Saturday, 22 February 2014

A Mistical drawing!

I drew this a month ago I just haven't shown you guys yet.

I'm very proud of this picture and I should probably colour it in on the computer. And I think that I will, after I get though the mass of assignments that I've been given.

Uh sorry that you can see my sketch book that's just how the scan came out and I realise now that I could have fixed that ... Oh well

Um in case you can see the words are above the dude I'll type them here.

*sigh* Why dose the wind always act up on my shift?

And the word on the tree is 'tree' and it's underlined.
Yes I had do label it because I couldn't be stuffed to go into detail on the tree.

The two floating things in the top right hand corner is a ponytail (I was trying to see how I wanted the ponytail to look) and a right hand (I was practising how to draw it).

So yeah that's my epic picture, that I think is one of the best that I've drawn!

Till next time. Bye! And I hope that you enjoyed it.

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