicked their fingers and the dark corner illuminated. I stared in shock, completely unable to move! There was a well-dressed skeleton in the corner of my room! The skeleton was holding fire in its hand and the fire wasn’t setting the skeletons glove alight! ‘How is that possible?’ I thought. Then the skeleton moved, stepped closer to me as I huddled up as far away from him as I could get whilst staying on my bed. ‘The shadows have come to eat me!’ I thought. I wanted to scream it but I couldn’t find my voice.
“Whoops looks like I got the wrong house” said the skeleton His voice was like velvet and he had an Irish accent. … Well the skeleton sounded like a he at least. That’s when I found my voice and opened my mouth to scream, but he must have seen it coming and lunged for me. I backed away and fell off the bed. He landed on top of me with his gloved hand covering my mouth.
“Help” I whispered, I was too shocked to make my voice any louder and it was muffled by his glove.
“Shhhh” He put his other hand to his … where his lips should be, “I’m not going to hurt you I just got the wrong house!” He said his voice hushed.
“W-what are you going t-to do to the other person?” I asked my voice muffled.
“Nothing they’re going to be fine, they were expecting me anyway” he said quietly as he got off me, but he kept his glove hand over my mouth.
“S-so the shadows aren’t going to eat me?” I asked, because he looked like one of the people in the TV show.
“What?” he said with concern in his voice.
“In the Doctor Who episode tonight there were shadows that ate people!” I said.
He hesitated “I wasn’t eaten by the shadows, and they won’t eat you either.” All of a sudden another man walked out of the shadows, he was wearing thongs and he wasn’t a skeleton.
“Who’s he?” I asked.
“Geoffrey is my associate and wonderful assistant for the night” said the skeleton.
I frowned “For the night. So he isn’t usually your assistant?” I asked.
“No, not usually but he’s helping me out tonight” said the skeleton.
“I’m right here you know!” said the man names Geoffrey.
“Yes I know that,” said the skeleton as he waved the man’s comment off.
“So you were the people I saw outside!” I said.
“You saw us outside?” asked Geoffrey and I nodded.
“Well that’s just grand” muttered the skeleton.
“Yes it is” said Geoffrey, the skeleton glared at him
“Ok that’s enough talk we’re on a time schedule and we’re already running late” the skeleton said to Geoffrey then he turned back to me.
“Ok now you’re going to think this is all a dream when you wake up.” the skeleton said to me, and then he turned to the Geoffrey, “Geoffrey, do your thing” said the skeleton.
“Ok” said the man as he placed his hands on either side of my head.
“Wait, what?” I say then I black out.


  1. Omgg, awesome!! :D
    I giggled a lot when all Skulduggery said whoops. Then I continued reading, still giggling. XD
    THIS IS AMAZING!! Hopefully you do more. :D

    1. :D thanks! I'm REALLY glad you enjoyed it!
      And I love that bit to! even though I wrote it is still find it very amusing!

      :D thanks again!!!

  2. Hi!
    I'm Summer. Obviously.
    Anyways you might know me you might not but I really like your stories
    So yeah.

    1. Hi Summer
      Yeah I know you!

      That's a really nice name to!
      although what happens when it's winter?

      But thanks I'm glad you like them!!! :D
      I'm hoping to write more soon when exams are over!
      But till then I don't think there's going to be any ... but I'm hoping to get part 10 (Wow 10) of SP FanFic Other dimension finished! :D hehe

      Yea so hopefully more soon!

  3. Brilliant! I love the idea of Skulduggery getting the wrong house. And also, Doctor Who ftw!

  4. You know what I have just realised that the web has stuffed up this post, the letters on the side --->
    That is actually part of the story the part that is suppose to be between the two paragraphs, and the don't match up with out it. *Sigh* and no matter how hard I try I can't fix this, I can't get rid of the words on the side nor can I put them where there suppose to be! Ah Web sights are annoying some times!!!